Must-read books for Ireland?

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Jamie G.
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Hello ya'll! I'm just back from two fab weeks in Ireland (what great weather) and am ready to comment on some of the things mentioned here. First, I had Michele Erdvig's book and it was perfect for this first-timer! I couldn't have asked for nicer places to stay with really friendly people running them. When they learned that I had Michele's book they went out of their way to help me. Many of them have known her for years or decades and agree that her advice is right on the money. Would you believe that when those B&B owners take a trip somewhere in Ireland themselves, they use Michele's Best Little Guide to Ireland too? I can't think of any higher praise! Her book is consistent and trustworthy and everything is accurately described.

Before going to Ireland I read the books by Niall Williams and Christine Breen and enjoyed them very much. It gave me a flavor of Ireland and a lovely introduction to a lovely land. So I agree that everyone should read as much as they can before any trip.

On the whole I had a great trip and would go back again tomorrow. But I guess I'll have to save my money for a few more years before I can return. Till then I'll be reading more of the books mentioned here and when I return you can bet that I'll have the latest edition of Michele's book. Like the old commercial says "Don't leave home without it!" Jamie P.S. I think I just dated myself!
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Thanks Jamie (or should I say Michelle) for your trip report.
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Jamie G.
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Frank: Thanks very much!!! I'm honored about your misconceptions, but please check your spelling! Wish it was true then I'd get back to Ireland much sooner (like maybe tomorrow). As it is I have to either save lots more pennies or rack up more frequent flyer miles.

"Jamie...or Whoever You Want Me to Be"
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I used the Karen Brown book for my trip to Ireland and can't rate it highly enough. Granted some of the places were beyone my budget but I just skipped over them and went with others that were lower in price. All the places in her book were exactly as described and full antiques and great character. The only disappointment was that I couldn't have a longer trip and stay at more of the wonderful inns she lists.

The iteniraries section was full of interesting places to see and I too can't wait for another trip there. Ireland is an enchanting land full of great scenery and friendly people.

So, I highly recommend Karen Brown's book...and no Frank I am not Karen Brown. Just liked her book.

Sam I am
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Hey Frank...I just tried emailing you at [email protected] and guess what? I got the following message:

"This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

[email protected] User unknown"

There's no such person!!! Guess you are just an old fraud yourself, huh?

Take your misplaced pontification elsewhere.
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Just Guessing
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This is my guess:

Carol is Rick Steves
Annie is Nora Roberts
Ger is Arthur Frommer
Debbie is Pat Preston
Lisa James is the head of the Irish Tourist Board
Meme is Suzanne Barett
George is Michelle Erdvig
Molly is Yeats (reincarnated)
Gina is Niall Williams
Annette is Eric Newby
Marsha is Alice Taylor
Joyce is Leon Uris
Leslie is Maeve Binchy
Cindy is Morgan Llewelyn
Edmond O`Flaherty publishes Ireland of the Welcomes
Jamie G. is Frank
Sam is Karen Brown's husband

Anyone else want to play the game?

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Oh My did someone get their feelings hurt!
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Oh, come on...Fodorites don't have feelings only anonymous email addresses. We do enjoy guessing games though. Very amusing.
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re:george- will be going for guinness in sept but can only dream of it our guinness is not that good will think of you when i am sipping (chugging). re:annie(nora roberts) loved your novel about ireland. does anyone know that there is a video out of circle of friends and it is quite good rent it and enjoy.
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Hands Down, it's got to be Round Ireland With a Fridge. I actually laughed so hard I cried. Wonderful, wonderful book with a very carefully hidden message at the end. I may just pack a fridge with me for my upcoming trip!

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For those of you who liked Trinity, don't forgot the sequel, Redemption. It
is just as good. Morgan Llewlyn covers
every period of Irish history and is not
to be missed. For romance lovers, give
Nora Roberts a chance. My dream is to go to Ireland and find one of those hunks she writes about. Happy reading!
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Just Guessing: You really need to read "Finbar's Hotel", "Ladies Night at Finbar's Hotel", and "Yeat's is Dead!".
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The Irish R.M. by Somervile & Ross (or rent the Masterpiece Theatre videos).
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Try "When summer`s in the Meadow". its about a couple that return to Ireland to live in the old family home. They end up adopting an Irish baby, too. It`s by Niall Williams and Christine Breen.
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Another vote for 'Around Ireland with a Fridge' extremely entertaining and also another book by Tony Hawks called 'Playing the Moldovans at Tennis' is also great.
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I find this board very informative and interesting, but- what bothers me is- there are only a few of us who use their real name and e-mail. Am afraid it kinda bothers me, perhaps I should be making up a fictitious e-mail. Please explain, as I do enjoy the board and want to continue my participation.
My Favorite book on Ireland is a unique guide to more than 150 historic sites, it is put out by The Daily Telegraph and is titled "Castles And Ancient Monuments Of Ireland". I purchased it in a Kinsale bookstore last year, and consider it to to be the most helpful guide I've read. I think Irish Books & Media, Inc. in Minneapolis sells it. If you are interested in ancient Ireland, it is a must read....Helen
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I too am planning a trip to Ireland in 2003.My sister-in law gave me this book to read and said it had been to Ireland
times. The last trip was in 2001.The name of the book is Insight Guides Ireland produced and edited by Brian Bell but it has numerous contributors ,Ihave read it and am also reading Lonely Planet. Any good travel tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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This one's completely silly, but I just finished Yeats is Dead. It's a round robin including 15 Irish writers. I could tell you the plot, but I don't think there really was one.

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