Munich or Vienna?

Old Oct 3rd, 1999, 08:44 PM
Michael Neville
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Munich or Vienna?

Travelling to Europe November. Have to cut back a few days. Choice is probably between spending a few days in Munich or going straight through (by rail)to Vienna. Please assist if you can.
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Michael, if you are looking for more old world atmosphere I certainly would go straight to Vienna. TONS of things to see there, in the midst of a city that is easy to manage in size and feels 18th century all over the place. Munich on the other hand is a big modern city with some interesting spots to visit. I love Vienna. Munich is just big and pulsing. So, depends on what you like the best. Hope that helps.
Old Oct 4th, 1999, 04:08 AM
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I would say the opposite. Munich is very old world and small and walkable. The only "big building" parts are the office-y areas around the edges (north Schwabing, for example) and the trainstation. I didn't think Vienna was as charming.
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dan woodlief
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I visited Munich right after Vienna a few years ago. Munich did seem smaller and more easily walkable. However, I did find Vienna very walkable too. Of the dozen major European cities that I have visited so far, I would say that Vienna ranks third in beauty behind Paris and Prague (haven't yet been to Italy). As far as things to see in the city itself, I think there is more in Vienna. However, if in Munich, you can easily take trips to Neuschwanstein, Dachau, and Salzburg. I would give a very close nod to Vienna, but why not do both (not knowing your time constraints of course)? You could see the main sites of Munich in a day, not counting museums, if that's all you have. Allow at least two days though for Vienna.
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Funny you should ask---We did this area
in some detail last spring and I would
suggest neither---but I don't like big
cities. My choice would be Salzburg,
enroute and halfway and more doable.
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I've been to both and prefered Munich. While Vienna was beautiful, it was somewhat large and, as a result, slightly impersonal. Munich has more concentrated tourist areas and, I found, more friendly people. I do agree with Bob, though. Salzburg, which I visited on the same trip with Munich and Vienna, was wonderful. I would put Munich as a very close second to Salzburg.
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I am biased, but I would choose Vienna. I did love both cities, but I felt Vienna had an old world charm that Munich lacked. Of course that is just my opinion. True, there are many good daytrips from Munich, but you can easily occupy lots of time in Vienna and day trip to the Wachau Valley or even Budapest if you are really energetic.
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What is it that you value in your travels?
Knowing this would allow posters to be specific as to how their views jibe with your desires.
I agree with most of the above...Vienna feels "older" to me, but I found it very impersonal and probably will not return, while Munich "embraced" us more...still with an old world feel in the older parts of town. Not as many 'historic' venues. The Hotel Raphael is a truly outstanding property, very centrally located, but not cheap.
As above, I too, thought Salzburg more beautiful, but won't entertain quite as long as the other two....
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Visited Munich, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Geneva, Lyon, etc. in Nov-92. Cool and wet. 2nd visit to Munich. Other than chance to drink beer and sidetrips to Dachau and Ludwig's castle, Munich did not impress. Could have been the weather. Salzburg is smaller, more doable in a day or so, but that Nov. some of the 'things to see' were closed (off season?). Better check first.
Old Oct 4th, 1999, 04:25 PM
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Having seen Munich,Salzburg,Vienna several times, I would like to return to Vienna again and again. It's is bigger. There is so much to see and do. One trip would never be enough.
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If you enjoy classical music, you will love Vienna. Concerts were a highlight of our visit there. I also agree that Salzburg is a wonderful city and an easy stop on the way to Vienna.
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Hi! Just spent 2 days in Vienna about two weeks ago. Much surprised, I preferred Munich. Found the people not as friendly. Felt it more expensive as far a hotel accomodations. We had been there before and evjoyed though as we spoke we realized that Munich is smaller and has a nice "feel" to. It is a matter of what you are looking for anyway and our perceptions are only our biases or opinions. alan
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If you are the sort of person who likes very big cities, you may likely enjoy Vienna. However, for me, it was a big disappointment as it seemed too big and rather grey. Highlights were the treasury (WOW) and a restaurant (The Cafe Beograd in the theatre district). Major diappintments were driving (NEVER AGAIN--I like driving in Chicago but driving in Vienna is a dumb idea--too many one way streets and confusing signs), St. Stephens (so much was destroyed in WWII it's not very pretty) and Schonbrun Palace (although we went in October, the place was too crowded and I felt like cattle). If it were my trip, I would consider spending more time in the countryside. The area around the Zugspitze was gorgeous as was the lake district (Hallstadt). I have not been to the Grossglockner area, but wishe I had based on my interests in travel. Also, I loved Bavaria and the rest of Germany outside the big cities. Hope this helps.
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Answer: Munich
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Skip Vienna. Do Munich or take the others advice and do Salzburg. Vienna is expensive so be ready. Salzburg is a good size for a short visit. You can also easily visit Berchtesgaden, Germany from a base in Salzburg. Both are nice in the winter weather. Good luck.
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Don't kid yourself, Salzburg is not cheap either. After living in Austria, my opinion is that everyone would rather skip Vienna to be spoon fed "Austrian" culture in Salzburg. Sure, it is cute and easy to get around, but in my opinion, very touristy too. Don't miss Vienna if you can help it.

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