most romantic place to propose

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Geez--if I wanted a lecture I would've asked my mother. I have decided WHERE and WHEN

Lets stay focused here people--see if you can answer my question on THE MOST ROMANTIC PLACE TP PROPOSE IN ITALY

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Hey Jonny, I do! anywhere! Bet you didn't know I use this site too!
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Venice is lovely but tired. Everyone and his mother does it there. Just go on your trip and do it when the mood strikes. I know too many people who have ruined a proposal by trying to make it fit into their pre-arranged plans. One guy I know even proposed in the middle of a fight with his girlfriend because he gave the ring to a waiter to bring with dessert and he couldn't stop the waiter from coming over. They were both still mad but he felt like he had to do it anyway. Seems stupid to me!!
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Dona -

Don't let them get to you - do what you want!!

(But don't wait too long... (haha))

Back to your question - Venice is my absolute favorite. Just walking the streets is the most romantic thing in the world. Or you may want to try over cocktails at the outdoor bar at the Gritti Palace - it's on the canal. As is the bar at the Europa and Regina.
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In Tuscany, on a warm fall afternoon,rent bikes and pack a lunch.Stop for a picnic at a vineyard near one of the hill towns.A quiet time, where you can focus on this magical moment in your lives.
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I'm with DDiver here. Venice is a bit predictable. Next you'll be getting married in Vegas!

Tuscan hill with a view of, say, San Gimigniano in the distance.

Or standing somewhere near the Church of San Miniato on a hill overlooking Florence, with the whole of Florence spread out before you. Even better, do it a night when the city is lit up.
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Had a dozen red roses delivered to my office today, by the way. Just had to tell you.
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i have never been to italy before, and i'm not sure where in italy you're going, but my advice is to not plan your proposal too much...i.e. have some backup plans in case the gondola ride (or whatever you choose) doesn't work out right.

my husband proposed to me in paris. on our first night, we walked along the seine to the eiffel tower after dinner & he was suggested we go to the top - but i said, 'no, it's late, let's go up during the day' etc. etc. so his plan was spoiled. the next evening we had climbed to the top of the arc de triomphe for some great views of paris & that is where he ended up proposing - it turned out to be a better spot than the eiffel, because when you're ON the eiffel, you can't SEE the eiffel!

good luck! sorry i can't offer any suggestions on where to propose in italy...but just know that wherever it ends up being will always be a special place for the two of you even if it's in the bathroom of a train station!!
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Venice smenice! Gondola smondola. Why not go for something more original. How about Rome- the ETERNAL city? What's personal to you-are you both Christian?- then how about on top on the Vatican overlooking the entire City. She'll think the climb is worth it, especially when you pull out the ring. More adventurous- go to the flea market held every Sunday at Porta Portese (an event in itself) and happen to "find" the engagement ring. Or my favorite Villa Borghese- the "Central Park" of Rome- a beautiful park/garden. Stop and pick up some cheese, a bottle of wine and head out for a picnic. It's an easy subway stop right before Piazza di Spagna. Good luck.
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geez... lot of romantics out there. And a few cynics.

Just got engaged last fall in Paris. At the foot of Medicci Fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens. It was a perfect spot, if not THE perfect spot.

We're getting married at the end of March and going to Italy on the honeymoon. Amalfi Coast, which has appeared a couple of times in here as one of the preferred destinations.

I'll let you know when we come back. I've heard it's some of the most romantic territory on the globe.

Venice, while someone here called it cliche, is a fine choice. You'd have to be an elitist to think otherwise.

I've only otherwise been to Rome and Florence.

Since I can't recommend a spot with any precision, let me suggest this much... it near water. It has a way of adding extra glisten to the moment.

...look for a place that has somewhere for her to sit while you kneel. And do kneel. You only get one shot at that.

...if you're really going to wait until the fall, make sure you're romantic on the holidays (and birthdays/ anniversaries) in between.

...believe it or not, she'll know what you're up to no matter how well you hide the details. She might not even know why - they just sense these things.

...get engaged in the afternoon or the evening. It's easier on the nerves, which buzz like the plunge on a roller coaster for the rest of the day. In a good way. But very intense.

...that is, unless you want to factor in the time difference for calls back home -- she'll want to make them -- in which case you'll have to get engaged before 3pm local time. Or so.

...remember that it's the beginning not the culmination.

Best of luck, Ace. It will go well.
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Gotta disagree with the "they just sense these things" argument...I had NO idea (and will spare you all the story).
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Venice is one giant tourist trap. The perfect place in Italy is the Amalfi coast--Amalfi or Positano. Few Americans, incredible views, great food and wine and scenery that is unequalled anywhere.
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Personally, if my husband had proposed to me in Venice, I would NOT have said,
"Gee, honey, now isn't this just a little bit tired?" Venice is one of the most romantic places in the world for a reason!

I would line up a number of possibilities of romantic locations, like Venice; like Tuscany; like the Amalfi Coast, but be open to that spur of the moment when you might be walking down the street and everything just feels perfect and romantic. Because it's the romance that you want to remember, and sometimes, things don't go according to plan (like the guy who had to propose in the middle of a fight at a restaurant because the waiter was bringing out the ring!).
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I have experienced the most incredible sunset in Monteverde, costa rica. The sun was sooooo big and the whole sky was illuminated with all shades and tones of red among other colors. That would serve as a beautiful backdrop to do anything including proposing to the one you love. There is something really spiritual about that place.
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Yes, they are all right - Venice is not to be believed. Only thing I would suggest is that if your final decision is Venice, take a stroll in the evening and do it wherever seems right. I promise you, you will not be at a loss for worthy locations! The whole city is one exquisite scene after another. Congratulations to you - and to all of you who thought it was your business to tell him WHEN to propose - mind your own business. He never asked.

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