Money belt vs. Secure Purse/Daybag

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Remember, there are new moneybelts these days that "breathe" much better than they used to! Making them cooler in summer and more comfortable to wear. Silk ones have always been around, but there now are others of the "wicking away moisture" kinds of material that serve this purpose as well.

Often, the moneybelts hanging in drug stores, Wal-Marts, etc. are the polyester ones that get very hot & uncomfortable. Avoid these!
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It's just a small thought but with a thin travel wallet where do your coins go?

As mentioned I find fabric coin purses or see-thru plastic ones very handy, I've even used snack size ziplocks for keeping bills/coins organized.

Maire- I don't want to tell you not to do something that makes you feel safer. I can only say in my travels I have never had any problems using normal methods (a small purse worn close to my body, or larger regular leather purse).

I would go with the money belt instead of the fancy travel purse... the money belt WILL keep your passport safe. I don't see if someone is determined to grab your pocketbook and run that slash proof or steel cable straps will be a deterent in any way (is my thinking). kindly, suze
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Thanks Eliz - the ones I purchased are the Rick Steves'--silk, I believe.

Suze - I always appreciate your advice. The wallet I'm looking at (2 actually) has pockets for coins.

That is very true, if someone manages to grab my bag, or if I lose it, all the zippers and cables won't do any good.

However, you use a regular purse and not a moneybelt, right? Do you keep your passport in your regular purse?
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Call me crazy, but yes I do.
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OK I never post links, but I'll give it a try. This is my small travel purse. I also take a normal size pocketbook.
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Thanks, Suze! I love that purse, and a much easier size than this thing I bought, lol.
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I have used what LLBean calls a travel wallet. it is 5 3/4"x7 1/2" and hooks quite securely on your belt and just hangs down between your slacks or skirt and undies. You really forget its there.
Its for the ATM card and passport and back up credit card. You carry walking around money for the day in the purse you carry.
The only downside is that you have to hang it off a belt but I tend to wear belts anyway so it's good for me. it costs $9.00. And it is cool, moisture wicking fabric. lynda
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lyndash -- I would prefer that kind of money belt to the one that wraps around your waist, but I don't wear belts very often, except with jeans, and I'm not taking jeans.
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I'm glad I finally thought to post the link. That little purse has gone on at least a dozen trips with me. The larger zip pocket has barely room enough for sunglasses, lipstick, tiny comb or brush, kleenex, passport, tiny spiral notebook, pen, 1 page folded city map. The outer pocket unzips in a secure "V" and has places to stick cards or folded bills, with change loose in the bottom. The strap can go diagonal across the body or just over the shoulder comfortably.

Sorry to be boring in these details for those who are not interested, but I've tried to describe it here before unsuccessfully. Picture's worth a 1000 words ;-)

As mentioned, I also have a regular pocketbook and use one or the other on any given day, not both, depending on my activities.
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forgot one thing, a disposable camera fits too.
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Thanks Maire.

Usaully I wear a money belt or just carry a money belt and a very small purse. Just a little bigger than the one I use at home.
I have a neat little Brighton bag with a chain but my camera doesn't fit in it.
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This is my evil eye/crazy look:
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That's a good look, Ooby!!! Thanks
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I bought the same Fossil purse that Suze posted. I am glad to know that it is well liked. I bought 2 of the hidden pocket travel wallets that hook on the belt loop for my husband and son to wear. I don't wear anything, but the decorative belts that are in fashion today, so they would not work for me. I will only keep tissues, lipstick, my epipen, hand sanitizer, etc. in my purse...nothing of real value.
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I never use anything other than my usual handbag when I travel. I do have several change purses in my purse if I go to two places with different currencies on 1 trip. My puse is leather and has a good zipper. I carry everything in it. The only thing that I do is sometimes carry a small tiny evening bag with me if something special is planned. I have never had a problem. I travel frequently..In the last 12 mo, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Germany, Austria, India, UAE, Syria, France, Sweden and UK, Italy with multiple trips to some of those. I do put my passsport in the hotel safe(or leave it in where I am staying) if I am going to a market but otherwise it stays with me.
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My favorite way to keep my passport, credit cards, big bills safe is to wear Travelsmith (or any brand) shirts or slacks with zippered hidden pockets. Then I carry a daypack for my camera, tissues, glasses, spiral notebook, etc. When in big cities and crowded places, I'll use a small combo lock on the daypack to keep my camera safe--wearing the strap across my body. The lock isn't necessary (I don't think) in the small villages/towns.

I have tried the waist moneybelts--and found that digging around in them in public very unsatisfying, as well feeling too bulky. I've also tried the ones that hang around your neck--also finding them to be very annoying to get into in public.

Here's another thing I tried, before getting enough travel clothes with the hidden zippered pockets:

I took my neck moneybag (can't really call it a moneybelt if it goes around your neck..), and removed the string. I bought some velcro--and stitched one side to the waistband of my undies, and the other to the top of the moneybag. It is MUCH more comfortable.
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