Marriage Proposal Location

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Marriage Proposal Location

I am travelling to London/Paris in mid August with my soon to be fiancé. I want to propose to her in a romantic location in either London or Paris. Any ideas on the ideal location would be greatly appreciated. What do you think? Indoor or outdoors would be fine with me. I just want it to be a beautiful, truly unforgettable location.
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OOO...great idea!!! Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

-at the top or bottom of the eiffel tower
-on pont neuf at sunset in paris
-in a beautiful garden in Paris

Best of luck!!
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The London Eye would be so predictable and naff, just ask her when you feel the time is right, maybe a park, maybe a rainy night, the choice is yours!
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What a lucky girlfriend you have!! I suggest taking a cruise on the Seine, on a beautiful evening. When you get somewhere near Notre Dame, go for it. She couldn't possibly say no!! Good luck and PLEASE post back with your story.
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Do a search here for "Where to Pop The Question in Paris" for some good suggestions. (Sorry, can't paste the link, will have to learn that someday!)
Good luck!
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I'm a bit of a sucker for standing on a bridge at night with the city lit up and the water twinkling and flowing beneath you... (clearly for me this should be in London as I'm biased but I concede that it could be just as romantic in Paris..!) But maybe there's something that she's particularly into? Is she especially excited about any aspect of your trip? What's she into? Let me have more details and I'll help all I can with London ideas - someone else will have to assist with Paris... Delighted for you though - wish someone would get on an propose to me!!! (Do you have a single brother? - ha ha!)
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Paris, Pont Alexander III, at night on the hour right when the Eiffel tower starts to sparkle.
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In 1993, I witnessed a marriage proposal at an adjacent table at Jules Verne (the restaurant on the first level of the Eiffel Tower). After she accepted, I offered to take their photo (with their camera) to memorialize the occasion. They were delighted.

I was at Jules Verne with my two children and a friend of my daughter's who came on the trip. The girls (age 13 & 14) were mortified that Mom would do such a thing. The couple, of course, was delighted to have a photo memorializing the occasion.

If you end up doing it in a restaurant, ask someone at an adjacent table to take your photo, but look for a table without teenagers.

I also witnessed a marriage proposal on the DC Metro once. He got down on his knees--the whole business. Everyone on the train cheered! Definitely not my idea of a romantic location.
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This is the same problem faced by a good friend of mine, Michael, who was going to propose to my other good friend, Gloria. He was off to visit his sister in Paris and planning to find "just the right moment / spot to propose". As they were travelling together, the challenge came in finding a place where to stash the Very Big Expensive Ring. He decided the co-mingled luggage was OUT...they'd both be in and out of that. So he decided on wearing a fanny pack. (later, Gloria confided that she thought he'd lost his mind wearing one of those "lame tourist things&quot.

First day, getting over jet lag. Next day, the girls were all for visiting the Effiel Tower, but the weather was drizzly and he decided that wasn't perfect for the Big Moment. Then, they were at some romantic spot and it was lovely and sunny and he was just about to pop the question....when...a huge group of German tourists walked up on them! Meanwhile, it's Day 5 of the trip and he's a wreck because he's carrying this ring EVERYWHERE with him and worrying about being pickpocketed on the Metro!

When he finally DID propose on Day 6, Gloria's first response was: "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING THE RING?"


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I proposed to my little bride in the middle of Tower Bridge in London. . as the sun was setting and the lights of the riverbank comming on. .

It worked! . . Rich
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My fantasy for you. Pick up a bottle of wine, a picnic lunch, go to the Tuilleries and put the ring tucked in side her her napkin or tied to the bottle of champagne or wine that you ask her to open.
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On one of our flights over to London, the guy across the row from us proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the night. It made for an exciting evening for those of us who couldn't sleep! As I recall, the flight attendants were all very excited about it, and gave them free champagne.
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Melodie, OMG, your friend Michael must have been freaking out about losing that ring! ~kat
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I like the one from Sweet Home Alabama: she is taken to Tiffany's outside of opening hours, where he pops the question and she can pick out a ring. If you don't have a ring yet, there are some nice places in Paris, particularly at Place Vendome! Followed by lunch or dinner at the Ritz perhaps?
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If you're sure she'll say yes, I'd do it as close to the beginning of the trip as possible. Issues in making the decision include budget, comfort level (would you guys like being in a fancy restaurant, hotel, bar etc.) and what point in the trip (do you want to sit on pins & needles for a week in London waiting for Paris or worrying about hiding that ring??) Would you rather be alone or around other people? Anywhere you choose will be romantic and hopefully memorable.

There are a bunch of other threads with ideas. Here's a link to one on London found by typing where to propose in the text search. Why not read it & a few others. Figure out which city you'd prefer either based on timing on the trip or your idea of romance quotient. Then tell us. Also tell us something about the 2 of you.;tid=34384987
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I love this question! I just got engaged myself, when we traveled to Paris, and it happened at the bottom of Eiffel Tower (at night). It was really a surprise, and I just could not think of a better place for it.
We walked to the Eiffel Tower from the Latin Quarter (about 1 hr, but it was a lovely & great walk along the Seine). And before we knew it, we were there !(we arrived almost at the bottom of Eiffel, & it wasn't crowded at all that night).
We both were surprised on how tall & nice it was when we looked from down below. Then he asked me right then!
I was still admiring the Tower, and it took me about 10 seconds to realize that he just proposed me.
It was really a spontaneous thing as he wasn't planning to ask me 'til August (on my b-day). But once we got to Paris, we both fell in love with the city so much, that it made him to 'think again' about proposing. Then he was thinking of doing it on Pont Neuf bridge, but I think this is better.
After that, he took a picture of the Eiffel from below, and we use that as an 'announcement card' to tell everyone.

And if the weather permits, you could top it off by taking the boat cruise (we didn't get a chance to do it, but we heard it's really nice)

Paris is truly a romantic city, and from my own experience, I can say that the Eiffel Tower would be a great place to propose someone you love.

Good luck, and let us know.
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Do it on your last day. Maybe during breakfast at St. Germain des Pres, outdoors at the Cafe des Deux Magots? I hope that nobody takes this wrong, in which case go to Cafe de Flore. Loan your camera to a nearby patron to capture the moment.
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I second the dinner cruise on the Seine suggestion. Floating by the sights at night was an unforgettable experience even without a proposal! May you have a wonderful life together whatever you decide which is preordained by your thoughtfulness!
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I think any place you do it will be romantic!

Just a quick note on logistics, though. I know men who have done this and a few of them were nervous wreaks until they proposed. So, I suggest you do it as close to the beginning of your trip as possible so both of you can spend the rest of your vacation basking in your engagement.
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I agree with doing it at the beginning of the trip. My hubby proposed on the beach in the Cook Islands at sunset where we were on vacation with his parents, grandparents and brother.
His dad brought the ring in his suitcase so I wouldnt see it if my hubby was searched at the airport. Everyone knew except me. He was suppose to wait a few days becuase we were staying for 2 nights with his bro before getting a condo of our own becuase the resort was full. Turned out he got so excited that he could wait and did it on the first night!!

It was great, we spent the rest of the 2 week holiday basking in the glow of being engaged! IF he had waited until the end I would have missed out on sitting on the beach talking about our future together. Not to mention he would have been a wreck thinking about what would happen if I said no (yeah right) or losing the ring.

Best of luck!
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