looking for positive info on Madrid

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looking for positive info on Madrid

My husband and I will be spending the first 2 weeks of June in Spain. Six of those nights will be in Madrid. A lot of posters on this site seem to be giving a thumbs down to Madrid. Please tell me there is someone out there who has positive things to say about Madrid!
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Madrid does have some positive things to offer--especially if you're an art lover--don't miss the Prada and Reina Sofia. Also, it's a good place for day trips to nearby places. I'd especially recommend Toledo, although I've heard good things about Segovia as well.

I liked Madrid, but LOVED Seville, Barcelona, Toledo and Granada (especially Alhambra).
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I have many positive things to say about Madrid. Near Madrid is the Air Museum which has one of the few remaining Convair 880's. Elvis bought this 4 engine passenger jet as well as a few airlines (but not enough for it to be a success). It tried to sell by being the fastest plane until Concorde was built, but it had high fuel consumption.

Spain also has good anti-terrorism measures, in part due to the problems with the Basque separatist terrorist group, eta. This experience has helped in the fight against al-Queda. So you can pay your respects to the Spanish counterpart to MI-5 and FBI.
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Madrid is really a manageable city to get around and appreciate the old,the museums and the food!It's central location is great to use as a base for daytrips to Toledo,Segovia,El Escorial,Salamanca,Avila.It will be getting hot by June and so you will need to plan accordingly getting an early start and then resting up in the afternoon.
I've been to Madrid many times and would move there in a heart beat!
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I liked Madrid very much and if you browse this forum, you will find tons of good sightseeing ideas for Madrid. Six days in Madrid will give you plenty of time to explore El Prado Museum, Reina Sofia, Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, Parque del Retiro (do not miss a daily visit!), flea market "El Rastro", Museo de Americas, and plenty of Tapas bars for those hot June afternoons. I have never witnessed a more lively city than Madrid. Life happens on the streets at all times and Madrilenos seemed to be full of life with little need to sleep. With six days in Madrid, you need to be fully aware of the impact the siesta has on the economy; i.e. restaurant hours, stores, etc. So be prepared. Day trip to Toledo, Segovia, Avila, El Escorial, and Chinchon are highly, highly recommened. For Toledo, take a guided tour (morning only) and stay to explore on your own (return by train to Madrid). Better yet, plan an overnight in Toledo, as June will be crowded and Toledo is much savored with lesser crowds. I encourage you to seek out plenty posts with Madrid's ideas, specially those from Maribel, who is a superb contributor and who knows Spain and shares her ideas better than any Spain guidebook.

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Hi Maira,
Thanks for your very kind compliment. I know we share a love for the city's inimitable liveliness and its world class art.

If you'd like a list (quite long) of what we think is the very "best' that Madrid has to offer, I'd be glad to share my Madrid file with you, if you want to email me. In it you'll find lots of ideas personally tested over many years for happily filling your 6 days in June, including suggestions for interesting day trips and how to do them independently.
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Mary,Take Maribel up on that offer. She is the best for all things Spanish, and has helped me a ton on my pending trip to Segovia, Avila, Salamanca.
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Thank you everyone for your replies. I guess I got kind of worried when I was reading another thread and the question was which is better, Madrid or Barcelona. Every single poster voted for Barcelona. I have been doing a lot of reading and research about Madrid and the other areas we'll be visiting and am very much looking forward to this trip. By the way, Barcelona is not on our itinerary.
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you won't regret Madrid. as I recall the posters didn't want to see museums (which are the glory of Madrid) and wanted to chose between the cities. that weighted answers towards barcelona which I have found a more walkeable city with more interesting architecture.
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I went to Madrid/Spain for the first time last March with my boyfriend and really enjoyed it. I did not get the chance to go to the museums but we love to just wander around any city we visit and we always fall into something unusual. We also went to Segovia (I believe there is a train from ATocha Station for a day trip, we drove) and it was lovely. Toledo for a day trip will be next on my list for the next visit. We basically ate, drnk and walked the city and generally relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine. The tapas bars were excellent, We went to the botanical Garden (I love parks and gardens!) and overall soaked up the city. We did not want to leave and plan to go back soon. Everone is different and you will definately find an aspect that you like so go and enjoy!
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Madrid is great. The vitality of life on the streets alone is worthwhile, but it also offers incredible art, architecture (not the modernista Barcelona stuff, more traditional, but still good), and history. Tired of Madrid? Take day trips to El Escorial, Segovia and Toledo, or Chinchon, Alcala de Henares and Aranjuez.

Probably the best advice I can give you is to read everything Maribel has written, preferably twice.
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a talkforum for evreything about Madrid and Spain
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