London in late fall or early spring?

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greg g.
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London in late fall or early spring?

We're a family of four planning a budget trip to London. One way for us to save big is to travel either in the fall or spring. Which is better? We know it will be chilly and rainy, but much of the site-seeing we plan is indoors, anyway.
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David White
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I'd say fall might be better, from a temperature perspective. For the record, here are some average temps for London, fall vs spring:

Month High Low
Sept 65 52
Oct 58 46
Nov 50 42
Mar 50 38
Apr 56 42
May 62 47

Sept and Oct are probably better than March and April. May is good too, though.

But you don't go to London for the weather. And, as you say, there's much to do inside in this city. Whenever you finally go, forget the weather and enjoy the city.

David White
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Either would be fine and much better than going at the height of the tourist season.
Spring might be nicer if you want to visit gardens.
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We were in London this year for the last two weeks of March. The first week was definitely cold -- but not so that it hampered our sight-seeing at all. The last week we were there, I found my coat to be too much & had it off most of the time while walking around. It's sort of a toss-up I suppose, but you are mainly going in and out of the tube station, museums, sights to see..... so I don't see that the cold weather affects all that much.

We're going back next spring.
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I've been to England many times, and my experience has been the better weather is during the fall trips. Spring can be very damp and cold. It is true, though, that if you are only going to London, it may not be that important. On the other hand, you should take a train out of the city for a day trip or 2. You can easily go to Bath, Canterbury, Cambridge and many other places for a day. Inquire about rail fare for a return trip (same day go and return). It's usually less expensive.
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Two years ago we went to London in late October. The weather was fantastic and there were no crowds at all. We got away with a denim jacket with a long sleeve cotton shirt or turtleneck underneath. You're right, we spent the vast majority of our visit indoors except for walking to and from and walking through a few gardens. We typically travel in October to avoid crowds and have not had a problem in 8 years.
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We were in London this year at the beginning of April. It was cool and mostly cloudy. We always carried an umbrella as there would be hints of sun one minute and showers the next. We only had one night of steady rain. The pansies and daffodils were in full bloom. While we may have missed gardens and other sights in full bloom, saving money and never having to wait in line, at all, for anything was worth it. Would certainly do it again.
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Have been to the U.K. twice, both times for 3 weeks in late April, early May. Toured England, Scotland and Wales both times. We enjoyed great weather both trips. First trip was in 1979 and we had only 1-1/2 days of rain while touring Southern England. Second trip was in 1995, had 80-85 degree weather in the Cotswolds for a couple of days and 1 day of rain in Northern Wales. I prefer Spring myself because of the lovely gardens in bloom, but Fall would be my second choice.
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I like both...

David, does the site you checked climate data on also have average rainfall?

For me rain (or rather lack of it) is more important that temperature...


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