London Hotel/Theatre

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London Hotel/Theatre

Hi everyone : My husband and I will be visiting London around 14th May. Would appreciate recommendations of accomodation at safe n convenient locale (near Oxford St/Chinatown/tube stations), decent hotel (ensuite bath/toilet facilities)or B+B below 50 pounds. Also we intend to catch a musical, our first ever (thinking of Cats). What do you think?. How may I buy the tickets, thru the net? or to buy it at the theatre? Which seats are good?.

We will be in London for 5 days and will travel to Dundee, Scotland (visiting a younger brother who is studying there). Do you think I should catch a train (how?) or fly there? Any recommendation on hotel in Dundee? Thank you in advance.
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If you go to Cats, try to get seats in the "moving" orchestra. The seats will be expensive, but worth it for a first time, if you can afford it. Call the theater directly and ASAP. I don't remember which theater -- get your hands on a London newspaper, or search the WWW. The moving orchestra are the first few rows from the stage -- they move before the performance -- to position the seats relative to the stage -- not during the performance. I think this is relatively unique to this particular London theater -- I've not seen it elsewhere, and I've been to lots of musicals in London, NYC and other places.
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Nigel Doran
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Getting from London King's Cross station to Dundee is easy, but will take you around 5 hours.
G N E R {} is the rail company that operates the line to that part of Scotland, but it might be cheaper and
faster to fly to Aberdeen on one of the new no-frills airlines, and then get a bus or rail connection. will give you details. You can book on the internet. You get to the aiport, Stansted airport, by train {they get you half-price rail tickets when you book the flight}.
If you decide to go by train, book in advance. You can phone them on 44 345 225225 from abroad, and they can send you the tickets or more likely, they'll have them waiting for you at the station. If you don't book ahead and just turn up and go, it can be very expensive. If, for some reason, they don't let you book from abroad, get your brother to do it in Dundee. Expect to pay around 50 for a pre-booked ticket, but remember that there are only a certain number of these available, and they have restrictions. Friday travel is usually dearer, too.
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Cats is a great show if you are interested in dance. The stage in London was built for this popular show. My niece accompanied me to London and came back wanting to stage her own production! However, it hasn't much plot. Like I said, if you really like dance it is the one to see. You may wish to consider the musical Chicago instead. I bought tickets over the internet at Lashmars, and two other ticket agencies that I can't recall now. I got great seats for Cats (the Cats were practically in our laps!), Phantom and HMS Pinafore. Just do a search and go for it. I wouldn't buy from the half price ticket booth because you will only have available the less popular shows. All the ticket sellers charge about 25% for their service so it is expensive. Some people scour the theatres for returns once they hit London and that is an option too -- but you run the risk of missing the show you want to see. But DO see a show in London. It is the best part. We stayed at a hotel/apartment that accommodated 3 people in two bedrooms so I can't help you with the room. It was over your budget.
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I found this web site via this forum, have not used it yet but it was recommended here for London tickets
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Hi! We were in London last Sept. for a week. If you're looking for a good show, then you might see Phantom or Les Miserables. I've seen both there. If you want the best seats, you ask for the stalls. These are the closest to the stage. I believe we paid about 60-65$ each for seats to Les Mis. Well worth it! What I've done both times I've been to London is order my tickets from home- well in advance. I did internet searches last yr. There is a surcharge, of course. I'm wondering if your budget is a bit low for London's hotels? London is very expensive; at least to the U.S. dollar. It was about 1.70 to our dollar last Fall. Haven't checked lately. You may want to comb the net and every book you can find for a decent hotel at the price you want. Good luck.
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Hi everyone!! Thanks a lot for your reply. I found this Forum by accident and I must say this is a great place for information. Really appreciate you taking the trouble to answer my questions.

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