London Electricity

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London Electricity

Planning our first trip to the UK,
I know we need a converter for the
electricity (wife's curling iron)
what do we need, and where can we get
one in the states before we go,
thanks much,
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There are actually two different things, and you may need both. A converter converts the voltage level to conform to foreign specifications. An adapter changes the plug so it fits in foreign outlets. Some travel appliances (certain hairdryers, or travel irons) have built in converters, in which case all you need is an adapter which is cheaper. But if you don't have a voltage converter, you need a combined converter/adapter kit. Brookstone sells these. You can also get them from Travel Smith which has a website ... An adapter kit costs about $15. The combined converter/adapter kit was $40. These kits have several different plug types and so should be usable in the UK as well as continental Europe.

Do NOT try to use one of the really high powered hairdryers. These have a tendency to blow European fuses, and can burn out your converter. Use one of the smaller ones, or always run the hairdryer on the low setting.
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I found it easier and cheaper to buy a dryer over there. About $10... Then I left it with a friend or housekeeper or someone. Between all there plugs and different powers it was too confusing. Plus, I did not need to pack it.
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Totally agree with Ruth...wait and buy one there. Even with converters, I have blown the whole building electricity from one end of the UK to the other. Finally bought a blower and curling iron and everything has been dandy. I think it has changed, but when I bought mine, they did not come equipped with plugs and you had to go to a hardware store and purchase those, then find someone to put on the plugs. And, it seemed every area of the country had different configurations of wall receptacles...I think maybe they are a bit more alike now.
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About curling irons...
I traveled to London in March and I took my curling iron and hairdryer.
The hairdryer had two settings-Low and High...definately use low. I believe that is what saved my hairdryer-that low setting. The curling iron melted instantly, even with an adapter set.
I would leave my favorite electrical appliances at home and buy what I need there. Woolworth's are everywhere!Even in Windsor and Bath!
Good luck!

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