Live from Paris (currently)

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Live from Paris (currently)

Well, OK, the title is a bit of a misnomer. I AM live from Paris, sitting in my bed in the flat on Rue Madame just a block or so away from Luxembourg Gardens and St. Sulpice... but not for long. Shortly I will force myself to get up, shower, finish packing, and wait for the taxi to whisk me off to CDG and home.

Packing is staged, the only thing I'm worried about is where to put the Roger Vivier chaussures (and box, must keep that pretty box!). I am lucky I remembered to pack a flat duffel this time, I will need it. Too bad about all the pretty bags and bows, I suspect even when flattened they aren't going to fit and so will be left behind. Most stores bundled my purchases with a flourish, even more than usual (probably due to Xmas).

Some highlights:

What a week this was! A huge hat tip to Judy, who assembled so many pieces of this trip. She and her DH should be honorary citizens of Paris, they spend so much time here (multiple long trips each year).

We ate so well this trip (perhaps too well - I am wearing a dress and tights home so I won't know the extent of the damage unti I try to put on a pair of trousers) and there was not a bad meal in the bunch. My contribution to the meals was, "Hey, I have never been to Frenchie's, want to see if we can get in?" Many phone calls later first by Judy then me and I finally had the bright idea of asking our hosts (Paris Vacation Apartments) if they could call and they were finally successful.

Other meals included Philou, Septime, Verjus, Les Papilles, Les Crayeres (Reims), Fish, Les Editeurs (fantastic onion soup), Jacques Genin (OK, that was chocoat chaud, but it's like a meal) and Willi's Wine Bar which has recently expanded - the addition is larger than the original space so it is more than double the size now. I have to say, for as hard as Frenchie's was to get in, I would not put it at the top of the list. It was quite good, make no mistake, and with a seasonal menu I would certainly be happy to give it a try during a different season... but I liked Septime and Verjus even better and Philou as well.

We saw a ballet under the Marc Chagall ceiling (and later saw Marc Chagall stained glass windows in Reims), we saw the Van Cleef and Arpels exhibit at the Musee des Arts Decoratif, we saw the Edward Hopper exhibit at the Grand Palais (madness - not quite as bad as the Monet exhibit there a few years ago, but madness just the same). I went solo to see Paris vu par Hollywood which was interesting but I wouldn't stand in line for it. That is the current exhibit at the Hotel de Ville.

A fair bit of wandering, even with the cold and sometimes rain. It hovered close to 40 most of the week which isn't bad at all, although adding rain to it a few times made this a heavy-cabbing trip. We must have been in a cab no less than 2x per day, maybe more.

Here is the start of my photos, I will be adding a lot more as the days go by. A few of you who know me have seen daily photos on facebook and those will eventually come over to flickr.

I will come back and fill in some details later this week. Enjoy the photos - it will take me a while to get them all posted.
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Sounds like a GREAT trip. Can't wait for the photos - please don't take too long to post them.
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Sounds wonderful. I will need to check out some of your restaurants on our trip this winter. We were at Frenchies a couple years ago and really liked it. Have not been ale to get in on subsequent trips. What was the seasonal menu like?
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All packed, and I have added a few more photos now that I am waiting for my taxi...

It was a fabulous trip. Still cannot believe the week went so fast!

Frenchie's had a lot of root veggies, and the protein choice was either scallops or lamb (I think it was lamb, I opted for scallops). They must also be seasonal? We had it at least three different times.
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Ah, a girl after my own heart with the RV shoes! Great restaurant line up...and I remember having the onion soup at les editeurs A few years ago. It was so good and perfect for a my oncoming sore throat. We love the area around les editeurs...sounds like you are staying close by!
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Those pix are gorgeous--especially the fountain.

I didn't realize there were so many Eiffel Towers ;-). hehe.

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm excited to make what feels like my first trip in February. The previous trip was 35 years ago--and everything was on strike!

Thanks for posting.
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Love the pictures and waiting for more!

Often my digital greens come out too light/bright/yellow, and you seem to have the same issue at the fountain in the Luxembourg, though all your reds and blues are spectacular! Go figure!
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Great photos! Loved the Medici fountain one especially.
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Hi, flygirl! Wonderful photos--please share you camera name. The low-light shots are super. More, please!
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Again, another wonderful gallery of phtos! My personal favorites are the night shots. I am looking forward to seeing the rest and hearing the stories! Thanks for sharing.
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Lovely photos!
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Great pictures, looking forward to hearing more about the trip.
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Flygirl, great pics, sounds like a wonderful trip. Standing by to see more shots...
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Great photos, especially loved the view of the rooftops from Galleries Lafayette and the Medici fountain.
How about a photo of the Roger Vivier shoes? I'm on their email list and love Ines's Little Diaries.

Looking forward to more!
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Lovely photos, but I confess that I will never understand the visitor infatuation with the Médicis fountain other than it is conveniently located in the Luxembourg gardens. There are lovely fountains all over the place, and most of them are much more user friendly with benches to sit alongside the pool.
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You took a good photo of the Medicis Fountain. Every time we have been there the lighting was impossible to get a good photo.

My favorite photo was the Galleries Lafayette dome and if I was from Paris, I'd say Oooh la la la la lala----Ok, so I've been listening to Grace Potter lately. Great song BTW!
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Good morning everyone!

I am awake and will have pangs of jealousy all week long seeing my friends' facebook updates. They are still there until Saturday. They have already gone back to Jacques Genin, ridden the Grand Roue, and visited Printemps. Sigh.

I will be swamped at work all week but will post vignettes here and there. I hope to have more time this weekend and can make more progress on the photos.

I thought some of you may appreciate this: I had the cab driver rock star park outside Gerard Mulot while I sprinted inside to gather trois croissants and trois pain au chocolats.

Thank you for the comments on my photos! One big thing I neglected to do/tell you: hit slideshow in the upper right corner. The photos will fill your screen. So sorry, I usually link the slideshow immediately. I hope no one gets carpal tunnel from clicking through each of them. And when I am all done I will put a link of my "Top 70 favorites" here so that anyone who can't bear to look at 100s of photos will have them winnowed down.

I should also mention - I used my tiny camera a lot more, this time, than I typically will do - usually I use the Big Bertha almost exclusively. If it rained - the baby stayed home. Out to dinner or the ballet? Baby stayed home. I love love love love love love love love my 7D, but it really is like carrying a sack of sugar around all day (I have a 24-105 zoom on it). Plus you have to babysit it. Right now a third of the photos I've posted as of today are the tiny camera. Flickr will tell you which one - upper right of the individual photo.

I will come back later and reply to everyone - zooming around getting things sorted before I hit the shower.
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Stunning photos ! The one of the Medici fountain looks like a painting itself. Bet Chagall could have used it for inspiration for one of his stained glass creations for the colours

I share your pain about lugging heavy camera equipment around. Last year I took over 1700 pics over two weeks in Paris, Reims and SW France using my Pentax. This year, barely 100 on it (it stayed in the apt most of the time) and about 500 on a tiny Canon, and they all turned out better than I expected. I used the Pentax in the Louvre though and, believe it or not, got literally the exact same shot as the one you posted.

Great work and looking forward to more.
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Flygirl, what a delightful TR: so full of interesting descriptions and fab photos. I really enjoyed it. You are making me really want to spend time in Gay Paris on my next trip to France.

Bienvenue and merci for the above. Looking forward to the rest of the photos.
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Welcome home, flygirl! Sounds like it was a great trip - looking forward to more details.

Nice pics!
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