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Muriel Culshaw
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Will be spending five days in Lisbon in March, and would appreciate hearing from anyone regarding good, inexpensive eating places, and also where is the best place to hear Fado.We are staying in the Rossio area.
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I wish I could remember, or wish I had written down, all the places where I heard Fado in Lisbon. I do know that the best were in the Alfama district and most were small, dark, smoky cafes. I do believe that most did not have any identifying names on the doors! Generally, after dark, I wandered the area, listening for the sounds of Fado music - rather lovely, torch-songs. I purchased some cassettes in Lisbon - Amalia, the most famous Fado singer. I still listen to the music, and it brings back some wonderful memories. Sometimes, I would stop some folks on the street and ask where they would recommend I go to hear Fado. Folks were very gracious, and would point me to a certain cafe. Sorry, I wish I could be of more help. Erika
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Muriel Culshaw
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Erica @[email protected]
Thank you for reply re Fado in Lisbon. Will certainly keep your suggestions in mind.It would seem that you wandered around at night, which would suggest that Lisbon is a 'safe' city. Am I right?
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I was in Lisbon in September for several days. The difficult thing in Lisbon (indeed, most of Portugal) was finding any particular place, as there is a serious lack of street signs, numbers, and building signs compared to the U.S. The EASY part was finding wonderful inexpensive food. Go to the Restauradores area and simply stroll the street and look. There is also a pedestrian street about two blocks west of the main Restauradores (sorry, I can't remember the name, but e-mail if you want me to look it up) that is lined with cafes with outdoor tables. You can stroll and glance at other diners' plates and see what looks good. There are many restaurants and cafes, and nearly all have the menus posted in the window so you can "shop" first. The Portuguese dinner hour begins around 7:30 p.m. (lunch having been from 1 to 3).
However, the Portuguese have these wonderful things called Pastelarias--sort of bakery-snack bar-refreshment shops where you can get something to eat from early morning until late at night. Most of the pastelarias make meat or cheese pies, as well as sausage-in-a-crust or fish fritters, not just sweets. Many of them have good wine, and Portugal has excellent bottled spring water too. Everything is available in individual portions. If you are also visiting other regions of Portugal, be sure to try a pastelaria in each area, as the specialties differ. Happy eating--the portions are gigantic everywhere, you won't be hungry. And even the shop owners who spoke no English and couldn't understand my feeble Portuguese were excellent at sign language.
One thing to be aware of is that the bread, butter, olives, spreads, cheese are NOT included with the price of the meal, so be sure you want them before you sample any. The price is usually listed near the bottom of the menu as "couvert".
Yes, I would say Lisbon is a safe city. My mother and I walked around at night and never had a problem. Use common sense of course, and don't wave a lot fo money or credit cards around in public. Have a great trip!
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Muriel Culshaw
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Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. I have a map of Lisbon, so will look up the street on the map to save you having to do so. It sounds as if both my husband and myself will be putting on some weight during the five days we are there!I guess it will be a case of 'eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you diet!"

Muriel c
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Hi. Greetings from Portugal. I'm Jorge. Here in Portugal we have many places of interest. In Lisbon you must go to BAIRRO ALTO, which is a typical ancient place with many pubs and Taverns where you can listen to the FADO, our national song, which is mostly a sad song but expresses the way of beeing and feel of the portuguese people.
The food in Lisbon and in Portugal (excluding maybe the south) as very good prizes even for us.
When you go to a restaurant you MUST try a COZIDO A PORTUGUESA (meat), a CALDEIRADA (fish), a FEIJOADA, all of them typical portuguese food, very tasty and easy to find.
Security speaking, Lisbon is like any other cosmopolitan city, yes, we are not perfect, at least not yet. As you must know, next year there will be in Portugal a great event: EXPO'98 so there are many street work and everything is getting better. Don't EVER FORGET to go to SINTRA, not far from Lisbon or CASCAIS, very very very beautiful places, i promise you will be atonished by the beauty of SIBTRA.
Hope you enjoy it. If need be give me an e-mail and i'll reply back to you.


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