Laptop/Intenet connection

Nov 9th, 2000, 06:26 AM
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Laptop/Intenet connection

This may have been answered a zillion times, but I can't locate anything specific in my search. We will be traveling with our kids for seven months. We plan to maintain a web site, including journal entries and digital photos, and we would like to be in contact with our friends and family in the states (periodically, not constantly) via email. Our children will be doing some of their school work interactively. My question is: is this really practical? We will be in Kenya, Egypt, Israel (maybe), Turkey, and Greece for about six weeks before being in Europe and the UK for the rest. With adapters, will we be able to use our laptop throughout Europe? Will we be able to connect to the Internet? The homes we are renting have phone jacks. What is the best ISP to use for connections throughout Europe? Am I going to end up relying on Internet cafes because this will all be too complicated?

Any information you can lend will be greatly appreciated.

Nov 9th, 2000, 08:03 AM
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Speaking for Turkey you can access the Internet there ( I did ). If you use an 'Internet Cafe' be warned that the keyboard MAY have TWO 'I' keys ( the two PCs I used both did - God knows why ! ). The one in the 'usual' place filled my E-Mails with 'Y's ( I put a posting here whilst I was there & it's hilarious gibberish 'Y'm havyng a great tyme....' ). The 'real' I key was somewhere around the 'L' key if I remember aright. Anyone else come across this ? PS you might also get a shaver power point in the Shower Cubicle ( I don't just mean in the Bathroom I mean actually in the shower itself - we did ! ).
Nov 9th, 2000, 08:39 AM
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Cas, having just returned from Greece at the end of October I can tell you that you will have no problems whatsoever locating Internet cafes even on some of the smaller islands. I was able to communicate with my friends and family back in the us every day! And it was a fraction of the cost of phoning. I didn't use the telephone once. I even handled a credit card problem via email. It was a life saver. The average rate at an Internet cafe was around 1,000 Drachma per half hour (around 3 dollars) I just accessed my excite account. A lot of pubs even have like, a computer or 2 in the back, (nearly always with dial-up modems that took a bit of time if your used to DSL for example) but it was great! Since we didn't bring a laptop I can't say for sure how easy it would be to find lines but at least in Greece you will have no problems at all. have a great trip.
Nov 9th, 2000, 09:05 AM
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Businessmen take their laptops across the pond all the time so I would think an adapter would work fine- as for finding a ISP provider why don't you start here in the states by contacting BIGGIES like AOL etc and see what they say about international internet connections. I know I want to take my laptop to another city for a Christmas Party to show some without computers the family website and need to contact my ISP to see if I can connect in the same state, aother city without incurring long distance charges. I would think you could maintain the same ISP just changing your local dial up number each time you move.
Nov 9th, 2000, 09:23 AM
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On Fodors Homepage if you click on Travel Tips a little grid like a calendar comes up- I clicked on Internet Info and voila! Hope this helps!

The great attraction of a laptop computer is its portability, but it won't matter that you've toted your machine up the Amazon if you can't plug it in, never mind get a stable network or Internet connection. Check out options for staying plugged in worldwide.

Computing & Connectivity

CNET Mobile Internet Access A useful primer on mobile computing, from ISP options to getting online inflight. (It is from 1996, though, so take the technical specifics with a grain of salt.)

Road Warrior Library A collection of portable-computing FAQs, plus back issues of Road Warrior News, a monthly newsletter.

Nov 9th, 2000, 03:25 PM
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I've used my laptop in many countries for Internet access with no real difficulties. If you have a standard analog modem in your laptop, you can access the Internet via most telephone lines. As long as you have access to a modular telephone jack, no adaptor is required for the modem connection.

You will probably need adaptors for the various electrical outlets that you will find in the different countries that you are going to visit. You may also need a transformer for 110V to 220V conversion, but newer laptops should be able to handle either current.

Internet access is another issue. Some large Internet service providers such as AOL have local dial-in telephone numbers all over the world, so you could gain Internet access using the same service in many countries. This is probably your best bet. I have been able to do this with no problem during my travels.

Also, one thing to remember is that the quality of telephone lines can vary from country to country. You may have to put up with slow or dropped connections in some places.
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