Lake Como or Siena?

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Lake Como or Siena?

I'm planning a trip for early-mid October with 2 friends (we are in our mid-20s). We're planning a 1-day trip to either Lake Como or Siena. We're not sure which one. Does anyone have any preferences for either? We're pretty much open to doing anything; our interests span a pretty big range.

If we go to Lake Como it will be a 1-day trip on our way to Florence from Milan. If we decide to go to Siena we will be going straight from Milan to Florence. We'd then stay in Florence primarily and do the 1-day side-trip from there to Siena.

I have heard that Lake Como is more romantic, and more of a place to visit with a significant other rather than a group of friends. I don't really know very much about Siena, I have to admit. Any opinions would be appreciated!
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Weather could be a factor in the Lake District - could be fine but it's often a rainy season there. Siena is one of the finest old-world looking towns in Europe. I'd keep schedule flexible and see about weather. Anyway can't go wrong with either one.
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Hi! I can speak on Sienna. I have traveled all over Italy, but I have not been to lake Como therefore it is hard for me to compare. However, I have been to the Amalfi coast, Venice, Florence, Rome, etc and I would hate anyone to miss Siena. It is probably my favorite town. It is a preserved medieval town and it remains lost in time more than most tuscan towns do. I based out of Florence and hired a driver for my Mom, my husband and me. They were called Sunny Tuscany. They also took us to San Gigniano (city of towers) and made a full day of it. We even stopped at a tuscan butcher's as it was wild boar season and sampled all the wild boar proscuito, olive oil, etc and ate in an out of the way "country" inn. It was well worth the money and actually when we split the bill it was the same price had we taken a full day tour with a bus load.
Check out Our driver was Riccardo who spoke excellent english and told stories of escorting many US movie stars. He also had a license to drive right into the center piazzas of the towns where buses will not be able to go. Have fun whichever you do!
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I wouldn't miss the chance to see Siena. It is a wonderful city with lots to see and great restaurants. The Campo is unique and I think Siena is very romantic at night. Lake Como is beautiful, but you can see many beautiful spots like it in other places. Siena is unique.
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I much preferred Lake Como (Bellagio, Varenna, Menaggio) to Siena. But logistically it seems as though Siena might work best for you. I also do think Siena is more fun for friends and Como more romantic.
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Hello rose, to help you make a decision you might like to check out some beautiful photos on the International Herald Tribune website which is Click on Travel (top of the screen). On the right hand side you can click on a slide show of 9 photos of Siena. And on the left side scroll down a bit and click on "A Notch On A Travelers Belt" (strange title) about Siena.

Hope this helps you with your decision.

BTW, if I were with two friends I would probably go from Milan to Florence and than do a side daytrip to Siena. Whatever you decide have a wonderful time!
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You can't go wrong with either choice, both of which are A-list destinations.
If you plan on returning to Italy in the next few years, perhaps you should go to Siena for the day this time and save Lake Como for a longer visit next time.
Or, perhaps, take PalQ's advice and check the weather forecast, then selecting whichever one has the better weather prediction.
We went to both areas in October in different years and had great weather both times.
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We've been to Siena several times and were there again this summer. We also spent a weekend on Lake Como in July. Both places are fantastic; you can't go wrong with either choice. If you prefer beautiful lake/mountain scenery and small picturesque towns, go to Lake Como. On the other hand, if you prefer more of a small city, go to Siena. Whichever you choose, have a great time!
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Since Lake Como isn't really on your way, and the loveliest towns are further from Milan than the town of Como, AND since you are going in mid October, I would save that destination for another trip.

Mid 20s is a very good age for Siena. There are loads of young people and if you have time for socializing, it is a good place. Even if you don't, I think it just suits your time of year and itinerary better.
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I vote for Siena. Much easier and faster to get there from Florence on a day trip as opposed to adding it to your journey from Milan to Florence. If you could spend the night, then I'd say it was a toss-up.
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Great question. Been to Sienna, going back to Bellagio in a few days.

Either is wonderful, but I agree with the folks who are suggesting Sienna. What a great town, so much to see, so well located for your situation and time.

Lake Como is stunning, but since you mentioned your age group, I don't recall seeing that many younger folks there; perhaps I'm off here but most of the people we saw in Bellagio were older than you and your friends.

So either works but I think Sienna would work better and be more satisfying on a short visit.
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In your case I would say Siena (actually in any case I would say Siena). The town of Como itself, while nice enough, is not the true Lake Como experience. To get that you need to take the boat up to the Bellagio/Varenna area and that will take two and a half hours each way. So it doesn't sound like you'd have much time to really enjoy the area. On the other hand, going to Siena as a day trip from Florence is very easy (on the bus, just over an hour each way, very inexpensive) and a day there is a decent amount of time.

I went to both places last summer. Someone suggested you look at photos on the web to help you decide so I'll suggest you go to and click on the Italy 2004 gallery where there are shots of both places. Have fun.
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