Lake Balaton area information requested

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Lake Balaton area information requested

We have just rented a studio timeshare called
Club Dobogomajor - near Lake Balaton, Hungary. Has anyone been there or in the area and can you offer advise and suggestions on what to see, do, etc.

Thank you
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Hi there,
We have been to Balaton twice; once to Tihany and the second time, to Balatonboglar. Tihany is fairly nice (by Hungarian standards) with good walking and lots of green. It was fine for a weekend. Balatonboglar was a disaster. We lasted one day and drove off, screaming. There were a multitude of well oiled, well fleshed bodies with 6 inches of clearance, littering the lakeside. Balaton itself is less than impressive, basically brown. Of course, this was one of the most touristy times, the 1999 eclipse. We ended up watching it from our home in Budapest...not as impressive but much more enjoyable!

Basically, it depends on why you want to visit this area. Are you touring Hungary? I would spend just a day or two in Balaton, and then, go to Pecs. If you like crystal, definitely drive to Ajka. This is where Waterford (and others) outsource to, and there are incredible bargains. It is right next door to Herend, of pottery and china fame.

Sorry if I put you off! You can tell the area made quite an impression on me!

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Though I did not have quite the same experience as Jan, I would ask the same questions about why you are going there. In the area, Heviz, roughly around the western end of Lake Balaton, is worth visiting for the outdoor thermal lake. Beyond that, it is mostly summer resort area so far as I could see, and attuned to German-speaking guests.
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Ben Haines
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Keszthely, on the shore near Club Dobogomajor, is one of my favourite places, with two good museums, pleasant lakeside hotels, and a pedestrian zone with cafes, restaurants, and strolling musicians by night. The southern shore is, indeed, crowded.

By bus or car you can take day trips to the walled cities of Koszeg and Sopron, Haydn?s music room in the Eszterhazy summer palace at Fertod St Michael, the fine country house at Nagycenk, and the royal medieval high street of the town of Veszprem.

Ben Haines
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Pat: Our experience, too, was different than Jan's. Tihany was very pleasant. Yes, it is touristy, but very nicely put togethor for a day of touring. The shops, cafes and restaurants are lined on narrow lanes running up a hill side leading up to a very pretty baroque Abbey Church, and and the tomb of a the Hungarian King, Andrew who died in 1066. The Church is built on the foundation of an 11th century Romanesque church which can be seen from the crypt. There is park that spans rhe top of the hill with beautiful views of the lake from this vantage point. It is an ideal spot for a picnic which we did along with many others. The village is protected as a National Monument, so, little change has taken place. If you wander the living areas around the hillside, you will see some very interesting old architecture. The Tihany Museum next door to the church is worth a visit.
The Penninsula south of Tiis pretty and there are mnay B&Bs and small inns which are lakeside.
Szigliget is another village worth a stop. There are many thatched roof houses, vinyards and the lakeside here has a Mediterranean like look. Again, many B&Bs and small inns and this is where we stayed in a very nice B&B at very reasonable rates and an easy walk into the village. The 13th century Castle at the top of the hill is worth a hike. Threre is an little restaurant about midway up the hill with outdoor seating and wonderful views of the lake. Good Hungarian food. The Esterhazy Wine Celler is in this village and if you are into wines, not to be missed.
We loved Keszthely, especially the Festetic Mansion which is a pretty baroque home, but the Helikon Librbary (done in hand carved oak by an old master, Jano Kerbl) is one of the prettiest you will ever see. Try to take in a concert here in the mansion's concert hall. They occur almost every night.
There is a very large daily Market with all manner of local fruits and vegetables, cheeses, sausages, poultry, etc., as well as houseld goods. We really enjoyed this. There is a very interesting farm museum just outside of town which dates back to the late 1700s. The lakeside promonade is very resorty with some good restaurants and enjoyable strolling and people watching possible.
If you can only take one day trip, make it Pecs, my favorite village in Southern Hungary. Koseg (just delightful) and Sopron (very pretty and interesting) would be a bit of a stretch, but well worth your time if you have it. If you go to Sopron, make a stop at the Fertod Mansion and, especially, the fabulous Pannonhalma Apotsag (abbey). You will love this part of the world. Have a great trip.
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Pat: i apologize for all the misspellings and misplacements in my post above. I did the post on the fly as I was about to leave for an appointment and didn't havr time to proof it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The Lake Balaton area is very enjoyable.
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Some pictures of Lake Balaton. &Upost_signin=OrderPhotos.jsp%3FshowSlide%3Dtrue&U n=173547439&Um=33365552303.85832738603

You have to have or create an account at ophoto but it is free.
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