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Visit Kusadasi
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If you need info on holiday packages in kusadasi please see www.visitkusadasi.com to get an idea!
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to everyone thinking of taking up this offer- I wouldn't bother!! We visited Kusadasi this last summer and won't be going back!!
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I am not recommending that anyone visit the web site in the first post, but certainly can't agree with Tom. Ephesus is nearby and one of the finest Roman cities we have visited. We did not stay in Kusadasi, but enjoyed walking around and shopping for several hours.

Once again an absolute which I hate. Tom didn't like it so don't go there.

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I didn't care for Kusadasi, but loved Ephesus.
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I was in Kusadasi 2 yeas ago. It is a bit touristy and the sales pitches at the bazaar are overwhelming, but can be fun if you have the right attitude. Folks are pretty warm toward Americans and so are eager to please. It is a perfect place to stay to see the area. Ephesus is an absolute must to see. It is also worth it to take the trip to see Mary's house.We had a magical time.
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Ephesus is a must see for any traveler. Hard to beat.

I still have a great photo from our visit to Kusadasi in 1996.....3 cabs parked together...a 1962 Chevy, 1963 Chevy and 1964 Chevy all painted cab yellow and going strong. And you thought those cars were all gone!

The rug merchants are lethel in Kusadasi. My advice: If you are going and think you may want a rug, do your homework here as to pricing and quality and take your colors and size needed with you as the merchants will nail you unless you are prepared.

Poster above, Tom, was wrong about Kusadasi as you go through there to get to see Ephesus. Generally any comments like Tom's are from people that expect foreign countries to be like Peoria.
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John G
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What is Peoria, pray tell?
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It's 29-down in today's NY Times crossword.
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I agree with Linda and others ... Kusadasi and Ephesus were great... and yes, the Turks DO hassle you in the market; but its really goodnatured! Just firmly and politely say no and smile and they quit... that was my experience.

My regret is that we did not buy MORE there! We learned later in our trip how good the leather prices and silk prices really were (we also got better buys on carpets than in Istanbul). We "should have" done more of our "Christmas Shopping" there!

One cultural thing of note however, when my sife and and female friend looked at things and then brought "us men" to the shop... the prices really dropped. (No offense to the ladies... you just have to be aware of cultural differences... even in this most open of muslim countries). Also, I had seen something on "bargaining" in Turkey on Discovery, and the first time a Turkish man stuck his hand out to me to "seal the deal" and I brushed his hand away with the back of mine and gave him MY price I thought I'd have to pick him up off the floor ;>)

With the TL's exchange rate against the dollar right now I'm ready to go back... (anybody got a line on an import lic???? )

Love Turkey....

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It goes get pretty tiring to have everyone following you down the street trying to sell you a rug, but of course,they don't even start with the sales pitch. It's usually something like, "can I ask you a question? What state are you from?" We had a bit of a rough time trying to get rid of them, even though as it says above it is good-natured. Finally we started a new plan. Although we bought no rugs and didn't want to, as soon as someone approached us, I'd smile and say, "I'm glad you're here. We've bought too many rugs, are you interested in buying one?" We said it in a way that they knew we were kidding and on to them, but invariably they all laughed, we often shook hands, and everything was cool.
In Kusadasi, we ended up standing outside a shop talking to the owner for an hour or more after this same exchange. After he learned that I was an interior designer and had bought and sold rugs for years wholesale he revealed a lot to me. One of the most interesting things is that they know when the cruise ships are in. They almost always get twice as much for a rug if the buyer is from a cruise ship as they do from an independent traveler. They just start out twice as high and come down the same percentage.
And of course, he also told us what we already knew --that anyone send in by a guide or a cruise will be expecting a percentage of the sale, which is always added in to the final price one way or another.
But back to the original post here, which of course was an "illegal" advertisement. We enjoyed Kusadasi a great deal. Stayed at the wonderful Kismet hotel out on its own peninsula. Oh, and by the way, the rug owner above ended up walking us over to a little back alley restaurant filled with locals (mostly all rug dealers) for one of the greatest and cheapest lunches I've ever had.
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Samantha Sanders
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I would like to thank visitkusadasi for sharing the information with us although some of you consider it to be an advert i have to say i agree up to a point. perhaps this is advertising. is it becasue the owner/employer is telling us about it? if it was me who was recommending you a site called visitkusadasi.com would it still be an advert? i dont think so. it would only be an advise to check out a nice website about Kusadasi. I had a look at the site and it is really well-designed and interesting. if i was going to Kusadasi i would once again have a look at the site to compare the prices for sure. the prices seem very reasonable as well. and i joined their competition too. i am hoping to win apple tea and tea cups!!

To visitkusadasi : Yes up to a point you advertised your site on here however i am glad that you did!
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In case of noninterest I caqn recommend Selcuk 3 miles away from Epheesus.
Hotel Kalehan is a nostalgic wonderful family hotel.

Nejat Incedogan
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how far is kusadasi from selcuk? what is soo good about selcuk apart from ephesus?
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Patrick, what a nice way to handle the carpet vendors!

We did buy a carpet in Fethiye, Turkey - I went into the shop to look for pillows and next thing I know, my husband is asking about small carpets! We don't know a lot about carpets, but it's silk on silk and we love it and I'm so glad we bought it. (After my cats showed too much interest in the carpet, I hung it on the wall.) We want to go back to Turkey and maybe next time, we'll do a little more research before we go!
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Kate Ashley Moone
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I have never been to Kusadasi but i have heard of it. I had a look at the site being told here and like the pictures. I have been to Fethiye in Turkey however i was sorry that i got back without buying anything relating to Turkey. But i have discovered this site selling Turkish art which is cool! If you are also interested in purchasing a ceramic plate, iznik tile or a meerschaum pipe then taka a look at http://www.turkishart.com i bet you will enjoy the items!
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Nice website, Kate. We did buy a plate in Turkey (as well as the carpet) - it's absolutely gorgeous. We bought it in Kalkan - we saw the women painting them and it's a wonderful souvenir.
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where is this Kusadasi exactly located?
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you may get the information you seek for on www.visitkusadasi.com
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I'll be in Greece and Turkey in the fall and wondered if anyone knew of a good educational site for researching rug buying. I don't know if I'll even shop for one, but thought that it's best to be informed if something does catch my eye. Thanks for any suggestions!

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