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Color me silly and definitely not Catholic but what is all this Jubilee 2000 talk about??
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Hi jspencer,
I'm not Catholic either, so perhaps someone can give a better answer. But every 25 years is declared a Jubilee year by the Catholic church. During the Jubilee all Catholics are supposed to make a pilgrimage, and go to the Vatican. This being the Millenium as well, Pope John Paul II wanted it to be a very special Jubilee, and has planned other events for the year. I know that's not very specific, but I hope it helps a little.
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If you'd like to learn about the Jubilee or "Holy Year" vist the Vatican site at - there's an article on the Jubilee. Essentially, every 25 years, the the Church declares a jubilee year to be a time of prayer, reconciliation, and conversion of heart. The special significance in Rome is the opening of the holy doors in the four major basilicas - St Peter's, St John Lateran, Santa Maria Maggiore, and St Paul Outside the Wall.
A pilgrimage is encouraged, but this year the Holy Father has declared certain churches all over the world to be part of the jubilee, making it easier for all Catholics to take part. The four doors will be closed again at the Epiphany in 2001.
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Cheryl Z.
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And with the millennium, the 2000 Jubilee is supposed to be an even bigger celebration all year long with something like 70 million visitors expected.
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I am interested in a Catholic Pilgrimage Has anyone taken a 206 Tour? Most of all are they reliable?
I plan on traveling single. I wuld like to take the Poland Tour.
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Having failed to take over the Millennium event, the cats have realised
that nobody has laid claim over the rest of the year, especially Xmas 2000
which they can claim is the founder's 2000th birthday.
You will find very little real religion
involved in this jamboree as there is absolutely no religious justification for it.It is, however, an unmissable budiness opportunity.

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