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Janis, Sheila, et al-need more scotland help!

Janis, Sheila, et al-need more scotland help!

Old Oct 21st, 2002, 09:48 PM
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Janis, Sheila, et al-need more scotland help!

OK I know this is a major imposition, but am having trouble linking all of the circles on my map (of places we want to visit) with an appropriate route, where to stay, should we stay a couple of places in the middle and make day trips, etc etc. So I'm hoping to list my circles (and these are just the places so far) to enlist help...If it's too much to respond that's ok-any help will do!

Here we go:
First of all, many places in the South (ALnwick, Bamburgh) don't open until April 1. WE arrive March 27th, so I'm hoping to make the Northern route first.

Edinburgh and surrounding area (including Craigmillar)



Loch Leven

Falkland Palace

Inchmahome Priory

ST. Andrews


Perth area (huntingtower castle)

Lochawe (kilchurn castle)

Loch Lomond




Dundrennan Abbey

Sweatheart Abbey



Traquair house

Border Abbeys

Thirlestane Castle

Bamburgh castle

Alnwick castle

Crichton castle

Tantallon castle

Direlton Castle.

I have a few for the north also but more for the south so am currently considering eliminating the north. (these include the castle trail, dunnottar, eilean donan, etc).

So far I'm reserved in Edinburgh for the first 2 nights (arrive around 2 on the 27th of March), and also reserved for April 4, 5, and 7th (we leave the 8th and were going to make our borders trip for the 6th...this is going to need to change, which is a main reason that i need help!)
Thanks in advance for any help!
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 01:04 AM
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Well, Ani, every place on your list from Edinburgh down to Dumbarton would be accessible from one central location.

But I would break it into two bases for those - one in northern Fife or near Perth. That would be a good base for Falkland, St Andrews, Glamis, Perth, and Loch Leven.

Then another stop west of Stirling would be a base for Stirling, Inchmahome, Kilchurn, Loch Lomond and Dumbarton.

Linlithgow is not far from Edinburgh Airport so you could see it either from Edinburgh or on your trip back at the end.

The places in the SW are all pretty near each other so pick a 3rd place to cover those.

East Lothian, the Borders and Northumberland is pretty spread out - all the way from Alnwick to Direlton. This segment would take the most time. Picking a base near Kelso or Duns would make the most sense.

Do I understand you have five nights in Edinburgh - march 27, 28 and April 4,5 and 7? For your short time frame that is probably too much time for Edinburgh. Edinburgh is WONDERFUL but 3 days is the most you can probably afford to spenf there.

here is what I would do: Arrive Mar 27 Edinburgh, stay til morning of Mar 29.

Mar 29 - 30 in Perth/Fife (maybe near Cupar). Visit Loch Leven enroute and then Glamis, St Andrews and Falkland.

Mar 31 - April 1 west of Stirling (Callander, Aberfoyle or Port of Menteith). See Stirling Inchmahome, Loch Lomond, Kilchurn.

April 2 - 3 in the SW. See Dunbarton enroute.

April 4 - 6 in the Borders. Visit all the places on your list and head back to Edinburgh visiting Tantallon and Dirleton on the way into town.

April 7 last day for Edinburgh and linlithgow.

This will still be very rushed and you may miss some of the sites but you'll be able to get to most of them.

Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 04:25 AM
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To chuck in a few thoughts...

By Dumbarton, I presume you mean the castle/rock - there really isn't much else to the town! If you feel that you need to drop something (and I notice that Janis' suggestions don't include Dumbarton) this could be the one to miss - it will give you another couple of hours at Loch Lomond.

As for where to stay, in Fife at least, Cupar is a central place - but not really much in the way of hotels. St Andrews is likely to be a better bet on this front. That said, there is a hotel which is a converted castle the name of which temporarily escapes me just outside Cupar, on the road heading north to Dundee from Ladybank (someone else will remember the name, I'm sure!) I think it's quite expensive, but might be one of those things worth looking at for the experience.

In terms of route, I would do Loch Leven and Falkland on your way to St Andrews / Cupar - they're not that far off the road you'd be driving anyway.

I'm glad to see you're wanting to visit the Borders and south west. A lot of people tend to head straight to Edinburgh and then the Highlands, but for me the Borders are just as beautiful and there's as much to see.
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 09:04 AM
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These answers are exactly what I hoped for-thank you sooooo much!
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 09:39 AM
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Keith-I think you are talking about Fernie Castle? Looks awesome! and since its my b-day we may be staying there! Any other suggestions for accomodation for the areas Janis mentioned are very much appreciated! (already have Edi booked)
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 12:29 PM
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Don't mean to nit-pick, but Alnwick and Bamburgh aren't in Scotland at all, but in Northumberland, England.
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 01:42 PM
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We stayed in Berrick upon Tweed a year ago at a country house just north of town. Can't recall the name----From there it is possible to visit Alnwick, Bamburgh, the Holy Isle or take a 45 minute train into Waverley in Edinburgh and not bother to drive in the city. It's a beautiful part of the world, and yes, those castles are in Northumberland and the hotel is advertised at the most northerly hotel in Britain.
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 02:03 PM
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One quick note comes to mind: to visit Loch Leven you need to take a boat ride (about 10-15 minutes) from Kinross. It appeared to be very weather-dependent, so prepared accordingly. Have a great time in Scotland, one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 06:50 PM
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Thanks again, and yes I'm quite aware of the fact that Alnwick and Bamburgh are in Enlgand, just did not note that on my post. Sorry!
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 07:06 PM
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Does envy pour through this reply (LOL)? I agree with the poster who admired your looking at the south. Kirkcudbright is a long way from Traquair house tho. Close to Threave and Sweetheart Abbey. My suggestion is to not try to see everything, but to be a few places and enjoy each. If you think of this as one visit, not necessarily THE visit it gives you more options.
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 09:20 PM
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Thanks Danna! I'm a bit upset right now as I've been looking at some of my guide books and noticing that almost nothing is open until April (which is fine, except our days in Fife, to see Falkland Palace and Glamis, etc are for the last few days of MArch..ughhh), and some (ie Traquair) not open until May. oh well!
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 09:29 PM
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yay! Let me ammend that last post, at least for Falkland and Glamis, apparently the book I was looking at was outdated and they will be open!
Old Oct 23rd, 2002, 04:38 AM
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Yes, Fernie Castle is lovely - I was at a wedding there last week, and I just thought how nice it would have been to stay over.... Also, the ferryman at Loch Leven is a friend of my fathers, so I will try to find out from him if there are any limitations on when they run...I'll post back here if I can get in touch with him. Helps to have insider information sometimes!! lol

Have a great time
Old Oct 23rd, 2002, 04:47 AM
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Ani, Fernie Castle's the one - for some reason I had a mental block on the name and thought it was Fyvie Castle (which is in Aberdeenshire!)

Unfortunately, being a "local" I'm not too sure about accomodation elsewhere, but for South West Scotland you could look at a couple of places in Castle Douglas - the Urr Valley Hotel, which is a large converted house just outside the town, or the Douglas Arms Hotel which is smaller and right in the middle (and was where we had our wedding reception!) I don't know much about the Urr Valley, but the Douglas Arms was a good place to stay - a good breakfast, as I recall, and food served at the reception was excellent.
Old Oct 25th, 2002, 05:08 AM
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Sorry to be so long getting back to you; I've been in Brussels.

I would be inclined to do this in three loops;-

27th-30th-Edinburgh and surrounding area, (including Craigmillar), and take in Linlithgow on the way up to the Trossachs.

31st-1st - stay somewhere like Callendar - and see Stirling, Inchmahome Priory, Loch Awe (Kilchurn castle), Dumbarton.

2nd-4th stay somewhere like Falkland, and see Loch Leven, Falkland Palace,
St. Andrews, Glamis, Perth, including Huntingtower,

5th-6th stay at Kirkcudbright and see Drumlanrig, Threave, Dundrennan and Sweetheart, Caerlaverock

then cross over to the Borders for the 7th-8th and see Traquair House, the
Border Abbeys, Thirlestane Castle,
Tantallon castle and Direlton Castle.Lose the English stuff and the north

Old Oct 25th, 2002, 06:29 AM
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First, this is not a joke or a troll, this is serious. While you are in Scotland be sure to eat some haggis. It is quite good and I loved it. Please do try it.
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