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Aug 30th, 2010, 02:34 PM
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Thanks for the additional input. Re the trains, I was planning on getting the European East pass. Based on my initial itinerary, it would cover all of the train rides except Berlin-Prague.

I've been to Cesky Krumlov. I liked it but I don't have a burning desire to see it a 2nd time. My son's preference is to see the major cities, so it's unlikely that we'll be going there.

Right now my inclination is to stay one night in Bratislava, and add a 3rd night to Vienna.
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Aug 31st, 2010, 07:28 AM
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Based on my initial itinerary, it would cover all of the train rides except Berlin-Prague>

Most of that train trip is in Germany so it would not be wise to use a day on the pass for the cheap Czech portion - anyway go to and check for SPAR fares - deep discounted but limited in number tickets on each train - say for 29or 39 euros Prague to Berlin - a lot less than full fare but are not changeable nor refundable i believe and to insure you must book weeks early - as soon as they come on the system
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Sep 18th, 2010, 06:59 PM
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I would skip Bratislava and add more time in either Prague or Vienna.
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Sep 20th, 2010, 10:44 AM
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I would not skip Bratislava since it is so so different from either Prague or Vienna but i would do it as a day trip from Vienna - just an hour by train and then you would have an extra day to add to Prague or Vienna or other place. One day in Bratislava or even a half day IMO is enough for the average tourist. The immaculately restored city center is really compact and all the rest of the city that surrounds it still reeks of old Eastern Europe negligence and dillapidating IME
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Sep 21st, 2010, 01:11 PM
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Pal - we spent a night there, and would be quite happy to return for another night.

our hotel had what looked like good ideas for day trips, and there were some great looking sushi restaurants! [why sushi in Bratislava? i have no idea, but it must be popular to jduge by the no of restaurants offering it].
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Sep 25th, 2010, 03:47 AM
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Thanks for all of the input. I've decided to modify the itinerary by staying in Vienna for four nights and visiting Bratislava as a day trip. Will probably take a boat to Bratislava, and a train back to Vienna.
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Sep 26th, 2010, 08:02 AM
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There are two train stations in Bratislava with trains to Vienna's Meidling station (i believe Meidling since the Wein-Sud station is under construction with few trains) but anyway the main Bratislava station in the town center has relatively few trains to Vienna but a newer station across the Danube - about 1.5 walk when i did it has hourly connections that take just an hour. If you can get a train to the main station as it is a short walk from the town center but the station on the other side of the Danube may have more convenient schedules. The boat dock in Bratislava is right in the heart of the old town center.
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Sep 27th, 2010, 01:35 PM
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there is also a bus which goes from vienna airport to bratoslava airport and back. it takes about an hour and runs hourly.

it may not be any use to the OP, but it was very useful for us.
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Nov 12th, 2010, 09:03 AM
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Do you have the contact of the travel agency in Poland? I am interested in buying a night train ticket from Krakow to Budapest.

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Nov 13th, 2010, 11:11 AM
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Luu. Do not use the travel agency that I used which was called They never delivered the tickets and I had to put in a dispute with my credit card.

The train station is very easy to find. We walked there and bought the tickets at the station. We were very lucky as I only paid about 197PLN which is about $50 for one ticket in a two person sleeper.
I have to tell you that although they speak English at the station at one or two of the windows it was an experience. And that price must have been a special fare. It usually is about E98.
The train was nice in the two person compartment with a sink. The rest room is at the end of the car. The conductor takes the ticket when you board and returns a receipt in the morning.
I thought the trip was very noisy and I did not get much sleep.
Good Luck.
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