Italy, spring or fall

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Italy, spring or fall

When is the best time of the year for Italy, spring or fall? Also, when do the Italien children get out of school in the summer, and return in the fall?
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Can't be of much help between spring or fall, as I like both, and most of our guest come to visit during one or the other, my mom only in spring though.
As for school, kids get out in June usually the first half, and they go back around the first of September.
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Changed my mind, I would opt for spring.
Weather is better.
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Both times of the year are good --- if you forced me to choose, I'd say the first two weeks of October.
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Dennis, I have to agree with Matt if only because we were in Rome this past month and the weather was sensational.

We arrived on October 7th for eight days and we had sunny skies every day with temps from the upper 70's to low 80's daily and it showered briefly only two times. We all brought along jackets and never wore them. Even though the sun was sometimes hot, the humidity was very low, making it enjoyable. In the evenings, it would cool off to around 60 or so.

Great trip, I want to go back!
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We went to Tuscany for a couple of weeks mid-Sept., and although the weather was very good, I don't think the scenery was. The sun flowers were all dead (I bet it was beautiful when they were in bloom), and the soil had been turned over so the land was very dry & brown looking. The waiter at Antico Pozzo Restaurant (excellent) in Montalcino said the spring was very pretty when the crops are beginning to grow.
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Dennis, our last trip was in May 2000. We started in Lago Maggiore partly to see the famous villa gardens, but that year spring was a little early & extra warm so we just missed the bloom. However, in visitng Chianti, Orvieto, Cinque Terre, & Venice, we had nearly perfect, warm weather the whole time. Only one day of light sprinkles. Daytime temps about 70 - 80 F. Didn't even need a sweater in the evenings. We had heard from several fellow travelers that the previous two weeks (April) had been very rainy. Tuscany was gorgeous with bright green fields of wheat & brillant red poppies. Cinque Terre was also in full bloom. More tourists and busier trains than my first trip (March), but that was to be expected. We did mainly the countryside on this trip, did not need advance train reservations. Venice was busy around Piazza San Marco with all the day time tour groups, but not too bad. Only waited 10 minutes to get into the Basilica and up the Campanille. I would go again in May definitely!
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If you are doing the Med area-ie Rome,Naples,Sicily,Amalfi--go the last 2 weeks in Sept--weather is IDEAL--warm days and slightly cool nites--the best of both worlds.....

We were in Rome the 2nd week of May this year and it was 80 degrees and like an oven!
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Have been there at both times of the year and have to say that fall is better weather-wise. It rained a lot all thru march and april. Have to agree with missing out on the sun flowers blooming in fall (lack of), though.
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Louis Rocchi
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I prefere fall and I will travel next week to the Riviera.
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I have been several times in spring and fall both. In a word my answer to which is my favorite is YES!

I have had great weather and rain in both seasons. In spring, you have young fave, asparagus and all the other wonderful spring vegetable treats to look forward to. In Fall, you have truffle season and lots of wild mushrooms.

In all seriousness, I prefer October as the prices go down significantly on airfare and apartment rentals, the above mentioned truffles and other wild game are more fall appropriate and there are less folk out and about.

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Helen Donegan
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I prefer Autumn here Dennis - but only just.
Italian schools close in the second week in June and open again in the second week in September (roughly).
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I have been September and May and in May the weather was much better... less rain.
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John G
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Go in January!! I went to Firenze in January and it was fabulous. No lines, no crowds. I walked right into the Uffiz at noon and had the best table in all the cafes. Plus, all the January saldis (sales) were going on. I practically robbed Ferragamo! The weather was nice too--sunny and in the mid 50s. Yes, the weather is so much nicer in May, June, September, etc., but the crowds ruin everything. You have to take this into consideration. Have a nice day.

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