italian food and culture - a hint.

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italian food and culture - a hint.

cari fodorpassengers.

even if my english is not doc, and some of you will start to be rude and ugly again. i post this message with my real name and i want to let you know the follwoing:

here in italy, if you have satellite-tv, you can get the Gambero Rosso channel. 24 hours the day everything what you want to know about italian (and other) kitchen, food, wine, culture and so on. this is my favourite channel i have to say this. but i just found out, that Gambero Rosso is as well on Internet: and i know that a lot of americans love the italian kitchen. this website do have an english version as well (tipe the adress and find on the left corner "english version"). i love to cook, bake and eat and i just want to give you the possibility to go online and pick up the most interesting things, recepies from famous italian cooks and lot more information (even where to eat and where to stay in italy). here in italy the gambero rosso is like guide michelin in france.


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Cara Christina

Molte grazie per questo. Non siamo tutti americani qui, ma credo que piace tutti la cucina italiana. Come se dice "website" in italiano?

E, me dice, per piacere, e possibile imperare cucinare come i italiani senza pagare troppo.

Mi scusi per il mio italiano male
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Thank you very much for the tip. What a great website!
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Christina, I have followed the other posting in wich you were so blatantly critisized by other posters, who where really just one person with too much time on his or her hands. Please be advised that such irritating and ignorant people represent a fraction of the poeple on this forum and certainly not the whole.

In fact, I enjoy reading your postings, those written in english anyway, because the only other language I speak is limited Spanish, and I admire you for your talent and intelligence.

People such as those that would tease you would tease a child for not knowing how to tie their shoes, and it is a loosing battle to fight them, because they lack the character needed to behave in a civilized way.

In short, PLEASE DO NOT QUIT POSTING! Your suggestions are always helpfull, and appreciated by the real people this forum was created for, enthusiastic travellers!!

Thanks again!
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THANK YOU!!! joy and the others! i noticed that it have to be a VERY RARE species who interrupt other postings so rudly and is unfriendly, but it can give you the "kick" to stop say your things.
i love to post my things even if there are A LOT of errors. my mom took me and my sister since i'm a baby (now i'm 33 years old) on traveltrips (she was a classic singer, now she's retierd) and in all this period i learned something: have respect for other cultures and learn something from them. you educate yourself, you respect as a consequence other people and other countrys and you start to be open for everything around you - specially in your own country where sometimes everything seems to be wrong. so, i like to share my thoughts and my opinions and i like it even more to see how other people travel, what they think and how they feel.

thank you again to be so kind with me, today i was sad (don't know why) and this postings made me feel much more better.

tanti saluti!

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Hello Christina, Your posting was great...send more... and please don't be sad. Remember, that the "nasty" people are not the majority here IMHO. Judy
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Hello Christina. Absolutely, keep posting. Most of us love to read your posts. My husband has close family in the Garfagnana, Viareggio, Lucca, and Rome, and while we are fortunate that most of them speak very good English, not all of them do so. We laugh a lot over our mistakes in Italian and their mistakes in English and somehow it brings us closer together. The youngest generation (now early 20s) is bilingual and it is their responsibility to help us when we get really stuck! It makes for great fun at family Sunday dinners. Four generations and various levels of English/Italian skills. We laugh and hug a lot, and you are so correct when you say that the important thing is to stay open to different cultures and to learn from others. Your English is far superior to my Italian! As long as we can learn from each other and enjoy conversing with each other, we should not be discouraged by a few nasty people who want to criticize and get in our way! Where do you live in Italy? I recall that there is a wonderful restaurant in Forte dei Marmi and I think it was called Gambero Rosso also--is that correct? Haven't been to visit your country for 3 years now and must return soon. Stay with us here on Fodor's and be happy!
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Glad you are still posting Christina.
Gambero Rosso has a great book that is available in America;
Gambero Rosso,Rome.
Does it really translate into Red Prawns?
And why?
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Christina, you must not judge us by the few rude and ugly...we refer to them as REDNECKS...Keep posting we enjoy and you are refreshing.

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