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We are planning a two week trip next summer to Ireland and Scottland. Would you recommend a week in each place or divide up the time differently? .. Or would you recommend going to one or the other for the full two weeks?

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You will get many different answers to this question.....and they are all right >)

In April we spent a week in each place ...flying From Dublin to Glasgow midway. But then we've been to Scotland 7 times and Ireland 3 times.
We think it is still a good way to do it..but you'll have to plan your intinery carefully and pick and choose the favorite places you want to see. This gives you a good overall picture of each country.
THere is something to be said of about 12/14 days in one Country,and lots of people are going to suggest that....but I still vote for 1 week in each place.
Not matter what you decide, you will have a great trip. We love both countries...(but you can tell which we like the the most)
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Two weeks is really not even a very long time for one let alone both. Not to say two weeks wouldn't be a good overview for either country - but it isn't long enough to see more tha a bit.

Just a few things to consider:

Scotland is a very big place. A typical visit would include maybe 3 days in Edinburgh, a couple of days on one of the islands (Skye or Mull for example), 4 or 5 days in the Highlands, leaving only a couple of days to see on other area. But this would miss the whole of the Borders, the Southwest, the far nortrh, the outer islands and a hundreds other places.

Ireland is not just Dublin - it is mainly pretty rural places where you are lucky to average 35 mph. So 2 or 3 days in Dublin and a loop around the west coast/SW would take at LEAST 10 days.

Plus two weeks doesn't net you 14 days "in country". You lose a full day and overnight getting there, and another full day getting home. So if you only have 14 days you really end up w/ about 11+ days free.

So unless you just want to notch a couple of countries w/o seeing that much - pick one.

Now - the hard part is WHICH one. My own personal favorite is Scotland, but you couldn't go wrong with either.
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I was posting the same time as mari5. One thing to note - they've been to one or the other country 10 times. I lived in the UK for 5 years and get back to Scotland about every 2 years.

For either of us a short visit can make sense since we know exactly what we want to see - but for a 1st visit, I still think one country is a LOT more doable..
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agree with janis.
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I faced the same problem you are facing.I researched it and decided that I wouldnt see much of either spending a week in each.So we spent 14 days in Ireland traveling from Dublin south to Waterford,Kinsale,Kenmare,Ring of Kerry,Dingle,Cliffs of Mohr,Galway.Connemara,Londonderry,Belfast,New Grange,Dublin.We drove and had a wonderful trip with time see everything we wanted.Next time Scotland.
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I, too, would recommend choosing one or the other. I haven't been to Ireland, but have taken three trips specifically to Scotland (3 weeks, 3 weeks, and 2 weeks) and stil feel as though I've just begun to scratch the surface of this wonderful country.

I've heard similar things about Ireland.

So, since you asked, I'd choose one and see a few more things in that country. Save the other country for another trip.

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I've chosen this one of your 3 posts to respond to - although it's the oldest, it seems to have the most proper answers so I'm thinking we should make it the 'main' one.

When in the summer ? If it's August, it may help in your decision to know that a number of international festivals take place in Edinburgh throughout August, it's very busy and accommodation should be booked asap. If the festivals appeal to you, do come - to me it's the best time of the year - but if not, avoid Edinburgh.
NB The Tattoo is expected to sell out this week. Just ask if you want any more info.
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My thoughts are a bit different than the rest. If you think that this will be the only time that you will ever have of going to both or either, I would try to see as much as you can within your time frame. If on the other hand you can and will return some day in the future, I would pick one country and spend your time in a more slow paced trip. You can see tons in a couple of weeks. Relax, have fun.
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rogeruktm: This thread is nearly 18 months old. - If they went - it was last summer and the OP hasn't posted since March.

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Thanks. Normally I would have noticed.
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