Ireland Itinerary

Apr 24th, 2006, 08:23 PM
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Ireland Itinerary

Hello all,
I'm wondering if some of you with experience in Ireland could give a look at my plans, and give any recommendations, suggestions, realistic expectations.... I am going on my honeymoon to Ireland for a week. Its my first time, and my main goal is relaxing. We're planning on playing most of the activities by ear, not trying to see everything, just enjoy Ireland, the people and places. I haven't made reservations for anything except the last night, and I plan to make a reservation for our first night in Kinsale, then wing it thereafter. So, my here's my initial plan:

May 31 arrive in Shannon about noon, pick up our car and drive to Kinsale, spend 2 nights, enjoy some good food, and relax.

June 2 leave Kinsale, drive around the Ring of Kerry (thought of going to Skellig Michael), stay in Dingle
June 3 head for and stay in Connemara, (or somewhere in the vicinty of the cliffs of moher, maybe Doolin)

June 4 haven't decided whether to stay around the area or to stay on Inishmore, a friend of mine loved Inishmore and comes highly recommended, thought?

June 5 we'll eventually head for Glin Castle where we are staying our last night

June 6 Depart Shannon at 1pm

Any recommendations for these areas or other ideas are totally welcome. I figured if we kind of hit 3 main areas in the week it would be doable, but please let me know if its not! Thanks!!!

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Apr 24th, 2006, 08:39 PM
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I just replied to your other post. This is what I said:


June 2 - 5 is a bank holiday weekend. Make your reservations for that time period especially for Dingle.

June 2 going from Kinsale, doing Ring of Kerry and arriving in Dingle -- put it through a computer generated distance planner and you will see that it is an impossible day. Don't be fooled by what that site says. This is a trip that should take two days not one. When are you going to see Dingle? You will arrive, sleep and depart. You will miss seeing Slea Head drive, Dingle's most scenic area. If you want to do the trip to Skellig Michael that lands on the island that takes most of the day. Just the Ring of Kerry from Killarney takes all day alone.

You would be wiser to either see the southwest or the Clifden/Connemara area. Not both.


Now I see that you are on your honeymoon and I will re-emphasize that you are trying to do entirely too much. Choose one area, settle down, and enjoy your time there. You don't need marathon driving days on a honeymoon. As everyone here always comments you will average 35 mph on Ireland's roads.

If you want to see Skellig Michael spend a night on the Ring of Kerry. Spend a couple of days in Dingle; it is an extremely beautiful area. Make reservations a definite. You don't want to be searching for accommodations on a bank holiday.

Relax, slow down and make this a honeymoon to remember for a lifetime.

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Apr 25th, 2006, 04:33 AM
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Irish eyes is spot on. Way too much driving. You should pick two or three places and spend two nights in each and the last night around the airport. Maybe Kinsale, Kemare and Dingle. Trips to Inishmor and the Skelligs are a full day not a brief stop. You only have six nights. If your flight out of Shannon is not too early you can get from Dingle to the Aiport in about two and a half hours otherwise you have to overnight much closer. I have been to Ireland Many times and I would not dream of planning a drive from Kinsale, around the ROK and onto Dingle in one day. Why not a nice drive from Kinsale along the the Southern coast to Kenmare and along the way you can do the Ring of Beara which in my opinion is nicer the the ROK and much less crowded. The next day you can do the ROK if you like then onto Dingle. Have fun
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Apr 25th, 2006, 07:44 AM
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Here si what I posted on your other thread:

Hi Bryan:

Ireland looks small when you count the miles but travel is slow and your itinerary looks way too busy for someone looking to relax. This is a driving itinerary, not a relaxing one. I agree with Irish Eyes and yesiree and would really pull back a lot. A few thoughts:

The first days drive is not terribly long but the further west you are in the States, the worse the jet lag. The most direct route to Kinsale sends you right through Cork City, something I would avoid like the plague. It's very easy to get lost so circumvent it if you can. I prefer not to be driving for more than 2 hours but if your young and crazy, you can probably do it. Get out of the car a lot. If you've never driven on the left side of the road before, your formally happy and suddenly screaming new wife will probably help keep you awake. Being the passenger is much worse than being the driver as things pass on the left dangerously close to the car. Don't have that first pint until you get to Kinsale.

I completely agree that Kinsale, and the RoK onto Dingle is too much especially with all the beauty that there is to see in the area. Slow down here. Skellig Michael if you do the full hike to the top makes up most of the day. To start in Kinsale and get there in time for the boat would be a rush.

Clifden really is not a good idea. Way too far. Inishmor is also lovely, but it takes time. I would not try to do it.

If you are going to spend the money to stay at a castle, spend some time there. You don't want to get in late and leave early the next morning. Consider the option of making Glin your 1st night. You'll have a short drive, time to perhaps take a quick nap and enjoy the place. Keep in mind, if your plane lands at noon, you probably won't be on the road until about 1:30. It's probaly no more than an hour to Glin and at least 3 to Kinsale provided you don't get lost or your wife runs screaming from the car and you have to chase her across the Irish countyside. You could get up late the next morning and head to Dingle or Kinsale.

Take Irish Eyes advice on booking rooms, especially in popular areas. That weekend is a busy weekend.

My choice would be to slow down a lot and focus on Co. Clare and Kerry perhaps and leave Kinsale out but I don't think that's what you have in mind.

Here are some options. Since you aren't there very long you may benefit from 1 night stays in most places. Pack light so you aren't dragging to many bags around. These are 1 night stay options:

Glin, Dingle, Kenmare, Kinsale, Kinsale, Co. Clare.

Doolin, Glin, Dingle, Kenmare, Kinsale, Co Clare.

Kinsale, Kinsale, Kenmare, Dingle, Glin, Co. Clare.

OK, just a few possibilities. BTW, we'll be in Dingle on the 1st of June also.

Hope this helps, perhaps we'll pass on the road.

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Apr 25th, 2006, 10:11 AM
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Thanks! I'm sorry to have posted two threads! Irisheyes and wojazz3 you guys are GREAT! I reposted this because I thought maybe in excluding Ireland from the title, I might not see much response! you can just reply to the other thread, and I'll let this one die.

Johnod, thanks for your suggestions. I am more inclined to your idea of a couple of 2 night stays. Check out my other thread 'Thoughts on my itinerary???' Have you been to Kinsale? What are you top recommendations for such a short trip? Thanks!

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