Info on Ryan Air

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Info on Ryan Air

Hi, I booked Ryan Air for travel from Liverpool to Dublin. It was $94 GBP - (total for two people) now it's on sale for 24 GBP (for two of us). Quite a difference. I don't see a way of contacting them via email or telephone unless you are in a European country. I sure hate to throw away $100 USD. Has this ever happened to you? Thanks!
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Ryan Air is a budget airline and doesn't offer much in the way of refunds. It's prices are low in part because of that. You can call and ask that they refund the difference, but I doubt they will. You still got a good price originally, so you're not throwing away anything.

Why would e-mail or a phone number work from a European country and not from the US? Just call or e-mail them.
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There are lots of posts about Ryanair.
Search here, and on the airlines forum.

Ryanair deliver exactly what they promise in the 9 pages of conditions ....... no more no less.

Prices change hourly.

It is GBP 15 to change a ticket, plus the increase in price for the new ticket less the old ticket. If the new ticket is less, you don't get a refund.


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Liam and Peter thanks for your advice. There is no email address to write them and you have to be in a European country in order to call them on that country's number. Impossible from the US. I think I just have to bite the bullet on this. I was hoping someone would tell me of some way of canceling my flight and getting the cheaper tickets. Oh well. Thanks again.
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I still don't think you should expect a result, but you CAN phone on the Irish phone number given on the web site.


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Your won't get a refund because it's like buying something in a shop and complaining if it goes on sale later on. I know it's annoying but you've still got a good deal.
Re. contacting Ryanair. Ofcourse you can phone them from the USA (or anywhere else for that Matter). You just need to dial 0 11 and then the country code for Ireland, then the number without the initial 0 in the city code if there is one).
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Ryan air prices flucgtuate all the time as they drop in "deals" on their website almost monthly. 94$ is a good price for two people from Liverpool. Also the flights may be 24 GBP but does that include tax? if not then the price is approximately the same as you paid for two people whn you add tax. Start a booking o0n ryan air for that price and see what the final amount is with tax, you do not need to complete the booking to do this. ALso you can change flights 48 hours in advance but there are no refunds. You won't get cheaper than Ryanair, try Aer Lingus and British Midlands websites and see for yourself
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