Info on purchasing train tickets, please

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Info on purchasing train tickets, please

My family of 4 will be n Italy in June and we be travelling by train from Milan to Varenna, then to Venice and than to Florence. I would like to know if we should buy one of the kilometric tickets or just go w/ "by the trip" tickets. Also, I want to be sure to have a seat on the train, so can I buy the tickets before we get to Italy? I have heard that 1st class is well worth the price. Any other tips than "pack light"?
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I don't know anything about the kilometric tickets; just the Eurail & Italy train passes. In general, train passes are worthwhile if you take long train trips on each of the train days on your pass. If not, you're better off buying individual tickets. You can reserve seats and buy your tickets at the nearest train station, usually cheaper than buying in advance from abroad. You also won't be tied to a specific schedule in case you decide you want that "few hours" more along the way. The only problem we had booking a day ahead was for a late Sunday afternoon train between Venice & Florence. I brought a printout of the train schedules so could easily indicate which train(s) we wanted. Make sure you tell them you want a non fumeur (not sure of spelling) or you may find your family in with the heavy smokers.The Eurostar is available on your routes & I highly recommend it although it costs a bit more. First class in great but second class in the Eurostar is better than first class elsewhere. The Eurostar has luggage space on the front/back of the car so you may want to invest in a combination cable lock to discourage theft at one of the stops.
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There were two pretty informative threads on this topic in Feb and Dec. Do a text search above ("kilometric tickets") and select region Italy.

BTW, next time you post a question, make your heading as specific as possible so people with information will check it.
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With a group of four you will qualify for a "mini-group" discount of 20 or 30% for most point-to-point tickets. Be sure to ask for the discount when you buy your tickets because they usually won't give it to you unless you ask. Reserved seats are included in the price on Eurostar trains and are only a few dollars more on intercity trains (either first or second class). Given your itenerary, just buy point-to-point tickets (a day or two in advance if possible) once you get to Italy either at the station or at most travel agencies in Italy (the price is the same).
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Try Ferrovie dello Stato Italian web site
They list the schedules even between small towns and cities and what it will cost for the ticket.
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Rick Steves has a good explanation of all the Italian options, including the kilometric pass ($180, first class for 4 people)

It looks like you might be able to get away with it (3000 km total/family). It sounds like a deal.

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