Iceland or Ireland in June ??

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Iceland or Ireland in June ??

My husband and I would like to visit either Iceland or Ireland in June 2002 for our anniversary. Anyone who's been to both? Is there enough to do in Iceland for a week?
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Been to both. They are so different it is hard to compare. Both have beautiful scenery. In my opinion Iceland has the more drastic beautiful scenery. Just went to Iceland last summer and I would not hesitate to go back. I really don't think a week is long enough, I went for 2 weeks to both places and could have stayed longer.
The other longer post will give you some great ideas of what Iceland is like. Whatever you choose have a great trip and Happy Anniversary.
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Benn to Iceland twice and think it's very nice. For a week there's enough to do, but it's expensive to rent cars (gas is very expensive, so is everything in Iceland pretty much) You can go horsebackriding in the countryside and see waterfalls etc, very nice. Blue Lagoon is great for a swim--DO NOT get your hair wet, it will turn it to straw for a few days, it's extremly sulfuric water. Eventually is washes out, but it takes a number of shampoos. The city is small, Reyk. is the only one really, everything else is a hanful of little houses. They have a house museum there which is interesting, and the people there are probably the nicest of any in Europe.
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Definitely Ireland. More to do, more to see.
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Have been to both, and love both. There is definitely enough to do for a week. Besides what was already mentioned, whale watching tours, snowmobiling on the glacier (yes, in June), Westman Islands to visit where the volcano errupts about every 10-15 years, and the nightlife is wonderful.

Which to go to? You gave absolutely no idea of what you're in search of. I suspect you'll get along nicely which ever you choose.
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Been to Iceland twice, Ireland many, many times. Both are great and there is certainly enough to do for a week in both, actually longer would be better. Ireland has much more to see and do, you might get frustrated going to Ireland for just one week. Iceland might be the better choice for a limited time frame.

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