I loved Venice!

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I loved Venice!

OK,Ira,count me among your people.When planning my February trip to Rome,I decided to book an open jaw out of Venice so that I could check it off the list. I was spending lots of time on this board during the planning process and couldn't help but notice Ira's strong recommendations for more time in Venice to everyone!
I realized I've become a real reverse snob,thinking if everyone likes a place-a city,restaurant,whatever- I probably wouldn't. Well,I am unabashedly smitten with Venice.It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The combination of man-made beauty with natural beauty is a real shock to the system!
My sister and I spent three nights at the Pensione Accademia,which was perfect for us.I loved the location and our room was wonderful-#29. Two separate sleeping areas with a canal view. Great bathroom,which after dealing with a tiny tiny tiny one for the previous month in Rome came as a wonderful surprise.
We had a lovely dinner our first night at La Piscina. Try the squid ink pasta and smile between bites,you thought spinach was bad!
I adored the Peggy Guggenheim collection. I'm not a real lover of modern art,but the space is beautiful and somehow works perfectly with the aesthetic of the city.
After having spent a very full month of museums,palazzi and miles and miles of walking in Rome,Ostia,Pompeii, Assisi, etc., three days was like the vacation at the end of the vacation. We didn't do much beyond the Palazzo Ducale, San Marco and shopping.I just had to relax and enjoy.I'm already planning my next trip,asap!

By the way, I just saw my debit card statement and for lunch at Harry's Bar- two Bellinis, one risotto,one pasta-nothing else, $178, Mamma mia!
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Sorry,folks,I thought I had placed some spaces and indentations in that posting,not sure what happened there.Mi dispiace!
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Venezia is addicting.......I love it in the fall & winter.
Now that you have Harry's taken care of you can make a list of the wonderful restaurants hidden in all the little isolated calles.

I'm finding that I take trips to other places....then back to Venice....I always manage to return.............

A great book to keep the memories alive?
Watermark....by Brodsky
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Congratulations, massagediva.

Pensione Accademia is truly precious (one of Venice's finest boutique hotels) and how lovely that you got Room #29. This hotel has quite a few lovely rooms due to their unique inlet location off the Grand Canal. And isn't their terrace lovely? I'm sure it was too cold to enjoy your breakfast there but I'm sure you could imagine what it must be like in May. Speaking of breakfast, the PA does a wonderful job with that, also.

Harry's Bar should be tried once (only if you can afford it) but most of us go there for cocktails. Eating there reminds me of eating at the Harvard Club; nobody praises good food that is astronomically priced. I would have spent that $178 at Ristorante Riviera on the Zattere and feasted on a fantastic dinner with a terrific bottle of wine. Maybe next time.

I, too, love to end my stay in Italy with Venice. They don't call it La Serenissima for nothing.

ps Fyi, mi dispiace is typically used when you need to say "I'm sorry" for doing something really bad. Italians don't say "I'm sorry" for every little thing the way Americans do. I hope you don't mind the Italian lesson.
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Welcome to the Venice club!
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massagediva - I tell everyone I left my heart in Venice. We were there for three nights in 2002, and I am trying to plan 3-4 nights for this September.

I know for us, we were so enchanted by the place that we just wandered - we didn't see all the must sees, and we didn't watch the map enough to know what neighborhoods we actually explored. We walked and walked...

The day we bought Vaporetto passes, we kept being enchanted by something on the shore and hopping off at the next stop, we never made it to the Islands - which is why we bought the passes!

I bought two great 'minatures' from some artist, and I feel like we were in a low key area when we stumbled upon his shop. The minitatures reside on my christmas tree, and I know there is s sticker on the bottom with the location... I suppose I'll need to pull them out to see before we go this September!

I plan to be more purposeful this trip - but perhaps I'll throw that plan out the window on arrival! I know we're also trying to plan Venice for the last stop, as that way it will be a soothing end to our vacation. Trav
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I'd like to join this club, as well. =) I've been twice now and just don't understand how it has a bad reputation with many who haven't been. Even if Venice did smell, I would go back over and over... Thanks for posting this!
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I'm sure it helps to visit Venice in off-season. I too loved Venice.

I know what you mean about being a "reverse snob". But then again some of the world's greatest authors and artists have loved Venice too!
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Yes, people either get Venice or they don't. And I can't understand those who don't! We went the first time to tick it off our list before it sank. The next time we went to Italy, we went to Venice first. It's a great place to work/walk off jet lag too.

The last time I was on the vaporetto with a woman who had a pile of luggage, obviously a new arrival. She was sitting there with a dropped jaw; she just couldn't believe what she was seeing. I identified.
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Every place that is famous is famous for good reason, but not every place that is unfamous is unfamous for good reason.
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I'm in love with enchanting and magical Venice as well.

After several trips to Italy, we finally made it there...and we can't wait to go back.

Hopefully, that will be in April 2006 when more flowers are in bloom!
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I'm with you massagediva!! I have traveled to Venice twice (1998 and 2003) and can't wait to visit there again. A great movie to watch is "Bread and Tulips"--it is Italian--sub titled in English-- and is wonderful. 95% of the film is in Venice. I think you will enjoy it if you are longing for sights of Venice.
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