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How to Email home without a computer??

Old Sep 1st, 1997, 09:47 AM
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How to Email home without a computer??

I am leaving Sept 7 to London and Ireland, due to
time zones differences I would like to Email my family, but I
have no laptop. Any suggestions on getting a com-
puter access just to send mail??
Old Sep 1st, 1997, 11:05 AM
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Miss your e-mail when you're on the road- no need to if you cn get to a computer with a Web conection and eitehr a Netscape or Internet Explorer browser, versions 3.0 or higher. The secret is Mail City (www.mailcitycom)from WhoWhere, which lets you access your e-mail throug the web. Mail City offers a lot of nice fetures. For example, you can have it respond automatically to anyone who sends mail while you are on vacation, telling them you are temporarily unable to check you mail. And its free.

As for access to a computer- I'll work on that one for you but I think you will be out of luck. Maybe you could borrow one or buy an older one used. Or there's always prepaid phone cards.
Old Sep 1st, 1997, 11:36 AM
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Do you live in the Uk? If so don't know if this will help you but here is a website (www.jet net/JetNet-FAQ.html) This website is regarding digital access(phone) to your E-mail account at home while traveling. They have various prices and types so go in and browse and see if its feasible for you. I would also try calling my local internet provider and picking their brain
Old Sep 1st, 1997, 04:48 PM
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My son just returned from a summer trip to Germ. and emailed us from a cybercafe. There are various names for these places. I remember seeing at least one in Amsterdam last year. We got the bill (yes, he charged it!!) It cost about $10. Contact the travel bureaus for the countries you plan to travel and ask them re the "cafes". Gool luck
Old Sep 1st, 1997, 08:33 PM
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I learn so much in this website, wow! Cybercafes. Who would have thought. Well, I just had to go surfing on the net and see about that and found some websites for you. There are about 5-7 cafes in Ireland, 1 Cork, several in Dublin, 1 in Fermanagh, 1 in Belfast. Here are websites. In Yahoo searchengine its In Alta Vista its and and for a listing for all of European countries including all in Ireland (at least as far as the internet is concerned) is and this came up in Alta Vista after some coaxing. Hope this helps.
Old Sep 10th, 1997, 09:10 AM
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sending this to 9/10 for man from Barcelona
Old Sep 12th, 1997, 09:33 AM
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go to the tourist information they will tell
you where they are
i know there are a few in rome and paris

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