How much money to bring along?

Mar 10th, 1999, 08:25 PM
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How much money to bring along?

I am traveling to Paris in May and am wondering how much money to bring with me. I only have to provide for one meal a day for a month and then spending money. I don't have to pay for a hotel room. I'm thinking around $500-600 US dollars. Will this be enough? Any input would be helpful. Thanks.
Mar 11th, 1999, 04:12 AM
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Hi, Sarah: I'm guessing that you will bring along plenty of personal items: toothpaste, aspirin, Q-Tips, shampoo and whatever, so this way you won't have to purchase them in Paris.

In that case, you'll need your "one meal" and maybe a snack or drinks, etc., possibly Metro passes and maybe museum fees and the like. With this in mind, you can probably spend $125.00 per week. I also don't know about other items, like laundry, groceries and so on, as I'm not considering them.

I would bring some extra money and just budget myself, keeping track of what you're spending. A credit card or ATM card could be used in an emergency.

If possible, provide an opportunity to treat yourself now and then. After all, It's Paris.

Have a good trip!
Mar 11th, 1999, 05:01 AM
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Sarah, have you been to Paris before and know what the prices of things are there or is this a 1st trip? A budget of $25 per day would be $750 for the month. $30 per day would be $900 and $50 per day would be $1500. If you think you can do a month on $500-$600, then you are a better person than me. No one knows what your needs are and what you are capeable of doing better than yourself.

As far as how much cash to carry with you .... I carry around $100-$200 in US dollars with me for the parking lots, tolls, and snacks for the US portion of the trip going and returning. I rely on my credit and ATM cards for Paris.

You could bring some traveller's checks with you as a backup, but I wouldn't use them unless I ahd to.
Mar 11th, 1999, 01:07 PM
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I agree with John. I don't think I could do it on $500 to $600 for a month. There seems to be so many miscellaneous expenses that crop up. I would be more inclined to aim for $1200 to $1500.
Mar 11th, 1999, 05:46 PM
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Sorry, Sarah, I agree with a few of the above. I couldn't do it on $600 a month either.

I don't know if you've been before but just wondering around you spend money. If you happen to be in a busy area (and that's most areas) a canned soda is about $1.83 US. That gets pretty expensive if you have 2 or 3 each day while wondering around.

If it were me (which, granted, it's not) I would budget at least $1000 for the month and I would consider that "going on a tight budget."

Keep in mind all the little things as mentioned above such as museums, transportation, snacks etc. You can always be cheap and end up bringing money home but you'd hate to be there and then not be able to afford something because you don't have enough.

Best of Luck!
Mar 11th, 1999, 05:48 PM
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Sarah, one other thing.

Remember the old Fodorite motto...

"Pack half as much as you think you'll need and then take twice as much money!"

Don't laugh, it's true!!

Mar 11th, 1999, 06:30 PM
Bob Brown
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I think that having access to an emergency backup supply of money is very important. You did not mention that in your description. Also, from experience dating back to my student days in Europe, what kind of health coverage do (will) you have? Even if you are in good health, there is always a chance of an accident or serious infectious disease or even something like appendicitis. My wife has worked in student health at the university level for over 20 years and she can attest to the fact that even healthy 20 - 22 year olds get seriously sick, some of it out of ignorance and/or irresponsible behavior.
Mar 12th, 1999, 09:33 AM
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After many trips to Paris, and taking people with me, I know $500 isn't going to do it...unless you intend to do virtually nothing while in Paris, and plan to eat sandwich-type food for your one purchased meal, no snacks. Museum fees are around $8, the metro is $1.20 each trip (you can save with a pass, but this makes it maybe $.80), and a sit-down meal (even at a neighborhood bistro) is at least $10. That's $20 a day, and that doesn't allow for more expensive meals, RER to Versailles, buying a glass of wine at a sidewalk cafe, or an souvenirs at all. If you're staying for a month, at some point you're going to have to do laundry, buy toothpaste, or pay for a toilet.
If all you have in the world is $600, don't NOT go. Paris is going to be fun no matter what. You'll short-change yourself, though, with so little funds, so if you can bump it to $1000-$1200, you'll have 3-4 times the enjoyment.
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