How many days in Greece


Apr 15th, 2005, 06:19 AM
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How many days in Greece

We're planninng to travel to Greece in June 05 with our 3 yr old son. Thinking of 3 days in Athens, 3 days in Santorini and debating where to spend 3 more days, Crete or Mykonos. Any suggestions?
So my questions are
1. Is 3 days each enough to enjoy these places. dont want to rush anything.
2. Also wondering, while in Athens is there anything worthwhile outside the city as well. In that case may need to increase stay by 1 day
3. I beleive, to go to the islands by ferry, is takes several hours, not sure how my little one would react to that. So are there any shorter ferries which we can take aound the islands?
Thanks a lot. Would appreciate an early reply since we already late.
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Apr 15th, 2005, 08:49 AM
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Consider taking the ferry out and flying back. Many of the ferries have DVD player rentals and that might keep the tyke busy for a while. Some ferry rides are longer than ``several hours.''

Hold his/her hand tightly in Santorini -- and consider cutting your time there to two days. Some of the most beautiful places don't take children, and unlike other places, that's mostly for safety.

I'd vote for Crete over Mykonos, but consider some other places. Both Paros and Naxos have quiet, kid friendly beaches, plus great activities for adults.

There are great trips outside of Athens, but most of the ones I can think of aren't that kid friendly. I think three in Athens and six in the islands is a decent division of your time.
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Apr 15th, 2005, 09:04 AM
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This kind of plan feels too rigid to me, 3 days will go very fast. Here's my suggestion, based on the fact that it's easy to find accomodations in June with no advance reservations, especially if travelling by ferry. You will be met wherever you dock by locals with rooms to offer, and you can also easily locate rental offices at the ports or in the villages.

Go to Santorini first. Do research beforehand to decide which village you want to use as a base. Get there by bus (port bus to Fira then another to your chosen village) and find your room, stay until you feel the need to move on. This will give you a sense of freedom that all that advance planning prevents.

When you're ready--From Santorini you can quickly move to Crete or Mykonos by the Flying Dolphin fast boat.

From Mykonos there's another fast boat, the Seajet, back to the mainland at Rafina, and from Rafina there's a bus to take you back into Athens.

From Crete you can take a fast boat back to Athens from Chania, but it arrives at 1:00am or 1:45am depending on which one you take. From Heraklio you have more choices on car ferries.

If you plan to take the ferry back to Athens, give yourself a "time cushion" by saving Athens for the end of your trip to avoid getting stranded on one of the islands because of ferry breakdowns or high winds, and missing your flight home.
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