How do I get back to Paris?

Old Aug 24th, 2000, 08:53 PM
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How do I get back to Paris?

Hi everyone! I am planning (not definitively) to fly into and out of Paris because I have found a very low airfare. I would like to spend awhile in Paris but would like to train into some other towns(maybe town in South France), and possibly into Italy --maybe Venice, Florence, San Gimignano, maybe some other smaller places...

My problem is it is about 11 hours to get to Venice...and 11 back!!! This will be a waste of two of my (very limited days). I will have about a week. I can't really take up 2 days to travel on a train (I would rather not). So my question to you is how do you think I could get back to Paris the quickest way?

Would it be quicker to just fly back to Paris? Or should I find a central point in between my 2 destinations(France and Italy) to fly out of Europe--that way I will only have to travel 8 hours at most anywhere else to that central location.

Please frequent trainers I need your assistance--or the next time you hear from me, I may have just taken residence in an Alpine cave and become the fodors troll!

Thanks for your help!
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I forgot to say I am a horrible train strategist (as if you couldn't tell!) any other training strategies would be much appreciated. To give you an idea of some cities I would like to see are:

-towns in South of France
maybe Provins(1 day)
-Venice (?)(2 days)
-Florence and San Gimignano(1-2)
-maybe somewhere in the alps (1)

I know, my question sounds stupid...but really I'd like to know a better way to maximize my time on trains since I will only have about a week.

Thanks for any help!
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Be careful you don't nullify the cheap air fare, in expenditure on train fares.
For the sort of hectic tour you are planning you have three options to consider before going any further.
1. Fly back to Paris from Venice.
2. Fly into Paris and home from Milan.
3. At least one overnight train journey possibly two, neither of which I would recommend, as you will miss some fabulous scenery through Switzerland.
I would definitely omit the South of France altogether if you are determined to get to Venice, and you may have trouble squeezing in Florence too, although not impossible.
You are almost taking two holidays for the price of one here, which will horrify some of the regular posters, but I like to keep moving myself, so can relate to it.
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Hi Patricia,

Your problem is easliy solved. Fly into Paris and home from Venice -- or the reverse. I'll bet it doesn't change your airfare that much. Let me know!

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I'm not an expert but am going to London, Rome, & Paris in a few weeks. Since my trip is like a whirlwind I checked into flights compared to train. It was actually cheaper and less time consuming to fly than take the train since a europass wasn't feasible for our trip. From Rome it was a lot cheaper to fly into Brussels and take the short train ride into Paris. Good luck on finding the right itinerary for you.
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Mr. Train
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You can get a sleeper car on a night train in each direction, adding a little romance and saving you daytime hours, airport connections, and hotel bills. There's one leaving Paris at around 7 p.m. with a change in Geneva around 11:00, arriving in Venice at 7:00 a.m. Leave Venice at about 8:00 and arrive at about 8:30 a.m. the next morning in Paris with no changes.
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I too am a whirlewind traveler, known for the forced marches I have put my wife through. However I would spend the time in Paris and towns close to it. Save Venice and Italy for another low airfare trip. 1 week is so little time for eitther place.
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I really appreciate everyone's input! Thanks for the great suggestions!!!

I would like to clarify just a tad about my trip, so no one thinks I am not giving enough time to any one place. I am staying at least*(optionable)3 weeks in Paris as my focus city...then I have another week to do whatever. I would like to train around and to do a teaser trip perhaps to Italy (Venice and Florence(?)) but I could shorten the portion in Paris to allow for a week and a half of training. What do you all think?

I have always had a dream of living in Paris and 3 weeks is the closest I will come (at least this time)--that is why I wanted to stay in Paris for 3 weeks of the trip...just so you would know my reasons (whether logical or not--I prefer not)

Thanks again for your great help!
Keep the suggestions coming....
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I use night trains to maximize my time on a whirlwind tour. My suggestion would be to take a night train from Paris to Nice, arriving early morning. Spend that day, and two more, in the south of France; take a night train on the third day to Venice, arriving early morning. Spend that day and half of the following day in Venice; middle of that second day, take a train to Florence (2 1/2 hours), and spend that 1/2 a day plus all the next day in Florence. Take a night train from Florence to Paris to arrive 9:00am.

You could skip the south of France, take a night train directly to Venice, then spend all the time in Italy, returning on the night train from Florence.

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Thank you Elvira! I like that itinerary. And thank you to everyone else for your help!!!
I have found many of the itineraries above helpful in my planning.


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