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How and what to pack for 2 weeks in Spain in October?


Sep 11th, 2013, 02:44 PM
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How and what to pack for 2 weeks in Spain in October?

Hi everyone!
I will be going on my honeymoon to Spain for the last two weeks of October!
We will be flying to:

with at least 3-5 nights in Granada, Seville and Barcelona. We have a shorter stay in Malaga.

What size suitcase should we each (or together) bring to make for easy traveling? We will be taking the bus, train, and a flight within Spain.

What are the basics to ensure we are comfortable (we also like to dress fashionably
in sight-seeing, dining out, and of course hitting the nightlife?

Also- I'm concerned about the pick-pocketing and want to be smart. What kind of bag/purse should I bring? My fiance wants to bring a backpack- if he carried it in front of him would that be safe enough?
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Sep 11th, 2013, 04:13 PM
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Just be sure to bring a sweater or a light jacket. It can get chilly in the evening.
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Sep 11th, 2013, 04:21 PM
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Think layers instead of 'outfits'. Make sure most garments go w/ most other garments. That gives you TONS of options/flexibility out of a small suitcase. Also cut back on the shoes - one pair on your feet on the flight and one or two pair in the suitcase.

That way you can each easily get by w/ a 21 inch rollaboard (carry on size) or a 24 inch (checked) suitcase. Don't take larger because of all the schlepping on public transport.

I'd take a medium/smallish sized cross body bag.

I'm personally not a back pack person -- but others can give you advice re whether that is a good idea or not.
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Sep 11th, 2013, 04:48 PM
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The size of the suitcase should be as small as you can reasonably take - and I would not recommend sharing a larger suitcase. One reason is just that it is easier for 2 people to manage 2 smaller suitcases. The other is that it can be a hassle to share a suitcase with another person when moving around - everybody does their packing differently and when you are moving around, you probably won't unpack everywhere you go, so you will be in and out of the suitcases a lot - and every one gets into the suitcase, he or she will mess up the other person's stuff.

For WHAT to pack - pack what you normally like to wear, and make sure to pack layers and clothes that mix and match. That way you can adjust to temperature differences and also make your small wardrobe go farther.

For a handbag, I have always found that a smallish cross-body purse works well, as already mentioned. A backpack is fine if there is nothing of value in it - your fiancé should carry his wallet and valuables on his person, not in a bag. And anyway, he doesn't want to wander around for 2 weeks with a backpack strapped to his chest.
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Sep 11th, 2013, 04:53 PM
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Wear coat and sweater on the plane. It saves luggage space for clothes. Mix and max as said above. Remember, most cities do have laundries where you can wash your own clothes. Having a laundry do them for you can get expensive. Also, in Spain, we found that the laundries close around 10:00 so check the hours before you wash and do not have time to dry. My wife packed 5 or 6 of the solid washing tablets so there was no problem getting washing powder, we had our own. We also brought our own dryer sheets. We only take a back pack when we go and a large purse for my wife and a computer case with laptop in it plus it carries my electronics for changing Euro plugs to US.
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Sep 11th, 2013, 06:19 PM
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Have you already bought your flight tickets for flight within Spain? There are limitations re luggage with some levels of tickets - we found that the cheaper priced tickets with Vueling Airlines only allowed you to bring a carry-on size piece of luggage(with fees per kg for over weight), so we bought the mid-priced ticket to give us flexibility in our luggage (that one allows a larger checked bag) - we initially planned on only taking a carry-on size but reconsidered as we want to be able to buy merchandise to bring back to Canada.
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Sep 11th, 2013, 07:32 PM
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I actually don't wear my jacket and heaviest clothes on the plane unless it is winter and I know I will pretty much always need my jacket when I am outside. Otherwise, every time I pack up and move, I have to either wear or carry my jacket, wear my heaviest shoes, etc. If this stuff fits in my luggage, then it can be packed away if I want it to.
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