Hotels in Italy

Oct 17th, 2001, 11:42 AM
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Hotels in Italy

has anyone stayed at:
Hotel Violino D'oro in Venice
Hotel California or Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence, Hotel Mozart in Rome or The Marriot in Milan? I am looking for hotels in good locations that are nice and clean but not too expensive. Thanks.
Oct 17th, 2001, 01:36 PM
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I hear there's plenty of room at the Hotel California. It's such a lovely place.
Oct 17th, 2001, 03:46 PM
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Maybe you're thinking of Hotel Arizona in Florence? It's about a 15 min walk from the Duomo, 2min from the river, right next to the synagogue? Stayed there for a week. VERY nice for the price (? about $40 for a double?), clean, roomy, showers, breakfast.
Oct 17th, 2001, 05:24 PM
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Hi Christie, years ago we stayed at the Mozart In Rome, it is a charming3 stars, rooms are all different, not very big, ....they were very neat and with some charm...location is ok.
Oct 18th, 2001, 06:46 AM
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Thanks for the advice. I definitely meant Hotel California in Florence, but I will check out Hotel Arizona as well. I have heard that if you stay in less than a four star hotel you may run into bad plumbing, bad lighting and thin walls. Did you experience any of this with Hotel Mozart? I am paying $180/night for Hotel Mozart; the 4 stars that I find seems to be much higher.
Oct 18th, 2001, 07:17 AM
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Friends of mine stayed at the Mozart this past June. They enjoyed, but payed less than 180 dollars per night. If I'm not wrong, the rate was less than 160 dollars per night for a double standard.

They booked through:

and everything worked out just fine. Nevertheless, check their FAQ before booking.

Gooid luck, and have a pleasant stay in Italy.

Oct 29th, 2001, 06:10 PM
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i am booked at the same hotel in venice and would love to hear from someone who has stayed there!
Oct 30th, 2001, 05:23 AM
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Re: Hotel Violino d'Oror in Venice. We didn't stay there but I noticed that there was a hotel in a spot where there hadn't been one on my previous trip so I stopped in to check it out. It's right by the San Moise church across the canal from the Bauer Grunerwald and just a short walk from St. Mark's square. It receives three stars from the Italian government or whatever inspects hotels. It had nice public rooms and the small brochure they gave me suggests that their rooms are pleasant and decorated in antique style. The range of prices was very broad--120.000 to 550.000 lire. Their website is If you can get a reasonable rate at this place, I think it would be a fine base for Venice.
Oct 30th, 2001, 06:19 AM
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I'm intrigued about the Violino d'Oro hotel as I just came back from Venice and the San Moise area is my favorite neighborhood to stay in. I must have walked by that hotel 50 times. From the Hotel Bauer, is the Violino found as you are heading toward the Accademia Bridge, but on the same side of the street as the Bauer, near the land entrance of the Europa-Regina or the Flora? Just trying to picture where it is.
Oct 30th, 2001, 07:10 AM
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Sandi: They're livin' it up at the Hotel California. What a nice surprise

Mirrors on the ceiling,Pink champagne on ice.
Nov 1st, 2001, 06:02 PM
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looks like all the hotels mentioned are in great locations!!
Nov 1st, 2001, 06:12 PM
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Thanks Frank....I didn't think anyone got it.
Nov 5th, 2001, 05:58 PM
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i would also like to hear if anyone has stayed at Hotel Mozart in Rome
Nov 5th, 2001, 07:59 PM
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If you'll notice at the top of the page there's a box that says "text search". I entered Hotel Mozart and came up w/ many comments about it. I would suggest you do the same so you can read and file them for yourself. Here's the first two that I came to:

Author: Surlok ([email protected])
Date: 7/26/2001, 11:47 am ET
Message: I can recommend the Hotel Condotti, Manfredi or Mozart, all in the Piazza di Spagna area, the Hotel Accademia, close to the Trevi Fountain, but they are all above 150 dollars per night, except the Hotel Mozart. If in Summer, the rates will be discounted.

************************************************** ***********************************
Author: Colleen Garland ([email protected])
Date: 8/22/2001, 2:51 pm ET
Message: Len,

I literally spent hours reviewing the hotels on I looked at all of the 3- and 4-stars in Centro Historica. I could be wrong but it didn't seem like you got very much more from just the fourth star. At any rate, of all of them my favorites based on the location, quality (based on the pictures),amenities and friendliness of reservations people were:

The Mozart, 410,000 p/n,
Manfredi, 490,000 p/n, and
Della Torre Argentine 480,000 pn

We are staying at the Manfredi at the beginning of the trip (3 nights) and at Della Torre Argentine at the end of the trip (1 night). I can't tell you how nice the staff has been at the Manfredi. They have been so friendly on the phone and have been extremely accomodating (and we aren't going for 5 more weeks!). They are also picking us up from the airport and arranging a walking tour of the downtown area on our first day. In fact, in spite of arriving hours earlier than the standard check-in time they are letting us check in anyway...I think they offered..I didn't have to ask.

Since we haven't stayed there yet I'll reserve my final opinion, but as it stands right now I just couldn't ask for more.

The Mozart looks beautiful and I wanted to stay there because it had a roof top terrace but they were booked.

I haven't had the need to interact with the people at Della Torre Argentine but they have been really nice when I have and they have a terrace too.
Good luck and have a great time.
I hope one day I will have a child who wants to pamper me so much.


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