Honeymoon in Dec.

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Honeymoon in Dec.

I'm trying to figure out the best honeymoon itinerary for mid-December. She really wants to go to Europe. Would it be too cold by then? I'm looking for romantic places, away from any hustle and bustle -- any ideas are welcome
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I went to Paris and London the last week in Dec. 1997 for my honeymoon, with a second week skiing in Italy. It was fantastic. Yes, Paris is busy but there is no better place to spend a honeymoon. My wife had never been and taking her to all the touristy places plus spending New Years on the Champs Elysees was a memory I'll never forget. Italy is also beautiful. If you're looking for great weather then Europe in Dec. is not your place. But if you want romance, Paris, Venice or the Alps can't be beat.
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Rahul: Anywhere you go in Europe will be cold, but it can be a great time to go.

Switzerland is great, but many areas are very busy at that time.

You could do the Italian or French Riviera, but certainly not real warm at that time of year.

I would suggest either Bavaria or Paris.

In Bavaria, you could go to Munich and find a little place to stay outside of the city and visit the some of the most breathtakingly beautiful spots in Europe. The Christmas markets will be going on in many towns and cities and this time of year, this area, is almost magical. Many towns are so close, like Augsburg, Garmisch, Oberammergau, Dinkelsbuhl and Rothenburg and fairly easy to get to.

In Paris, well it's something any time of the year, but with the Champs Elysees a lit up and the tower and so many other places in the city, you couldn't go wrong there, either. A honeymoon in Paris is very romantic. It is very easy to get around in the city whether you are familiar with it or not.

Good luck and congratulations!
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I'm foisting off on you my long-held dream of going to Rome and southern Italy in December. Haven't done it yet but I've heard from several well-traveled souls that December is the BEST time to visit Rome -- few tourists, more availability,easier to get around, the weather can be good (for winter in Europe) and certainly warmer than most other European locales. Anyway, that's what my friends tell me and it soulds pretty good to me!

Were I to get to Rome at this time of year, I'd stay at the Hassler, of course, which likely would be offering lower rates than are available other times. And, what a GREAT hotel for a honeymoon!

Wherever you go -- CONGRATULATIONS!
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Rahul, take her to Salzburg (Austria) - it's SO romantic and charming- read the "Travel & Liesure" December 1997 article on Christmas in Salzburg- it's a fairyland!
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I've made 8 trips to Europe in Dec/Jan, including a honey moon back in 1990, and I would recommend Rome and Tuscany. The climate was temperate (compared to most of northern Europe), Rome is fabulous that time of year (compared to the stories I hear about Rome during the summer months) and Tuscany was lush and beautiful. My two week trip there was very romantic and the food/wine could was hearty and delicious.
Like the above posting, I enjoyed Salzburg thoroughly, but the weather tends to be cold and rainy. That being said, I'm heading for Munich and Bavaria Chritmas day, so weather is not the only consideration. My second recommendation, though, would be Turkey. We spent two weeks there in 1993 and, though a little less romantic, it was fascinating.
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Tom recommended that you go to Turkey for your Honeymoon in Dec. We just heard in the USA that Turkey is on the verge of war with Syria. Didn't know if you heard that info recently. Apparantly Tom hasn't heard this.

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