Holding on during the Scavi tour

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Holding on during the Scavi tour

I've been doing my research and I'm thinking of booking a Scavi tour during my Rome visit.
I am not claustrophobic, but I sometimes am fearful of heights. When you're on the Scavi tour on the staircases, is there a railing/bannister to hold onto? Thank you.
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It's my recall there is, though it's been a while since my last tour. I recall few stairs. Nothing at all scary on the tour. It's tame. Full of great interest, but not an exercise in derring-do.

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No heights to worry about. There are tunnel walls that you are not allowed to touch. That's why they don't want you to bring bags as they may scrape against the walls.
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I'm going to skip the climb to the top of S Peter's Dome where the lantern is I guess
If I take the lift up partway to the middle of the dome, is that a derring-do situation, or ok for
scaredy-cats? I'm ok with heights as long as I have something to hold on to, or a barrier between me and the abyss
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Well, actually, Janice, there's no elevator to the "middle" of the dome.

There's an elevator to the roof. This is at the level of the "drum" of the dome (the circular part just before the dome-proper begins to curve in).

One can walk inside the drum. Here one can walk entirely (or almost so) around the drum. You're protected from falling by a secure heavy duty wire fence. Nonetheless, if you're given to acrophobia you may be a bit uneasy here.

One can climb the dome from this point ... without actually walking out into the drum.

The climb to the tippy top (that's a technical Italian term) is quite safe and you're unlikely to be quesy making it. (Although the last 10 feet or so might give you pause, though it's really no problem.) However, having climbed it would be a shame not to go on the terrace circling the lantern. This is small enough I'd guess you might feel uncomfortable. Standing inside the drum leaves me very quesy, though I feel much better higher up (oddly) at the lantern. The view inside the Vatican Gardens from there is lovely.

You may (reasonably) decide you don't want to climb and don't want to mess with the drum. You should, though, take the elevator up to the roof. You'll feel very secure up there, and it provides a great view of the city. The experience itself is unique as well. It's well worth whatever the price for the elevator, about $3.00 as I recall.
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wonderful information, thanks for all the input and for not making me feel too embarrassed.
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Ed, thanks for the info about the great view that you can reach by elevator. I may not want to climb the steps up to the top, but now will not miss the visit to the drum.
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i am laughing here! first..we are booked for one week in rome and the scavi tour is something i want to pursue..and second i totally sympathize with the height/falling fear..JUST TODAY turned down a hike into grand canyon with friends just for that reason..they basically felt i could just learn to deal with it..but no way!!

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