Help with packing........need specifics

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Help with packing........need specifics

Leaving in 7 days, 1st time to Italy.I know,I know...pack light but need specifics.
Using a 30" upright piece. I always over pack but want to get all in this one piece.
Please give me a ball park list of what I would need for 12 days in the 3 main cities plus Amalfi.

__ pairs of underware
__ bras
__ p.j's
__ t-shirts
__ shorts
__ skirts or dresses
__ capri pants
__ bathing suits
__ sweaters
__ shoes

Will mix and match but like to change for casual dinners. Husband is not taking jacket or tie.

I am not the carry on type but want to reduce the amount that I would normally take on a cruise, for example.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Margo,

OK.. I pack REALLY lightly, with only a single roll on piece of luggage. I pack half as many underwear as days I will be there and roll everything to prevent wrinkles. If this were me:
6 Undies
2 bras
No PJ's I sleep in Shorts and T-Shirt
Shorts to sleep in
1 T shirt to sleep in
1 Skirt
2 Dresses (1) that can be formal and does not wrinkle (2) 1 summer lightweight dress
2 capri pants
2 lightweight knit summer shirts that can go with either capris or skirt
1 bathing suit
1 sweater/sweatshirt medium weight (likely to be hot in Italy in July, you may only need this for dining out doors at night)
1 pair great walking shoes..(we travel in winter and I always bring my sturdy black hiking/ankle length lace up boots, but that's too much for summer.
I would consider some terrific walking sandels that you can wear with both skirt and capris.. I always bring running shoes as I run in the AM... and 3 prs socks to go with them
and maybe a pair of casual flats.. if you need a formal dress and you bring one, then maybe some sandels that match it that can double with your skirt if you need them to.

Bon Voyage!
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Margo: Take two bathing suits! It's bad to keep the wet one on!
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I just went through the same thing a month ago and I was impressed with myself for packing so light. What really helped me was I bought some medium-sized ziploc bags at the grocery store and that's where I put all my underwear/toiletries. I rolled every piece of clothing. Tucked socks into the shoes. All clothing was neutral in color so I could mix-n-match. Best thing I brought was a black cardigan sweater which I kept with me at all times (either tied around shoulders or waist) that way I never had to worry about getting into any of the religious attractions, plus I did get chilly at night several times.
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I heartily second the ziploc bag trick, which I'd never heard of before fodor's. Haven't used it for a trip yet, but when I was loking for them in walgreens as someone suggested, I saw a large size, bought it for a king size quilted bedspread that was taking up an entire clost shelf, it reduced it to under 2 " and I have tons of room now, came with a free travel bag and just to try it packed 6 sets of mens underwear, could not believe how small it was when air was removed.
Back to original subject,
3 extra pr undies , 1 extra bra, wash them nightly, no big deal,
1 quick dry nightdress or whatever you sleep in.
2 skirts, full silk or cotton knit can be worn casually or for dinner,.
3 tee shirts to wear with skirts or capris, 2 silk knit sweaters to make the skirts look dressy for dinners, 1 sweater or I prefer a shawl(pashmina for cool nights or a/c) , 2 pr capris and definitely 2 bathing suits.. nothing worse than a wet suit..yuck.. also as someone pointed out a great invitation to unwanted problems!! I also would include a beach coverup or sarong to go with suits. with the ziplocs you should have extra space for 1 pr good walking sandals and 1 pr of dressy flats. You could throw in a pair or 2 of shorts for the beach areas, but I would avoid them in the cities, first of all they are not that cool when the sun is beating down on you sunburn is a definite possibility and if you sit in a metal chair for lunch or whatever out!!
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A 30 incher is huge - you won't need that big a bag.

Thyra and JOdy's lists are pretty comprehensive -- and all of that would easily fit in a 21 or 22 inch rollaboard. Even if you check it, a small case is much easier to handle so definitely think about buying or borrowing one.
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But remember if you pack too tightly, you won't have room if you buy some things.
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Bathing suit(s) should double as body suits to wear under a skirt or pants (not when wet eeeyyuuu); no flounces or poofy stuff.

Socks - as many pairs as you can tuck into the suitcase. Inevitably, at least one pair rides down into your shoes, so those get pitched. And your feet get wet; you want dry socks.

Zoris/flipflops - beach shoes, shower shoes, changeintoforairingoutfeet shoes, walkdownthehall shoes - they have many lives.

If you bring a long tshirt to sleep in, it doubles as a beach coverup.

If you have a squishable dufflebag or the ilk, pack it. You can throw your dirty laundry, receipts, unbreakable souvenirs into it, packing your good stuff in the suitcase for the trip home. Or buy one on your trip (I have two that I bought over the years for a few dollars in Paris Monoprix).

No pj's for me - I use the tshirt method.

One pair of serious walking shoes, and one pair of notsoserious for strolling and changing into when the real ones get wet. Both should have rubber soles.

We subscribe to the disposable clothing theory - anything that's not quite up to snuff, not ratty, but maybe the tshirt that doesn't really go with anything or the gold silk shirt that always makes you look peaked. Wear it, throw it away. Leaves room for souvenirs, and no guilt.
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Oaktown Traveler
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Wish I could help. I don't "do" Pack Light. Yet, I am fascinated by all that some Fodor travelers do to get "Pack Light" down to a science...really.

You don't have much time but can you tell me why YOU (Margo only ok?) are committed to Pack Light?

The way you referenced a foregone prerequisite to travel, caught my attention.

I still don't get it so I would appreciate the thought process of one who really does have a choice right as we post, in the matter.

My days in Italy was with two large bags and one small bag(22 inches)all on wheels.. and I returned with an additional large duffle of goodies!

My cruis packing is another funny travel tale altogether...can you say Steamliner Trunk???

Happy Packing!
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Bring everything
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You all are much better packers than me. The only two ways that I've managed to lighten my load is to sleep naked (doesn't work well for a bathing suit cover-up though) and put all the heavy and bulky stuff in my husbands's luggage.
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OAKTOWN_ How do you pull 3 wheeled bags?I ahve enough trouble with 1 and the stuff I carry in my other hand
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I'm picturing Oaktown with all the bags hooked together like a train, her shuffling her feet and making WHOO! WHOO! chugga chugga chugga chugga WHOO! WHOO! noises. Excuse me, conductor, is this the train to Fromage?
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Oaktown Traveler
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You "girls" are toooo funny.

I have the DH (Darling husband) help and I tell ya we have never had an issue with getting Porters, Bell Hops and strange men (really) lend a hand when THEY felt we needed one.

Once, when I was solo, I tied my t-shirt around my size 22 waist(at that time...looooong ago), sucked in my stomach, I now know what a stomach is, pushed my tush out slightly, it sticks out on its own now and started tapping my 5 inch high Bandolindo heel on the pavement...No problem with the bags at all(wink)
That was years ago...oh, the memories...

My Very Best
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Dear Oaktown, the reason I wrote" I know,I know pack light" is because practically every fodorite suggested it. I took 11 pairs of shoes on our last cruise.This trip is Venice,train,Florence,train,Rome,train,
Naples,car,Amalfi. Can't drag too much with this kind of schedule.Thanks for those who sent suggested packing list.Maybe I will go down to a 26",who knows?
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Very impressive minimalist packing lists! Don't think I could possibly manage with only 2 shirts. Just came
back from a 10-day pack-light trip and
am ready to throw away every item I took with me. I am so sick of everything!
Have fun.
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Great tips so far....margo, go to "the complete carry on traveler" and download their two page list of everything essential.
Try to eliminate as much as you can from the list that you feel isn't essential for YOu -and that should do it.
There are some really essential items here which you wouldn't normally think of. I've found it very useful.
Take care
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Hi Margo!

Try packing everything you were planning on taking into that 30inch case and then spend a few days toting it around, up stairs, down stairs and then try lifting it up over your head because that is where the storage racks are in trains. I guarantee you will lighten your load by half, begin bribing your husband/boyfriend/significant other to carry the stuff or pack a few shorter skirts to get those strange men to help!!

Good luck! BTW, I use Oaktowns method....I have a big, strong, DH!
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This concerns shoes and sandals.

Have just returned from 2 weeks in Southern Spain (Marbella as base) with side trips around the area including Tangiers.

Packed my most comfortable travel sandals, shoes, etc., along with "foot care" items---powder, blister protectors, etc. However, even frequently changing shoes, socks, etc.--w/in 48 hours it seemed every shoe/sandal was too small
and each had an individualized "blister map" for my feet!

Friend from Malaga told me this is common in the summer climate even for the natives. Shoe size INCREASES 1.5 to 2 sizes due to climate, heat, activity, etc. in the summer months! Her daughter had a "new" pair of sandals and they were beginning to redden the skin in areas.

So I ended up purchased a pair of sandals in Spain (I think they're about 2 sizes larger than I normally wear)and
then I was O.K. and on the mend.

I've traveled world-wide and never had this problem. My feet were always sturdy and without problems.

In the future, keep in mind climactic changes, water retention, heat, etc. and the changes it may have on your most important traveling duo.
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I don't work for Scholl's or any other such company but I wouldn't travel without some sort of moleskin or other such's indispensable for curing those problems quickly
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Definitely go with more than 2 shirts! They don't take up *that* much room. One of the things I did last time when packing for Europe: I poured some Febreze into a small spray bottle (like a purse-size hairspray bottle) and then sprayed my clothes once I was done wearing them. Makes everything a bit fresher.

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