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HELP with our honeymoon in Europe!!!.....we have 16 days to see it all

HELP with our honeymoon in Europe!!!.....we have 16 days to see it all

Jul 20th, 1998, 05:09 PM
Elsa Caballero
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HELP with our honeymoon in Europe!!!.....we have 16 days to see it all

We're planning a honeymoon trip to Europe in September. The problem is i've already been there twice and my fiance never has,so i'm trying to figure out a plan that both of us can enjoy.
We plan to travel by rail and we were thinking of starting in Rome,Florence,Nice,Barcelona,Paris,Brussels and finishing in Amsterdam. Are we missing anything better? Is Belgium worth it? Do you recomend Nice or Marseille?
Our itinerary is not fixed yet so we're open to any suggestions.
Thanks everyone!!
Jul 20th, 1998, 05:16 PM
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The itinerary sounds pretty good but rather than going to Brussels, try Brugges about 30 minutes away. There is anothe posting somewhere on this BB that makes the same point. Brugges is a beautiful small town with wonderful restaurants, scenery, shopping, history, and more. Especially if this stop is towards the end of your trip. Brugges will be very peaceful and relaxing. You will not regret it. Brussels is just another city. You might also want to try a "smaller" destination than Nice which is a large city with rocky beaches.
Jul 20th, 1998, 05:27 PM
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Dear Elsa: So let your fiance do the grand tour some OTHER trip. If this is supposed to be a honeymoon I would pick ONE breath-takingly beautiful spot and ONE interesting sophisticated place (London or Paris suggest themselves for that; I'm partial to the West of Ireland for the beauty spots--but there are plenty of these to choose from). But for Heaven's sake, girl, don't start your married life with one of those "if this is Tuesday it must be Belgium" trips. Much happiness. Joan
Jul 20th, 1998, 07:24 PM
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Florence is a favorite, but the Charles Bridge at night in Prague, Czech Republic is very romantic. We liked it better than Paris, nicer people & less expensive, & you can include Vienna, & some of your other cities.
Jul 21st, 1998, 01:11 AM
Jen Z
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I have to agree with Joan. I think it's Rick Steves who says that he would never marry anyone he'd never travelled with -- you should have done the whirlwind tour before!! Travelling is stressful, especially if you're rushing around trying to see EVERYTHING, and it's so easy to get on each other's nerves. My husband and I went on our honeymoon in Europe, and struck a balance with just a few countries in three and a half weeks: mostly Italy, a little of Austria, and Yugoslavia and Switzerland only to see relatives. Italy is a great place for a honeymoon...you can have it all (candlelit dinners in the piazzas, wine, gelato, art, romance in the ruins...). We loved it. And if you stick to one country you won't be spending so much time en route, and let's face it, 16 days is a short time to cover all the destinations you have mentioned, unless you take a lot of night trains (and who wants those on your honeymoon!). If I had 16 days to honeymoon I'd do Italy... 4 days in Rome, 4 days in Florence and area (Siena, hill towns, etc), 2 days in the Cinque Terre, 2 days in Venice, 2 days in Sorrento/Pompeii/Capri...and 2 extra days for winging it. And September is a good time to go, too. Don't get me wrong...I do like travelling at a fast pace, but on a honeymoon? Not so much.
Jul 21st, 1998, 01:19 AM
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Why see all theese old boring ancient citys??
Try some of our modern european history
For examlple:
1. Ignalina Nuclearplant, Latvia
2. Sewers in Bucarest, Romania
3. Graveyard, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hersegivina.
4. Ladies toilet, Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg, Russia
5. Auswich Concentrationcamp, Poland

Jul 21st, 1998, 03:28 PM
Cheryl Z.
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No, you don't have to see it ALL on your honeymoon. Your honeymoon should be romantic and stress-free. Take the advice from above and don't do the "if it's Tues..." itinerary. And take the other advice to skip Brussels and go to Brugge instead - beautiful and romantic. You're trying to do too much for a honeymoon I think. Pick a couple great places and spend more time there rather than rushing to get a train. Have a great time!
Jul 22nd, 1998, 12:22 AM
The Biker
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"Rome,Florence,Nice,Barcelona,Paris,Brussels and finishing in Amsterdam. Are we missing anything better? Is Belgium worth it? Do you recomend Nice or Marseille?"

So that's 9 cities in 16 days. Minus the day you fly in and out. So 14 days. Minus the travel time between them which will eat up a total of about 4 days. So 10 days in 9 cities.
Na, I think you can squeeze in a few more cities like Vienna, Munich, Berlin and Prague. See it all cause you might not have another honeymoon for 5 years or more.
Jul 22nd, 1998, 12:40 PM
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That is too much for a honeymoon probably. Brussels is a nice city for a 1/2 day to a day, but yeah there are much better. Go where you want to see the most. Pick no more than three countries, and five destinations. How about a super romantic trip - (1) Start in Italy: 2 of Venice, Florence, Rome, (2) Italian or French Riviera (I would go with the Italian), (3) Barcelona (5) Paris-definitely don't miss Paris if this is his first time. Try to spend 2-3 days in the ones you pick, but you may want to give 4-6 days to Paris because it can really tire you out, and this is a honeymoon afterall.

I was going to recommend Prague because I think it is one of Europe's most fun and romantic cities, but it would be out of the way for this trip. Vienna also. A few other possibilities: the Swiss Alps should be nice in September if you want to consider that. Nothing more spectacular. Maybe a stay in the mountain-side town of Gimmelwald: see Rick Steves' books on Europe. In addition, Lake Como in northern Italy.
Jul 22nd, 1998, 01:47 PM
Elsa Caballero
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions,i really appreciate you taking the time to answer. As regards to my honeymoon, we will narrow it down to Italy(Rome,Florence and Amalfi coast) then on to Switzerland(Luzern)finishing in Paris and maybe a day trip to Brugges. Again thanks for your replies and if anyone has suggestions regarding romantic hotels on these cities i would greatly appreciate your comments.
Take care everyone
Jul 22nd, 1998, 09:35 PM
marina foo
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prague you must, interlaken in Switzerland would be so romantic compared to luzerne and maybe venice instead of choatic rome?
Aug 1st, 1998, 10:05 AM
Sierra Bailey
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Remember the point of a honeymoon!!! My husband and I went for 20 days to see Europe and traveled to 15 countries. We traveled day and night and barely slept. 90% of the purpose of honeymoons is to enjoy each others prescence. You'll regret it after when you haven't enjoyed the most important elements to the perfect honeymoon: lots of good sex, humor, spontanaeity, romance, whirlwind adventures, lots of food, lots of bathing, and long walks to romantic places. If you are to busy jogging through museums and sliding down the Eiffel tower, you won't enjoy each other or the products of the money you spent. Don't try to see it all. take it slow, and leave some for next time!!! You want a reason to HAVE TO GO BACK!! Right.........?

Good luck!
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