Help with driving itinerary

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Help with driving itinerary

We are renting a car and planning a driving tour of Germany Sept 26 - Oct l3: German Alpine Road/Bodensee/Freiburg/Stuttgart/Romantic Strasse/Heidelberg/Mosel and the Rhine.
Suggestions please:
l. Suggestions on a route between Heidelberg and Trier (hoping to avoid autobahns and heavily travelled routes and large cities.)
2. Is Tubingen a good choice to stay and then take the train into Stuttgart to avoid the heavier traffic there?
3. We are hoping to avoid making reservations so we can remain as flexible as possible (and we realize the Passion Play is on): are we crazy and are reservations essential (just looking for small pensions)or should we be okay.
4. Flying home from Frankfurt and not interesting in getting into the rush of that city and airport with a rental car so thinking of leaving the car in Koblenz and taking the train to the airport the final morning. Good idea?
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I'm sorry no-one has tried to answer your queries and you had to post some of them again. I already made a suggestion re #1. #2: Tuebingen was once a small university town but no more. It's really grown and become quite congested, and may not be the place to find a hotel if you want to avoid hassles with the traffic. I would suggest a smaller town like Herrenberg which is on the train line between Stuttgart and Tuebingen would cause less trauma, and you can visit both places from there by train. Look at their site at <>. There is an English language version. They list a number of hotels and inns on the site, details in German. You would be after a Doppelzimmer (double room), I guess. There are sure to be plenty of smaller and cheaper places than these and you shouldn't be afraid to just drive around and try and find one for yourself, as you suggest.
#3: If you avoided trying to find a room in Oberammergau itself or in Garmisch i don't think you would have any trouble doing what you suggest
#4: I don't think you need to freak ouit at the thought of driving in to the airport to hand in your car, as long as you know what level of the multistorey carpark t
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If you find a car rental agency that you have good repoir with they should be able to help you with this planning. We tried to rent in Germany but switched to getting a Van in Holland instead- they spoke English and gave us tons of maps and books and route info.
Go to
click on Web Links
then you should see links for car rental or maybe its under tranportation
I bought a book out of this site on "driving in Europe" by Patti Campbell- it was my bible
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Frankfurt: If you have a car, drive to the airport. This is really not that big of a deal. There will probably be construction, but just check on the web before you leave as to what terminal you will be departing from and go for it. Train is more trouble than it is worth. Small Hotels: You should be okay here. We do that often without reservations. One cavet on this. Do not wait too late in the day to check-in. Best to do it early in the day to guarantee you have a spot. Some very small hotels simply lock up early. Use Karen Brown's book on German Inns and Itineraries. She has some good ones in small towns. Stuttgart: This is not a bad town to drive in. I lived there in the Army and did fine. It is a nice town, but I never found it that exciting. If you do not have anything specific to see or do there, why go? Better use of your time in Bavaria. The Rhine/Mosel Area: Nice town on Mosel is Cochem. Alte Thorndecke is also a good place to stay in Cochem. You can also easily stay on the Rhine, Assmannhausen or Rudesheim, on your last night and drive to airport quickly, especially if you leave on a Sunday with no traffic. Any other questions, email me. Have fun.
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Ismael Libanio
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In Trier, a very good hotel is the "Petrisberg" on a hill just outside the town. Near a brewery. Great views, fine service.
Enjoy, Ismael
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Mary Ann
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1. Routes - If you are looking for different routes, try, the routeplanner. Using a map, look for the little cities you want to go to that are not on the autobahn. Then, put their names in on the "via" options. The site will then give you driving times and distances.
4. We picked up a car in Frankfurt and dropped it off at Charles DeGalle in Paris. Neither was a problem. Signs to Autobahns and the airport are great. Make all your reservations before you leave home. Our rental was cheaper because we were returning it at the airport. In Frankfurt the pickup and I could assume dropoff is in an airport building along with the terminals, not in a separate lot as it is in many US cities making it much easier. Plus, if you need help, just stop and ask someone, most people are happy to help.
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Mary Ann
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Forgot to respond to #3. Flexibility is nice, depending on your choices for sleeping. We usually opt for small, quaint, clean, with a shower and toilet in the room. I cannot speak for some of your locations, but on the Rhine, we had to make reservations in advance. The Rhine is very popular and September is very popular, especially with the Oktoberfest on (which is really in late September early October). So depending on your desire for specifics of your accomodations, plan accordingly.

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