Help, first time in Rome

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elizabeth seymour
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Help, first time in Rome

We are going to spend five wonderful (I hope) days in Rome shortly. We're reading guide books like made but, any suggestions from seasoned Rome travellers on must sees, where to eat, where to sit and have a glass of something, and for me, where to shop would be greatly appreciated.
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Run a text search on Rome. You'll see this question has been answered lots of times.
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(sorry, Kathy, I'm not going to run the search!) My absolutely favorite place (granted, it's not your usual #1) is the Museum of Roman Civilization (metro: Magliana, bus: Piazza Guglielmo), south of the center. There's a gigantic model of Rome as it was 2000 years ago. See it either before or after you see the Forum - it makes history come to life.
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Searches are grreat for hotel recommendations,or really small villages,
but trying to get info on rome would be hard.

Touristy,but not to be missed!
Sitting outside at a table in the evening at the Piazza Navona.
Going inside the Pantheon, also sitting there at night.
Campo di' fiori
The Bernini Sculptures at the Villa Borghese
(must make advance reservations, but VERY easy to do)
The Forum

I enjoyed jewelry shopping at Capuano on via Veneto (troppo caro, but very nice people there)

There re also some nice stores between Campo di' fiori and the Tevere ,
? via Guila?

We were there for 10 days, but children of course slow one down.
Still did not see half of what we could have
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While I agree that a search would yield a little more specific data,,,,I think that Elizabeth asked an appropriate question in an appropriate forum, and at least by my way of thinking, the least I can do is tell her my answer. It also helps that unless one is looking under a "Rome" search, the ability to answer others' questions isn't nearly as easy.....

That having been said: I particularly enjoy the Via Condotti area for people watching, having a glass of wine and shopping. Three for the price of one! As far as restaurants are concerned, the best ones I've ever found are those that locals (usually at other restaurants) are willing to share if asked nicely and tipped well.....The Must Sees are the easy part.....That one can be answered by simply looking in a book,,,,but I hope you have a great trip, and we look forward to your trip report....Best Wishes
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I have a file on Rome which has lots of info on restaurants, sites, etc. If you would like it, write to me.
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I always recommend the Scavi tour under St. Peters Basilica. You need reservations, but the tour was the highlight of my trip.
When I and my wife went (also for 5 days), we were a little unsure of what we would end up doing.
We took a day trip to Pompeii which was a disappointment. Do not book with "Green Line Tours". What a waste.
We did do a lot of walking and loved it. Taxi cabs turned out to be very reasonable (avoid the rip off cabs near the train station).
St. Pauls Cathedral was my wifes favorite. Another favorite was the cat sanctuary at ?Argentum Square?. We read about it in a guide book and thought it was excellent.
My last tip is to avoid Italia Air. That airline is lousy. Also avoid any flight with a connecting flight at Milan.
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One of the best gelato/cafes is at the bottom of the Via Veneto. Great gelato, wonderful people watching and a view of one of Bernini's great fountains. Also, cappuchino's in the bar at the St.Regis's a piano bar at a wonderful hotel...another great people watching spot. My favorite of all the basilicas is St. Paul Outside the Walls, the ceiling is magnificent. Take a taxi or stop there on your way back into the city from the catacombs. Stroll up the Veneto into the Borghese Gardens and make sure to take a leisurely pace through the scupture garden,it's just beautiful.
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We just returned from Rome, Sorrento and London on Tuesday.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my quite detailed report that will be posted by the end of the weekend.

Our style is probably a bit different. While we do the obligatory museums, we spend most of our time walking until we almost drop. We see a lot of the tourist sights and many small streets and people watch.
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Kathy's suggestion of running a search is right on. It is somewhat of a misuse of a busy, FREE forum to see the same q's again and again, when the poster could probbaly do a bit of work and get a good head-start. Elizabeth asked seasoned travelers about must sees, etc... in Rome. Well, this forum is about six years old and that q's has been answered about 10,292 times.
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To "this forum is over" and to "x":
It's nice to see that you agree with yourself. Or are you going to try to pretend that your two posts (posted three minutes apart from the same computer -- trust me, I know)were actually from two different people.
Actually this forum is being ruined by people like you who post without adding any good comments, but just post to complain.
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Doug Weller
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The Scavi Tour
San Clemente
Nero's Palace
Did I mention the Scavi tour?
St. Priscilla's catacombs.

Here's my trip report:
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Old Nov 12th, 2002, 07:55 AM
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The pantheon,campo di fiori with lunch at Grappolo d'oro, St Agnes Church at Piazza di Navona,the ghetto, synagogue tour,first night dinner at al l34 or Ninno.
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We always leave an extra day on either side of a Rome visit because we always end up staying longer. We mix up the museum/history tour things with strolling eating watching things, which Rome is particularly great for.
On Piazza Navona, the Tartuffo gelato from Tre Scalini is wonderful. If you go during the day, walk down the street to the left of the Tre Scalini bar (not the full restaurant, and you're in a great neighborhood of Sta. Maria della Pace-usually fairly quiet and some nice churches, shops and bars.
I'm a big fan of the Trastevere and Janiculum Hill districts. The latter has a wonderful park and great views. Trastevere is superb-one of my favorite Roman restaurants (I too love Ristorante 34 that Pam mentioned) Asinocotto is there, along with lots of other great bars, restaurants, shops and a few hard core sights like the church Sta. Maria in Trastevere: beautiful moasiacs.
I also like the area around the new synagogue in the old Jewish ghetto. There are some great old Roman ruins there (the theater of Marcello, the Portico d'Ottavia) and bits and pieces of Imperial Rome appear in inscriptions, medallions and sculpture all over teh neighborhood. Roman Jewish cooking is unique and shouldn't be missed at one of the trattoria in the neighborhood.
The Aventine Hill, which sits above the church where the Bocca della Verita' "lives," is a lovely tree lined neighborhood with Sta. Sabina and a few other notable churches. There's the Palatine entrance to the forum close by as well.
Finally, speaking of Bernini, the DK (uh oh-not a Fodors!) Eyewitness Travel Guide to Rome has a walking tour of Rome that goes from one Bernini to another. Since it encompasses a great deal of the city, it's a great way to orient yourself while seeing some really brilliant outdoor work.
Buon viaggio.
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Try and visit as many churches as possible. We took a tour last April of 3 or 4 different cathedrels and it was by far the best time we had.
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I am looking for similar ideas to the original poster, and I have been reading this forum for some time. I strongly disagree with those who think that once a question has been discussed, no new threads should be started on the topic. New people are on the forum all the time and many have new suggestions to contribute. Doing a search is interesting, but it does not preempt the value of new input on old questions.
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