Heathrow showers

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Heathrow showers

Leaving later tonight for Greece (hey Thira, just when is it you're going anyway? Maybe we'll overlap!), flying BA with a three-hour layover tomorrow at Heathrow. I've never had occasion to use the Heathrow showers, but I know I've read about them here. Are there showers in Terminal 4, and is there a fee? Not planning on getting any $$ changed into pounds, so I'm not sure what to do about the towel fee I've heard about.

Anyway, if anyone's familiar with showers in LHR terminal 4, how clean, yadda yadda, I'd be interested to hear. (Of course, I'll find out one way or the other tomorrow...)

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According to the British Airport Authority's site (www.baa.co.uk), there are showers in Terminal 4 both before and after security. Also in Terminal 1 before security and Terminal 3 adjacent to check-in & after security in the departures lounge.

Sorry, can't help you with your other questions, since I've never showered there. Perhaps you can pay the fee in dollars, just as you can use lots of different currencies in the shops.
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Gina, Greece in Sept. Is actually wide open, we leave in October. We also have a long layover in London we are flying Virgin, (also Terminal 4) and I can't find out exact information to save my life. I got some material from Virgin telling me that they now have showers for 1st class passengers, which does us no good at all. I also found Terminal 4 maps,(actually the site below had maps for all terminals) They have showers listed on their key.. but I couldn't find any in terminal 4 arrivals... Maybe you will have better luck, and if anyone knows anything about this, I also would be interested.

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KT & Thyra, thanks so much for the info! A shower, I expect, will make life feel ever so much better after that dastardly overnight flight with more still to come.

Thyra, I'll post back here about the shower sitch when I come back; I know I'll be dealing with BA rather than Virgin, so different terminal, but maybe I can find out more there.
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There are definately showers at Terminal 4, I've seen signs for them. Have never needed them, but I do try and pay attention to things like that. If they don't take pounds you can change a couple of dollars at the booth in Term. 4, it's no big deal and it's very convenient too. We've changed some money there leaving the country and found rates to be fine.
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Hi all, Showers sound great in theory after a long flight, but I personally would feel reeaallly funny about using one,,,,I guess it was my parochial schooling that makes feel that way,,,I have not seen showers(probably cause I'm not looking)at some airports... but after a long flight, I have serious jet lag,,,have a good time, Gina, and let us know about the showers, Judy

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