Grief and despair

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Grief and despair

Words fail me; I am overwhelmed with sadness and incredulity and my fair share of anger.

I will lift up my eyes to the hills
where shall I find help?
help only comes from the Lord
maker of heaven and earth.

Please don't despair; may your God be with you tonight and always
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Thanks, Sheila.
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Book Chick
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Thank you, Sheila.

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Thank you, Sheila. Your prayer is appreciated.

And thanks also to all other non-US Fodorites who have expressed their grief over the death and destruction visited on the US today.
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Thanks, Sheila. We've shared grief before--I think of Lockerbie.

Tony Blair made me cry today when he issued his statement of support. It was, in my opinion, what we needed to hear from Bush. He was truly statesmanlike and reassuring.
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Posts: n/a is reporting comments from around the world. Here are my two that stand out for me:

First, from Russia--"In Moscow, President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to U.S. President George W. Bush. "Dear George," he wrote, "such an inhuman act must not go unpunished."

And then, this is how I feel too:
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completing truncated message from above...

and this is exactly how I feel, too..

"More reaction...
EU External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten told Reuters."This is an act of war by madmen."
He compared the attack with that deployed by the Japanese at the U.S. naval base Pearl Harbor in 1941.
"It is the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor," he added.
>>>>>"This is one of those few days in life that one can actually say will change everything." <<<<<

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Me too, Sheila.
KK, so very true, and I think so many things will change.....This is a catastophic mind blowing event....I feel like I am having an anxiety attack! Prayers for all of "us", are needed..... Judy
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Thank you, Sheila, and others from around the world who have expressed your condolences and other feelings.
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thank you to all of our overseas friends for your prayers and comfort. we are all stunned here. the number of dead are not even counted yet; I work in the financial services field, and worry that the overwhelming grief I feel now for unnamed and unknown people, and children and families that won't see loved ones again, will be worsened over the next few days by recognizing names of some of these people. Please keep us in your prayers - the worst is not over.
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I heard exactly what I needed to from my president today. His message may have been brief, but he said what needed to be said. I'd much rather he be working right now than consoling me via television. I thought President Bush was "statesmanlike and reassuring", and I expect more of the same from him in the coming days.
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Dave: My message was posted this afternoon, after Bush's brief message, but before his message at 8:30 this evening. I agree that he came through tonight. However, I guess what I wanted from him early this afternoon was a "I'm mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore" kind of response. I didn't like seeing him looking down at his notes so frequently. I'm NOT saying I was right to think that--I'm just being honest. After absorbing this for several hours today and hearing him tonight in a different frame of mind, I, of course, realize that outright anger from our leaders would solve nothing. I just wanted him to be as mad as I was. (And I still think Tony Blair did well--I, for one, appreciated hearing that GB was ready and waiting to help us out as soon as we gave the word.)
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In the state of Florida, the public universities were all closed as a safety precaution. Afterwards, here in Gainesville, it was so heartening to see the long lines of students, both American and foreign, waiting patiently for hours in the hot sun to donate blood, to help in the only way they knew how. On a busy downtown street corner near the university, a young man silently held up a one word sign to passing traffic: "Courage".
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Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It is terrible here, but I am blessed, my family is all accounted for. Earlier today I was in a panic. I could not reach husband (he works across the street from WTC) or brother and nephew (they work in the WTC) but thank God none were in the immediate area yet. We are a very blessed family tonight.
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Found this post on the US board under a 'NYC Fodorites' posting...please forward information to this poor family if you have any:

Author: CatherineF ([email protected])
Date: 9/11/2001, 10:37 pm ET

Message: Thinking through all possible routes, I'm asking any of you who might have info about Marsh Financial employees located at the WTC. My brother began working their yesterday on the 95th floor. I've not heard from him still, & their emergency hotline does not have his name on their "Safe" roster. If anyone has a general idea of how likely those on these higher floors on the South Tower may have survived, I would so much appreciate it.

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Thank you Sheila for your kind and caring words.

Several of us crowded around one of our co-workers tiny 5" television yesterday morning watching the unbelievable happen. Someone said, "We just witnessed America (and the world) change today". As terrible as that was and just like after the bombing of Pearl harbour we will come away from it wiser, stronger, more prepared and more determined than ever to wipe out terrorism. But it will take a united world effort. I just listened to an announcement by Sec. Colin Powell that the US and several other nations have agreed to form a coalition against terrorists. I hope that comes to be.

Everyone I know has been glued to the television and radio. Myself and the people I work with can't seem to talk about anything else. It's so sad and horribe. There is also a lot of anger here and it scares me to hear the opinions of some of my friends and co-workers. However, I have faith in Bush and our current administration that they will make the right choices. Bush is a man with high morals and has a deep respect for life and he won't be pushed to do something he doesn't believe. I feel he's been very much misunderstood just as I feel many Americans have.

Thanks again to Sheila and all the other fodorites who've expressed condolences.
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You're right Micki, it will take a concerted world effort. Not only was the U.S. violated but all of civilised society. People from many nations and religious backgrounds were killed. All of human endeavour towards a more humane and accepting world as opposed to a barbaric ignorant one (I think historically of the dark ages, specifically the tragedy of the crusades, witchhunts etc.), has it all been for nought? I have faith in the goodness of humanity and that good will prevail. I pray for an even hand and peace so that terrorism is not repayed in kind. Amazingly, even here in Australia, there have been hotheaded retaliatory acts. May the perpetrator/s be brought to justice, united world security prevail and peace and love towards our fellow man, no matter how different, reign supreme.

Our prayers are with you all.

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Thank you, Sheila, for your words of support during this horrific situation. Watching the news all day with my students in school, waiting for word of friends, attending a prayer service at night has certainly put me through an emotional roller coaster, so it's very comforting to hear words of concern from friends in Scotland. Thank you.
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I almost do not want to say this, in fear I will "jinks" it,
this thread is one of the only ones, which is not becoming embroiled in politics, name-calling, and the sometimes nastiness which develops on a post if it sticks around long enough!!

I need to thank you again, for all the kind postings you have written since yesterday.
and for keeping true to the spirit in which you write them .

It is getting difficult to read some of these threads,
In the middle of so much terror, and pain, fear and sadness ,
some posters continue to argue, name-call and otherwise lower themselves to hideous behavior.

You have had only kind and supportive words .
and are a true friend!

To Catherine F.
who posted on the US board,(and here due to Jen's kindness in passing on your request)
I sincerely hope by now that you have found your brother.
I know that many of us are thinking of you and others who have unaccounted for loved ones.
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I live in NYC and stood and watched as the first tower fell to the ground yesterday. I broke down and cried, knowing that at that moment thousands would not being going home for dinner that night! I have lost friends in the wreckage and my feelings spiral between depression, sorrow, fear, and rage. I know one thing that my life is changed forever and I will look to the little things that I do have in life and cherish them more than ever. God Bless America! We will pull through!

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