Greek Islands

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Christina D.
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Greek Islands

Hello, out there! Im planning a three month trip to Greece, and Id like to find some "secret places" on some islands of the archipel. Who has experiences on small, "undiscovered" Greek Islands? Please tell me the name of the island, when you were there and why you liked it * or not. Extra advices about how to get there in detail, what to see and what to do would be great!
Any further information about the Islands of Greek are welcome!
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Tim N.
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Greeks Islands: Try the ones closest to Turkey, they are not quite as beat up by the hordes of tourists that invade Greece each summer. In fact you try the southern Turkish coast, which with the time you have should be part of your plans anyway. If there in the off season the major tourist islands can be a good stay. Need more info to help time of year, interests...Good Travels.
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Joyce Fiedler
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See my message to "Greece - Ionian" on June 8 -- to do with our visit to Corfu and Paxos. This was 5 or 6 years ago. From there we went directly across the mainland, from Igumenitsa to Volos, via public bus! It was quite an experience, and while I'm glad we did it, I'm not so sure I'd do it again. It entailed an overnight in Ionnina, which was fine. We had flown to Corfu from Athens and when we told a travel agent in Athens that we wanted to go to Skopelos in the Aegean after Corfu, he suggested that rather than fly back to Athens, be forced to overnight before flying to Skiathos and then taking the ferry to Skopelos, that we take the bus across the lower part of Greece and see more of the country. As I said, I'm glad we did, but----- we were so far off the beaten track and no one speaking English, but we made out okay. Skopelos is a beautiful island like all of the northern ones, just covered with trees right down to the water. There really is nothing to do in Skopelos but relax. There is one bus that makes two runs a day to the other side of the island where there's a nice beach. It's a pretty ride. We took it and just stayed on the bus and came right back. Skiathos is the "big" island with the airport. It is much more commercial, dustier, and nowheres near as appealing. It does have a very beautiful beach. If we were to do it again, we would travel by ferry to and/or from Athens and Skopelos. We didn't know at the time that that was an option. Prices on Skopelos were the same as on Paxos - $16.75 a night. Of course, this was in May, just before their formal season began. If you want more info, please e-mail me.
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I read your message. I'd love any info on what you would reccomend concerning going from Island to Island in Greece. Are there "delux" ferry service between Isles? Is there alot of Distance between ie Athens Micokonos, Santorini, Rhodes? Kusadasi, Ephurphus? How do I get this info? We like traveling 1st class, we're not into roughing it, but do like adventure and custom travel.....we have only 14 days for this trip, we are planning to go this Sept. Any and all info would be a help... thanks
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Georges Ferne
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Hello! If you decide to go to Skopelos and other Northern Aegean islands such as Skiathos, which are really worth going (I can give you more details if you want), do not miss the Pelion! It is not an island but a peninsula you can reach starting from Volos, or by ferry from Skiathos and Skopelos, well worth several days by car. Full of greenery, of mountains (they have skiing resorts) and the sea on both sides. Some maggnificent beaches and relatively few non-Greek tourists. However, yopu will definitel need a car to enjoy it fully. And take your time, the roads can be acrobatic!

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