Germany planning in case of war

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Germany planning in case of war

I'm planning a one-week trip to Germany from the U.S. in April. Since there might be a war going on during that time, is there any advice you can share regarding travel plans and booking hotels, etc.? I'm more worried about getting delayed/stuck in Germany, since I need to get back to work after the trip is over. Thanks.
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There is really no need to worry about this because the war, if it begins by then, will not be in Germany. Also, you are an american so you really shouldn't receive any scrutiny by the government of the U.S. Also Germany is hesitant to join any war right now (although the in the news today Germany said they would go to war if there was an extreme emergency). Germany is a generally safe place to be.
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Even if there is a war, the flights will probably operate a normal schedule.

During the Gulf War, the airlines made money from scared people trying to change their tickets to return to the USA early.

If there is a war, I don't think there is any more danger than the present. The dangers of terrorist bombings, car accidents, robbery are the same whether the war has started or has not yet started.
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Don't advertise that you are an american, ie: no flags on clothes, no color schemes that are red, white & blue, no hat that says USA. I have been in Munich the last 2 years during Oktoberfest, and found that most people from other countries do NOT like the US, so don't provoke them. I wore Levis, Nikes and sweatshirts & sweaters and fit in just fine in Munich, Black leather jackets are very in!

3 years ago a friend of mine (who grew up in germany, but is now an american citizen)was walking back to his hotel im Munich and almost got beat up because he was wearing a shirt that was red, white & blue--not american per say but he had to talk his way out of a fight just because of the colors he was wearing.

Just be careful, don't advertise your nationality, and don't assume you have rights in another country just because you happen to be american; remember the guy who got caned for graffitti? He deserved everything he got!!
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I wasn't in a position to travel in the 60's (a kid at home) or 70's (poor struggling artist) but I do remember people traveling all over the world during the Viet Nam war, and having no particular problems. Other than the fact that more people than ever are traveling now, why should it be so different? Hopefully there will be no "war" of any length, and in April we will be stuck at the beginning of an "occupation" situation, which will also be unpopular with many people (Many Germans among them...they have had some experience with "occupation.") You do have choices. If you really want to go, you should go. Just don't expect everything to run perfectly as a trip to Disney World might. You probably realize from any other travel you've done that there are always glitches you simply have to deal with then and there. I don't think you will need to worry about getting stuck in Western Europe.
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There should be no issue. In addition, France & Germany should be two of the safest places on the planet unless their viewpoints change in the next 10 days. I'll be in Paris in 3 weeks & can't wait.
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