German recipe help

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German recipe help

Help. We are hosting a german exchange student for the past 3 months. We asked her what she most missed about Germany and she tried to describe a dish involving mashed potatoes and I think, red beets. She's from Northeastern Germany and I think it's a regional delicacy. Does anyone know of this dish and where I can get the recipe? I've tried searches on the web, but I think I need the name of the actual dish.
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Hello Burt,

how nice that you care so much.
I`m not from the Northeast of Germany and I`ve never heard about that dish.
What we do is a kind of Goulash of potatoes and we eat pickeled red beet with it. The potatoes are kind of mashed but not completely. The preparation is very simple. If it`s really as you described it should be one of those very simple dishes people prepared during those times(war etc.) when no meat or fat was available and therefore easy to prepare. If she happens to know the name I`m sure that I`ll be able to provide a recipe.

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Why don't you have your student get the recipe from her family in Germany?

Gut essen
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The dish you are looking for is called :
Labskaus (even in Germany a strange name) and it tastes quite delicate.As in
many traditional dishes you have many varieties of the recipies.
Take 2 pounds of potatoes and boil them in saltwater to make mashed potatoes.
You will need 4 salted herrings which are not easily to find in the states-
try a delicatessen or a kosher shop.
Further you will need one pound of corned beef from a tin (quite salty)
Chop up herrings,corned beef and red beets and mix under the mashed potatoes.
Adding two ore three spoons of butter
will make the dish even more delicate.
Enjoy your meal-its nourishing,easy to make and more delicous than the name would suggest.
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Vielen Dank!!!!

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