French Rail Strike

Dec 18th, 1998, 03:16 PM
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French Rail Strike

Anybody know if the strike's still on? We're arriving on the 26th and are wondering if our planned train travel will be a reality!
Dec 18th, 1998, 05:07 PM
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We just got back from France. The SNCF "work actions" are selective and sporadic. From what I could tell it wasn't affecting the "grande ligne" trains, that is the trains that go to other countries. I also heard it wasn't affecting the TGVs. If you are planning a lot of train trips within France you may need to remain flexible. The trains affected are listed every morning. [The Eurostar staff had such a list]
Dec 19th, 1998, 06:58 AM
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I am considering a trip to Paris in the near future---I have not heard anything about a rail strike. Does it affect the subway system in Paris? Chances are I will not be leaving the city. Thanks.
Dec 19th, 1998, 10:28 PM
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Our October arrival in Paris coincided with the train strikes. It did affect our trip a little. Some of the Metro lines were not running and the Louve closed at 4:30 pm each day because the employees couldn't get to and from work. Trains to Versailles were only running half as often, so we missed that too. According to the taxi drivers and everyone else, traffic was even worse than normal because of the strikes. Funny, how we always hear about the crazy Italians who strike at the drop of a hat, but we encountered no strikes in Italy.
Dec 21st, 1998, 12:53 PM
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I wonder about the post that said
they just got back 12/18 and there were no strikes on TGV, etc. because I read the French news regularly online and the
news from last Thurs., 12/17, said that
they specifically targeted Gare du Nord and Eurostar and Thalys TGV trains(?)
for their strikes last Thursday.
In any case, you can read daily updates
on affected lines on the French natl
RR site, but it's only in French, I
think, not sure ( today,
12/21 they said there were no lines
affected by strikes today. But, you
can't predict these things because French RR strikers vary their targets
and times so you're not really going to
know much ahead of time, anyway. Often
when SNCF workers go on strike, there
may be some minor solidarity strike
activity by Paris metro workers, but
it doesn't usually affect that much--
maybe only suburban lines or they'll go
on strike for a couple hours or something and you may have to wait a
little longer for a train. So, even
if they aren't striking today that
doesn't mean they won't be on the 26th
(to orig poster)--they don't strike
quite the same way in France as in US,
where the strike is either "on" or "off" permanently.
Dec 21st, 1998, 01:26 PM
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At the time we were in Paris [December 8-10] they were not targeting the TGV. I was not in Paris on the 17th. Thus, while were were just back from France, it was via Budapest! I apologize for an inaccurate post.
I can see we were fortunately to slip through the net. Neither our eurostar to Paris, nor the overnight train to Budapest were affected.
The museums did close one afternoon though... and there was a bomb scare in the Metro in Budapest.

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