Frankfurt Airport

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Frankfurt Airport

We have a 5 hour layover at the Frankfurt airport in the AM on our way to Venice. Are there places within walking distance to see during this time? Is there transportation available? Would it be a problem for a US citizen leaving the airport and coming back in? Maybe it isn't worth the hassle. I would appreciate your response. Thank You!
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You will be lucky if you have 5 hours. Frankfurt Airport is very busy and delays in flight arrivals are common. I am not aware of anything to do with only 5 hours. There is a Sheraton Hotel attached to the airport where you could go to get off the terminal grounds and wait in more comfortable settings. Other than that or an airline club, I am out of ideas.
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Emily Connolly
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For starters, there are a multitude of shops on the lower level of the terminal, just before you get to the train station, which is directly under the airport and easily reached by escalator or elevators. There is also a rather large supermarket on the same level where you can purchase all kinds of neat stuff(wine, jams,fine foods) from Europe. This supermarket also has a deli in it, and they can make fantastic sandwiches or other delights to bring on your flight or to eat there.
There are also some fast food places on this level.
On the upper levels, there is an aviation museum/ display that my husband thoroughly enjoyed since he is an airplane buff.
Outside of the airport is a rather rural area and there are 2 hotels nearby. The Sheraton is attached to the terminals by a walkway and is easily reached. There are several nice restaurants in this hotel. The other hotel is the Steigenberger and can be reached by shuttle. It is small but lovely and has a couple of nice restaurants in it. On the grounds of the Steigenberger is the lovely restaurant Unterschweinsteiger, but this is only open for supper or Sunday brunch.
It is not a problem to leave the airport - we have done all of the above, however you don't have enough time to go into the city.
Hope this helps.......good luck.
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Diane, Nothing to see within walking distance. There is an S-Bahn stop at the airport that will take you into Frankfurt. No problem leaving and re-entering the airport. I suspect that after you've cleared Customs and Immigration the layover will be diminshed.
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Dennis Holland
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Below is the website for Frankfurt Airport, gives you everything to do and see and even arrivals and departures.

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