Florence museums planning

Old Mar 1st, 2002, 05:39 AM
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Florence museums planning

Will be visiting Florence during a cruise stop this summer and am planning on reserving times for Ufizzi & Academia. Before I do that, would appreciate recommendations on how much time we should devote to each (considering we only have one day) & walking distance between the two. Thanks.
Old Mar 1st, 2002, 06:46 AM
dan woodlief
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Well, I haven't walked between the two, but I would estimate about 15 minutes, give or take a few. Florence has about the most compact historic center of any major city I have visited. In regards to time, the real stars of the Accademia are David and Michelangelo's Slaves, which lead up the David sculpture. If you are really into art, I suppose you could spend lots more time there, but for most visitors less than an hour is very adequate. The Uffizi requires at least two hours for a decent look at its collection. I would say no more than 3-4 hours for 99% of visitors. Most of the major sights will be on that end of Florence too - Santa Croce, the Duomo, the Palazzo Vecchio.
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I agree with dan's estimates. I don't know what time you'll actually arrive in Florence (if your're coming from the nearby port Livorno (sp?) it may take longer to come into Florence than you think, with all the transport logistics.
My suggestion would be to see the Uffizi first as it's more extensive and
demanding. Then take a break for lunch or a snack, perhaps at Rivoire on Piazza della Signoria which is a sight in itself. The Accademia after that. Vice-versa won't matter much.
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As above I am not sure about the distance between them however in general I agree about the times suggested. Perhaps the only difference is that I have only been overseas once (very recently) and easilly managed to spend 3 hours in the Uffizi gallery without even thinking. I guess it will not be an option for you, but getting to the galleries early (in off season at least) is a fantastic way to beat the crowds and make the most of the experience. I think we went to the Uffizi at 8.30 and by 11.00 it was filling up.

Have fun
Old Mar 4th, 2002, 04:47 AM
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Buy all of your museum tickets on line before you travel. You can advance purchase your tickets from the museums or booking agents. This will save you a LOT of time. If you don't, some of the lines can run from 1 to 3 hours , especially Uffizi, worse in summer.
Some of the booking agencies in supply extra bonuses for the same ticket price like free capucino or internet time.
I don't remember the boohing agent I used, but it was easy & saved the wait in line. My wait with the pre-booking was 1/2 hour. The general ticket line, 3 hours, and that was before season last April.
Old May 7th, 2002, 10:29 AM
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i am looking to get my tickets to the uffizi and the acadamia before i leave the usa and can't seem to find how to exactly do it....please someone help me
sincerely, Jeanie
Old May 7th, 2002, 10:39 AM
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I used the online service, Weekend a Firenze to purchase tickets for Ufizzi. I had no problems, however this was a couple years ago; recently there was a poster who had difficulties thru website. I haven't seen any follow-up, so don't know if she resolved her problem and got her reservations.

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I made my reservations online for Ufizzi. I think I found the web sites in either Frommers or Fodors. We had a guided tour which was wonderful!
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I placed an order today for Academia at florenceart.it, and the site appears to be working fairly well. I won't know for sure until I get a confirmation (within 36 hours of placing the order). I shied away from the other site mentioned above because of problems other posters have mentioned.
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You can also try www.goporta.com or www.selectitaly.com. I would also highly recommend the audio guide in the Ufizzi. Enjoy!
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Or just call the State Museum reservation number (English speakers available!) at 011-39 055 294883 to make the reservations and avoid the substantial charges the web sites and other middle people impose.
BTW, I'm just a little bit into art but my wife and I spent at least a half-day at both the Accademia and Uffizi last year and are going back next month.
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On my visit to Florence last summer,I made arrangements with my hotel to purchase all my reserved tickets.It was a pleasure to walk in,get my tickets,and enter the museums without waiting on a line.I paid for the tickets with my bill at check-out.
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These two museums are obviously a "must see." I was wondering, are there tours that cover both, so rather than purchase tickets for each, we could plan a half day excursion with a guide that would include both? And other "Must Sees" of Florence?


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