First trip to Paris mid-January


Dec 2nd, 1997, 10:46 PM
Gary and Jill
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First trip to Paris mid-January

We are staying 4 nights in Paris. I am very concerned about taking the metro. Does anyone know of a source for metro maps and scheduls? I would also like to know if there is a way to buy metro passes and have them sent to us. Any information that will make our trip more fun would be great.

Thank you.
p.s. I love this web site.
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Dec 3rd, 1997, 04:34 AM
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When you get to the airport, you will find a railway station where you can buy a pass for your 4 day stay in Paris. Should you take a cab from the airport, then you will be able to pick up the pass in any metro station. I don't think that an ID picture is required for that type of tourist pass. Metro in Paris is easy and well documented (maps to be picked up at any metro station). Using the bus is also nice, as you can see a lot of Paris.
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Dec 3rd, 1997, 07:06 AM
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I'm leaving for Paris in 3 weeks and booked my trip with FunJet, through a travel agent. In addition to hotel, there was an "a la carte" menu for metro passes, museum passes, bus tours, etc. FunJet will get these to you before leaving the U.S. Go to your travel agent and check this out. Per the previous response, the Metro is a great and efficient way to get around and, expect for the routine safety precautions are safe. And I grew up in New York City. Have fun.
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Dec 3rd, 1997, 10:41 AM
melissa leo
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Don't worry, the metro is easy to use. There is only one map, which you can find in almost any Paris tour book here, or pick up in any station in Paris. The map is also printed on the walls of all stations and on the wall of the trains. Its virtually impossible to get lost. Just remember that the lines are named by direction based on the last stop on the line. I found the system easier, cleaner, and safer than New York's.
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Dec 3rd, 1997, 12:41 PM
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Try La Conciergerie in the web site, You can buy a metro pass and have it delivered to your hotel. The "handling" charges do seem excesive, but you can obtain one that way. Also for peace of mind, try the metro web site Armed with with the name of a big station near your hotel, you'll be able to see a map of the surrounding neighborhood. As noted above, the Metro is easy to navigate. Just know the name of the end of the line so you'll travel in the correct direction. Any of the guide books Fodor's, Frommer's has a system map in it.
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Dec 3rd, 1997, 02:33 PM
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In case you still aren't clear, you can print a
metro map from the Paris RATP WEB site: Also, as someone else mentioned,
many guidebooks have one. There is absolutely no
need to buy a metro pass before you get to
Paris, and you will probably pay dearly for doing
so. The only pass that travel agents sell, I
believe, is a very expensive tourist pass called
"Paris Visite" which in only rare situations is
worth the money it costs -- plus, agents will
charge you a fee for getting it ahead of time.
The passes that actually save you money
(the Carte Orange), or buying tickets in a packet
of ten (called a "carnet" which gives you a discount
and usually works best for the casual tourist)
cannot be bought outside Paris, I don't think.
The Carte Orange is date-stamped for one thing,
and the expensive tourist pass "Paris Visite" is not,
which is why travel agents can sell it
ahead of time (it's simply activated the first time
you use it). There is no reason you should buy
this before you get there -- it only takes a couple
minutes at a ticket window in a metro station to
buy either a carnet or a metro pass. Oh, as far
as schedules, you don't need one -- trains run
all the time, every 5-15 minutes or so depending
on the station and time of day. All you need to
know is when the first and last train run so you
don't get stuck -- I think the last one is usually
around 12:30-1:00 am.
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Dec 6th, 1997, 09:11 PM
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I would like to get information on the train through the "chunnel" from Paris to London. How long of a ride is it? What is the approximate cost? Are there several departures each day or each week? Any help is most appreciated.
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Dec 7th, 1997, 05:30 AM
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Purchasing metro tickets in a strip of ten is definitely the way to go for a 4-day visit. One ticket costs 8F, a strip of ten costs 48F (about $8.25). Ask for a carnet (carNAY). Metro tickets may also be used on the busses. There are excellent maps of the routes at every bus stop. Taking busses has many advantages - you get to enjoy the scenery along the way, avoid the long stairways and hallways of the metro, and there are no pickpockets on the busses. You can also pick up a bus routes map at the metro station. About the pickpockets - they are very practiced at their art and are rampant on the lines that travel between tourist attractions (particularly the metro line between Bastille and the Arc de Triomphe), and Notre Dame (go figure!). Be SURE to take only what you absolutely need when out and about, and carry your valuables (passport, cash, credit cards) in a pouch which is worn under your clothing. They are expert in grabbing anything which is accessible, so make sure anything important to you isn't. If you follow this advice, you'll never know they're around. Also, it's best to avoid the larger stations (Les Halles, Chatelet, Trocadero), especially at night. If necessary, get off a stop before and walk the rest of the way. It's also a good idea to plan your route before you set out.
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Dec 7th, 1997, 08:20 AM
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The Eurostar is the fast train from Paris to London. It takes approx 3 hours. There is a time change so if you are going from Paris to London will complete in two hours.

We went this summer. We highly recommend first class. It costs around $50 more but you get a meal with wine. The car was luxurious and their were only a few of us in the car. OUr party of 4 and one other family. We don't normally travel first class but a friend said he thought that was like heaven. It was great.
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Dec 7th, 1997, 08:24 AM
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If you are staying near the Arch de Triumph, you can take the Air France shuttle. The drop off within on e block of the Arch. I don't recall the exact price, but they have information at the airport.

When you go to the Arch DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WALK ACROSS THE TRAFFIC CIRCLE. There is a pedestrian walkway under the street.
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