First trip to england -need travel tips

Old Mar 27th, 1997, 03:00 PM
Kristin Hansmeyer
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First trip to england -need travel tips

Help me! This is my first trip to anywhere over an ocean. What should I do for that long plane ride. Any definite places to go in England? What would interest a high school student. What to pack, what to pack.
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Hi Kristin!
You will love much to do and see and
it is a snap language wise. About the plane
will want to sleep, exercise by cruisin' the aisles
to keep your circulation going, and drink lots of water.
The plane is very drying to your skin and your system.
Have book or books to read. Going over the excitement kicks in
and it is hard to sleep.....coming home, you will be exhausted.
The sights......what are you interested in? the National
Gallery is a must, more off-beat, the cemetery at Hampstead,
where one of the famous authors received the inspiration
for a "monster" book. Check your Fodor's, et al. and list what you want to
see. Do your homework! Have fun! Jen
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I won't say anything about the plane trip. The previous poster has covered that well enough.
There really is so much to do in London. I would suggest that you buy a copy of 'Time Out', a magazine that is published weekly. It's easy to find. It contains info on pubs, clubs, theatre, art, cinema etc. Anything you can think of really.
The standard tourist things to do include Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, St Pauls Cathedral, The Tower of London, The Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace. The list is endless. 'Time Out' will give you ideas about less obvious things to do.
Hope you have fun.
Old Mar 30th, 1997, 12:17 AM
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Time Out also has a great Web site at ''
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Lisa Davis
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When my girls were teenagers, they loved the village of Chester where they could shop in the rows which dated to the Middle Ages. We took a walking tour, led by a volunteer guide, along the city walls seeing everything from Roman ruins to quaint Tudor buildings.

I love York. You can travel through time in a recreated Viking settlement, tour a medieval guild hall, or go on a ghost walk.

A tour of Hampton palace, near London, is great. The kitchens are really interesting. Everything is ready to serve 900 of Henry the 8ths closest friends!

High tea at Harrod's was memorable for sheer gluttony! I have never seen so many desserts!

Have fun!
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Alan Reynolds
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You do not say how long you will be in the UK but the ideas in previous messages are good ones. On the flight eastbound to London, try to sleep if you can (sleeping pills are what I use), otherwise you will get off the plane in London in the morning still thinking it is late at night in the USA. Prices in London are higher than I found a fortnight ago in Houston Texas, especially hotels and food.Bring your VISA, Mastercard, Cirrus or Plus cards. We have extensive ATM networks here. I would not trouble to get travellers checks. If you coming into london Heathrow, take the Tube (subway) about 45-60 mins to central London (ask for a one day travelcard if after 09.30am as it will take you everywhere all that day on London Transport buses and subways) or into London Gatwick , take Gatwick Express mainline train (30 mins non-stop) and about 8 (US $12) one way.
Old Apr 2nd, 1997, 07:27 AM
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If you plan on seeing a number of sights outside of London & spending a week or more in
Great Britian, I would suggest looking into getting some type of
Britrail pass to get to some cities outside of London, in an economical
way. If interested in historical things, such as castles, there are
plenty. Warwick castle, is an excellent one to visit. Cardiff & Caephilly castles,
about 2 hrs from London by train, in Wales are also worth visitng, as is
the castles in Dover, Windsor, & many others. Wales is also worth visiting
just for the friendly people. If interested in touring historical ships,
such as Lord Nelson actual warship from the Battle of Trafalgar, go to
Portsmouth, about 1 hr by train south of London. If you are spending enough time in
England, I would definitly recommend a trip up to Edinburgh, Scotland & visit all the
sites along the Magnificent Mile - Castle, Palace, Church, etc. & also one of the
best views in the world is in Edinburgh, on top of Calton Hill overlooking
the city & the Firth of Fourth. Shopping on Prices Street in the heart of Edinburgh is also fun, if
some what expensive. Edinburgh is about 5-6 hours from London, by train. If
short on time you can take an overnight train from London to Edinburgh (that is an
experience in itself), & then go back to London that following evening.
There are so many things to do & places to see that you should spend some time
in a book store, before you go, & get a couple of good guide books for some
information. No matter what you see & do, always to to take time out to talk or visit with
some of the locals, even if it just somebody at a shop where you are purchasing something.
When in England, remember that you are visiting their culture & being part of that will
make your trip that much more enjoyable.
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In addition to my previous message, as far as packing, this is what my wife (& now my kids) do.
We take 1 large softside, carry-on each. This is whether we stay 1 weekend or 2 weeks. The lighter
you can pack, the easier it is to get around, especially if you plan on using the tube to get from
the airport, in London. In addition to what we wear on the plane, we pack 2 pairs of pants, such as
jeans, 4 or 5 shirts. Underwear & socks, you can usually rinse out in the sink at the hotel at night.
You will need a light jacket that has some type of rain protection to it. You may also find need for
a sweatshirt, especially if you take any boat rides on the rivers. But you plan on buying souvenirs
anyway right? Just buy a sweatshirt when you get over there. We also bring along a fold-up piece of
lugage to help bring home the things we purchase while on the trip. As for toiletries, we bring along 1 or
2 of each thing in a travel size & then throw out the container as it is used up. Or if you want to take
the time, you can just go to a store when you are there & buy the things you need, as you need them.
The main thing is DON'T OVER PACK. If you don't plan on going anywhere fancy, you don't need dress-up
clothes, jeans & casual clothes will do just fine. A casual dining recommendation in London --
The Sherlock Holmes. It is a restaurant above a pub with very good English food & atmosphere.

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