Finding flights between cities

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Finding flights between cities

Apparently my English leaves a lot to be desired, so I will try again.

I want to fly between cities A and B.
If I go to web based air ticket sellers and put in cities A and B, and give 2 dates, I often get message "Sorry no flights available." But I know there are flights between cities A and B. Apparently there are no flights on my dates. Now, I could sit at my screen forever and try various dates, but it would be more efficient if a web site would tell me on what dates flights actually occurred between cities A and B.

No, I do not know what airline to look at and that would also be ineffient because then I would be taking forever to look at the various airlines.

And, no, I do not want to go to websites for the various airports, because I have several cities I would like to check out, so that procedure would also be inefficient.

So, my question remains,

What websites will tell me the dates that flights occur between cites A and B, if I specify my cities A and B?
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Eurotrip Don
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Go to enter your cities and select "my dates are flexible." It will show fares with available dates in calendar format. Although not always 100% accurate, this is as close to what you request that I am aware of.
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This method works fairly well, Glenn. It actually will list the airlines that have flights that qualify.
Just start at the top of the airline list and select an airline and then the dates will come up.
You still could get a response "no flights avaiable" because flights might be sold out since the airline with the least expensive flights is listed first and so on.
One other tip. On the left hand side of the screen, it will tell you when it is showing the flights for. For example, all flights might be shown between now and let us say the end of May. So if you want to fly after May, you would have to change this column to include the months you want.
Good luck
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Just swallow your pride and call a travel agent. They have access to current real time flight schedules and availability. Also how sure are you that there are flights between cities A and B? With the airlines cutting back service and discontinuing some routes alltogether, it may be possible that the flights you're looking for no longer exist. I doubt that there is any website that will list any and all possible routings between any two cities especially if 2 separate airlines are needed to get from point A to point B. One more point, if the flights you're seeking are on a low budget carrier, they may not participate with any online booking source (i.e. Expedia, Travelocity,etc.) other than their own.
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Various search sites carry different airlines. You might try OPODO (which is British and carries European airlines) or try directly at some small airlines like Ryanair is like the SW Airlines of US and although they always have great prices, you have to buy directly from them.

You might also try the airport's internet site. Some like Pisa even have booking.

Good luck.
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Another option is to try the 'Flight Search' tool on - it does make you put in a date, but then gives you ALL scheduled commercal flights between your two cities (and any nearby alternatives) on that day, regardless of whether a change of airline is required and whether the flight is sold out. You can check prices on this site as well, but you'd have to go to the airlines directly to buy the ticket once you've made your choice.

I've found that when I get the 'no flights available' message, it often means that the flights the site has to offer are sold out or that the site is imposing a time limitation on the search - for example, searching for flights between six AM and noon, when the first flight departs at 2 PM. Of course, that doesn't help with a route that is truly only used, say, twice a week.
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Answering your exact question, no, I have not seen any web site that does exactly what you asked.

I have a guess why this is the case. If I have to fund a WEB site, what finacial benefit would I get listing all the flights between cities including sold out flights when my business is to sell what is still in the inventory?

The majority of travellers would probably fall in two groups; those who have definite dates in mind (which is pretty much how all flight search engines work) and those who are looking for cheapest available flights between certain dates (an option in Expedia, Travelocity, etc) as described by Eurotrip Don.
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