Favorite food in Istanbul

Nov 1st, 2005, 05:11 AM
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Favorite food in Istanbul

Hello all,
We are headed to Turkey for Thanksgiving, and where ever we go, we always like to try the local dishes. What are your favorite, don't miss things to eat in Turkey? Thanks! Sandy
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Nov 2nd, 2005, 11:36 AM
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Nov 2nd, 2005, 11:46 AM
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Look for signs offering "mevsimli." This connotes seasonal specialties on offer at a restaurant. All year round you can try cheese borek; manti, a Turkish ravioli-like pasta served with a yougurt sauce; baklava to die for in many incantations, and all manner of wonderful kebabs. Those are probably my favorites so far.
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Nov 2nd, 2005, 11:57 AM
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Agree with ekscrunchy about the kebabs being great. Another great thing was the Turkish breads. The mezzes were far too good to resist, especially the smoked eggplant salad. Some of the best meals I had in Istanbul were fish; two places I recommend are Lipsos on Nevizade Sokak just off Istiklal (enter the Cicek Pasaji just across from Galatsaray square, take first right then first left, Lipsos is halfway down the block on the left) and Balikci Sabahattin in the Cankurtaran area, behind the Armada hotel.
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Nov 3rd, 2005, 02:00 PM
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Anything with grilled eggplant. They really know how to do it right. Donars, either with lamb or chicken. I've had the chicken with a spicy red sauce and it is wonderful We were donn at the waterfront in Istambul and bought some fresh grilled fish sandwiches that were being made off a boat that was docked. Excellent. Try a lamjun, I've had the Armenian version and the Turkish is similar. It is like a pizza. Turkish food is one of my favorites. They also make a vegetarian mousaka, I could go on but, I'm getting too hungry.
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Nov 3rd, 2005, 03:31 PM
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We found some really good restaurants in Sultanahmet where we stayed in Istanbul. We found that just like in the States, you look inside, and if it's got a lot of happy people chowing down, chances are you'll like it too.

We found a small place that looked more like a deli on the street going from the back of the BLue Mosque towards the Grand Bazaar...we ended up having lunch there a few times while we were there.

Kebabs are a wonderful thing...Turkish food is similar to Greek food, only with more of a spicy kick I think.

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Nov 3rd, 2005, 05:15 PM
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aeiger, I had those fish sandwiches, too, and agree they are excellent -and dirt cheap! This was in the area where the ferries depart, at the end of the Galata brisge close to Sultanahmet.
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Nov 4th, 2005, 08:40 AM
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I loved gozleme - it's a really thin stretchy type of bread (sort of like a big tortilla, but stretchy). It's often filled with cheese or meat - we also had it with bananas and honey and also chocolate. Usually it's made by traditionally dressed older women.

I also liked simit - it's the bagel like breads that are sold by guys with carts all over. It's nice to gnaw on when hunger strikes!
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